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  1. Many, many congratulations to Mr. Francis!! This news truly makes this huge fan of his' day...
  2. I hate to say it, but lot of jerseys are probably going to look like that with the new material. Most of us hate that and overall like the designs of them now, but Bettman doesn't care enough about the existing fans' opinions to not push forward with his plans to have teams to come up with "sleeker" designs. Didn't the players say they liked the new jersey's better? I thought the NHLPA signed off on these. Am I wrong? IIRC, the players asked for a few changes to be made to the jerseys. http://www.canada.com/victoriatimescolonist/news/sports/story.html?id=82bdefcd-ca19-4c92-b604-9f5d1178b513' target="_blank">One of the teams testing them out, the Sharks, *really* did not like the new duds...[/post] As for the Craps' new jerseys...yuck. I, for one, liked the blue, gold, and black (Brown?! Huh?!). Then again, I also like the Coyotes' old green and maroon, and the Ducks' old eggplant and teal more than their current colors...so what the heck do I know?
  3. NHL: Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins NFL: Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers NCAA: North Carolina Tar Heels MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates and Detroit Tigers...mostly 'cause of a beisbol lovin' friend. I've always been more of a hockey, basketball, and football girl...and golf and tennis too.
  4. I cover the "curse" in my blog's most recent post...overall, I'm not too worried about Eric. Amazed that he made the cover, given that his younger sibling on the Penguins had a just as good, if not better season than him. But, not worried.
  5. Yeah...if the news is not depressing enough as it is, then it threatens to kill our brain cells. ESPECIALLY when it's junk like what you mentioned and the whole Anna Nicole's baby's daddy "saga" (say that five times fast). Ugh.
  6. Thank you. I do the best I can with it...I am especially trying to get more pictures of my collection, including cards, up before the end of the summer/beginning of the fall. In the meantime, there are pictures of new collectibles posted in my blog/update page for the site. The only reason I haven't done an entry for the site's most recent update yet is because I'm awaiting something that I won on eBay to arrive any day now, and I want to scan that for what is already going to be a HUGE update post. Anyway, take your time in looking around...whenever you're ready for a trade or want to discuss the possibility of one, and this goes for not just JWillie but everyone else too, just PM or e-mail me.
  7. Canes red replica with "FantastiCane", "4", and a "C". (My first one...back from when I was a huge Fantastic Four nut and collector. Happens to have most, if not all of the 2003-04 team's signatures all over the logos, and Ron Francis' auto next to the "C".) Canes red replica with "Stormbringer", "10", and "C". Canes white replica with "Francis", "10", and "C". Penguins white mid-late 90's era replica. (Features the infamous "hummingbird"/"soaring" penguin logo.) Penguins white 80's-early 90's era replica. (Given to me by a friend up in the Burgh.)
  8. I've got some Canes cards, base and other, here (and a few not mentioned because of my not being sure if I was going to keep them or not, but I think I've about decided that I am going to trade them). I'll trade them in exchange for something on this list and/or that list. If interested, just PM me, and we'll work out the details.
  9. October 31st... John Candy Dan Rather Jane Pauley A few others I know of who were born on Halloween: Michael Landon (Actor - Bonanza, Little House On the Prairie, and Highway To Heaven), David Ogden Stiers (Actor - M*A*S*H), and Vanilla Ice...there's my embarassing celebrity birthday sharer.
  10. If I did play, I'd probably go with goaltender...not just 'cause of the masks ( ), but also I tend to do well at things that require more than decent hand-eye coordination.
  11. How the H-E-Double Hockeysticks did Raleigh beat out Orlando?!?! Last time I checked, the latter has the WAY MORE EXTENSIVE advertising campaign*... o_O While I think it's neat to see Raleigh get high ratings on a lot of these lists, I think that particular list is stretching it a bit. Even if, considering I currently live on the VA/WV border, I think getting to go to Raleigh, be it to take in a Hurricanes game or two, or something else, is a vacation... * - Now I can't get Supergrass' "Alright" out of my head.
  12. I happen to be a fan of the Penguins in addition to the Canes, and I'm not sure it is the greatest decision to make Crosby a Captain *this fast*. Yeah, Stevie Y turned out to be a great C from 19-onward. But, I get the feeling that he was just like Ron Francis in that he was quite a mature player from the get-go. And whether you earn the coveted 'C' at 19 or 22, what should matter the most in such a thing is your attitude, not necessarily how talented you are. That said, I don't hate Crosby like quite a few do. But, I am of the opinion that he is not the most mature player out there AND on the Pens, despite the fact that I am thankful for his presence on the said team 'cause I cannot help but feel that was one of the things that kept them in the Iron City.
  13. I too would love to know if there is a way to save videos...not long ago, I found a couple from the Stanley Cup run that I would love to keep and see every now and then. And it frustrates me to know that I could have downloaded them before the site renovation... *sighs*
  14. Sums it up perfectly for moi...I *really* cannot choose just one favorite from the current boys. But, my all-time fave is and will always be good ol' Ronnie.
  15. Another Vanilla Coker here. Gawd, how I loved that stuff...that along with Cherry Coke and Coke with Lime are my all-time fave flavors.
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