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  1. My boyfriend and I stayed up the whole game even though we both had to work in the morning. It was well worth the lost sleep! I'll admit to some trepidation going into this game, but once the game got underway and I saw how hard our guys were going, I knew we'd pull it out. My Canes were again fabulous! The game was fast and appeared evenly matched. I don't have much more to add that hasn't already been said here. Our D was phenomenal again (especially Seidenberg)! I have to admit I thought the Boston faithful were a class-act bunch applauding both teams at the conclusion. Onward and upward, as my family likes to say. Thanks, Canes; you made my week! PS Can anyone update me on Brind'amour's condition?
  2. It's not mine, but my boyfriend has this (for want of a better term) "fishing type hat" with the Canes logo on it. I haven't seen any others quite like it. I like to borrow it and wear it on occasion. I just happened to be wearing it at a Caniac carnival, I think it was, getting autographs. Rod Brind'amour said that was his favorite hat.
  3. Thanks, Dogbutler. I might throw in the odd comment here and there, but I'm content to just lurk.
  4. A Storm Is Brewin'---It's Hurricanes Season (but I really like Unleash the Storm) oh, and uh, hi, I'm new here.
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