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  1. Thanks for the info! Luckly I have been offered some STH practice tickets, so I was on the interent searching for a doggie day care around Raleigh (Found one and reservation made for my golden)! Bad part is it will be 2 days after landing so I will be all messed up with my sleep. Hope I can stay awake for it and the drive there and back. (Red Bull and Coffee I guess). Movers will be at my home in Va. day after and I know I got things to do before they get there. I am very excited to be headed back and taking advantage of all the Canes opportunities despite the logistic nightmares due to my move (movers, shutting off utilities, etc). Going to be a non-stop 9 days. Glad I will be checking in just before the weekend. Will need it to sleep. As for the clothes... Yeah, well... Guess I better get those in my schedule too. I have to get a whole new wardrobe since I lost 30lbs in the last year so all I have currently is jeans, workout pants, t-shirts and hockey jerseys. Now I just have to survive the pre-departure test... international hockey tournament -gulp- Glad there will be 3 goalies on the roster including me, between it and my transfer I am all messed up with my nerves.
  2. I tried to comment and keep erasing it trying to think of something to really say....but.... I am speechless....
  3. If you can't find one, I am sure people who make them will do a custom one for you. Not sure if it would cost you an arm and a leg though.
  4. Hello all, I am FINALLY leaving the middle east and will be back in the states Feb. 13. I plan to drive to Raleigh to see the game on the 20th and then get tickets for the military appreciation day (Has to be the first time I will use a military discount) that Sunday. So I am all excited that I can see the Canes play live after a year and a half out of the US, but I really am dying to see a practice more than the games. That may sound crazy, but I am a level 3 coach and hope to get my level 4 this summer. I have never been able to see pro teams practice, so I really want to see it and take notes even if its mentally. The rec zone has practice listed for the canes that Sat. but I have reservations. Basically, my concern is... are Sat. practices crowded because it's a weekend? Can you meet the players at all? (Only 1-2 I would like to meet because I never have in the past at Caniac Carnivals etc.) In general how are Rec Zone practices? like would I have to pay admission to watch, etc. How can you tell if its a closed practice since I have read about those on occasion here on the boards. I know the Rec Zone is kinda small as far as area around the ice, I try to skate there during public sessions when I am in Raleigh visiting family so just trying to find out what kinda plans I should make if any. Kinda bummed out they don't have a practice other than that one on the schedule and not sure if they would be practicing elsewhere or not. Thanks in advance for assistance. Trying to make that weekend pretty Canes filled since that following Tuesday I am headed out to my next (and LAST) duty station. Guess the good part is at least I am moving to a place that has a lot of hockey....Minnesota.
  5. Good Luck bigbander, I am 0-2 trying to get one here on the boards. Hate paying eBay prices, but so far it's been the only source. I already got one via the evil auction, but if I see one for the price you are looking for I will let you know.
  6. If there is a 64-bit upgrade to Vista in the beta download I am all for trying it. I don't mind Vista as a whole, but there are days I want to throw my computer out the window, especially when IE starts freezing and then gives me an error to shut it down the next 4 times I try to open it or when my sound just goes out completely for days on end for no reason (good thing I don't being my video editing home with me too often). Gets very old after a while and normally during important events. LUCKLY it was never during a college exam....so far.
  7. Lots of good areas being thrown out. I personally am praying for Minnesota since I will be there for 2 years and would LOVE to see a winter classic.
  8. The only team that I seemed to catch on TV growing up in Easter N.C. on a regular basis was the Flyers.... so was (and still am) a Philly fan. Of course when the Canes came around I was instantly a Caniac. I was NEVER a Whaler fan and even now my fav. Canes are ex-Flyers. Kinda funny to me. Guess now I am moving to Minnesota for two years I am going to have to cheer on the Wild unless they are playing the Flyers or Canes.
  9. leggs2c, Thanks for the info. Guess my worst fear has been acknowledged. Since I don't want anybody's name/number on the back but mine I am going to have to go alteration route. Plus not keen on the small fortune since I can use that money on my hockey gear. Will be my first project for the new year once I settle in MN since I know there will be people there who can alter the jersey correctly. Plus, alterations here in the Middle East are cheap, but getting something done in a quick turnaround is impossible and nothing is going to keep me from hoping on that plane back to the US in 38 days. Thanks again! Will try to stay in touch with ice jerseys and grumble about RBK till a new company takes over jerseys.
  10. No PMs or anything....so looks like ebay is gonna win again
  11. My only complaint is the hurricane flags along the bottom should still be red with black center!!! Red flags with grey ouline and black center. Keep the flag true to it's design. Too bad I can't custom order one like that, I would pay extra for it. Now I just need to find a place that carries goalie jerseys, which will be.....nowhere.... so guess I am going back to having the 11 with my last name since that is the number I always wear in every sport I play including hockey when I am a forward.... the only exception being as a Goalie, which I wear 97 in honor of the Canes.
  12. Wild in December? NOOOOoooooooooo :::cries::: That was the only game I could say for sure I could make. Now I will have ot have some deep pockets to see any games at RBC before that long drive to MN (and Raleigh is NOT on the way)
  13. It's now the next day.... lets see the schedule already!!! I have to know if I will any chance in hades to see Carolina in Minnesota once I get back from the Middle East. If not, I may have to take a few days leave to see the RBC center one more time.....at least for the upcoming season. Unless airlines get stupid greedy in prices, I will be there at least once a year. Already priced off peak season flights.
  14. I glanced at the MB and I swore that said Justin Williams. I about had a heart attack. Now I need to go have a drink to calm down before I think about the rest of the news. After all who knows what will jump out at me next.
  15. This means I can finally start looking forward to watching sports on TV again....well as long as they show preseason on some channel over here. I am so bad off I will take any game.
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