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  1. No kidding. If your gut didn't tell you that right off the bat, note that the shirt he's wearing has the Kappa (soccer) logo all over it. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they don't make NHL apparel. Yea..i saw that after i posted it ...oops
  2. yea but you have already trashed these boards with "slug" crap so why not trash sabres boards....it doesnt make a difference you have already lowered yourself. <_< Some of you are not showing the true class of the Caniacs. I mean, how cute do you think this is? http://static.flickr.com/53/139248600_7c27411efb_o.jpg Not all canes fans are very classy either....just like buffalo fans...i wasnt there last year at the RBC during EC finals, but i know what sum have sed about sabres fans and what ive heard is pretty bad, but there are still those few good "classy" fans for every team.
  3. yea but you have already trashed these boards with "slug" crap so why not trash sabres boards....it doesnt make a difference you have already lowered yourself. <_< Some of you are not showing the true class of the Caniacs.
  4. HAHAHAAA!!!--i may be a sabres fan, but that was funny.
  5. yea...there is always nxt year. Actually not b/c i'm expecting the Canes to win nxt years cup! lol
  6. Could it be that the Sens are actually playing really good and doing a good job of taking up Buffalo's time in space and that's why Buffalo isn't winning. We've been hearing that Buffalo has had bad games since the first series. I think its time you Buffalo fans admit that Ottawa was better prepared and figured out away to take Buffalo off their game. Its not that Buffalo is playing bad, its that the other team is actually better *shock* okay, sry i was in a bad mood and needed to vent... Sens are still not better...i just think Buffalo isnt playing their best. Like, Buffalo actually showed up in the first two periods of Game 4. And compliments to Sens for keeping their composure after being down 3-0 and then coming back 3-2. I think that is one of Buffalo's weeknesses...when we are losing we kind of give up.(most of the time not always) ... and yes to find a team better than buffalo would be a shocker....but then there is the CANES!ha
  7. I mean "Welcome to Pominville" not wecome...sry cant type(or spell)
  8. Sabres fans watch these... Hope u like em! watching them gave me the chills!ha i thought it was funny that one of the towns in buffalo were changed to "Wecome to Pominville" LOL!
  9. YEAH!!Let's Go BUFFALO!We finally scored on a ppt!(even though it was 5 on 3)haha. Great game Sabres. I love when we actually look like we want to win. Compliments to Sens--They really kept their composure and pulled off 2 goals after being down by three. If that were Buffalo i think we would have given up.
  10. Our message boards has always been like that. We go into a slump in the middle of the regular season and we get guys that say "Sabres suck, no cup this year" But Buffalo has a lot of loyal fans too. After you guys beat us in last year's ECF they arrived at the airport and was greated by a crowd who was chanting "thank you Sabres." The problem is the Sabres fans are pissed off at the lack of effort. Last year the Sabres put on a lot of effort, and with 4 injured defensemen was 1 period away from the Stanley Cup finals. Now we're the #1 team in the NHL and we're 1 game away from being swept. I'll admit that our cup dreams are dead . But I'm going to "Party at the Plaza" tomorrow to cheer on my Sabres. It was a great season, and I will follow the Sabres for the rest of my life. GO SABRES! I second that! We have not put in enough effort in the last three games. Still, I will be cheering on the Sabres, have been for a long time and I will continue to love them no matter what happens! and just so you know our cup deams are not dead....we still have game 4. Even though it is unlikely that we will win four in a row....it is possible
  11. "It's funny how everyone wants Buffalo to lose (including me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but there is a Canes player who wants them to win just so Buffalo's players will finally break up and go to other teams." Uuummm.....not everyone wants them to lose....and who would that canes player be???? Sens are not that great the Sabres just make them look good b/c they have had a few bad games. I, personally, would like to see Buffalo take the cup, but its unlikely that they will win four games in a row
  12. i went to buffalo last weekend...and last time i checked their fans are awsum!everyone has on blue and yellow. and i bet they are still wearing it.not all buffalo fans are bandwagon
  13. "We're a rollin thunder, power of rain, we come along like a hurricane" i like that one or what about "Canadian by blood, Caniac by choice" i saw it painted on someones car last year.
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