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  1. Not a bad contract but the 2nd year is not a two-way from what I understand of it. He will get 900k, so if Tanabe does have a breakout year then we have him cheap for a year, especially if Wesley and Hedican are gone and Commodore goes to be a UFA. If he sucks we demote him this year and next we waive him.
  2. I have heard he has signed a 2 year deal
  3. Kevyn Adams was waived today by Phoenix, any chance he will back in Carolina???
  4. dont be suprised tomm if our 1st round draft pick gets traded away, also i am thinking Hutchinson or letowski will be packaged with a draft pick.
  5. so sad, i liked Joe but he just wasnt coming around, maybe a year in europe will do him some good and then he could come back once he picks up his skating but anyways what do you guys think of White, Yashin, Nedved as some possible 3rd liners?
  6. According to Mike Sundheim, Hutch is practicing at the RBC in the offseason with Whitney, Brindy, and Ward. Apperently Ward and Brindy arent leaving Raleigh in the offseason.
  7. Well it looks like next years d-man groupd is gonna be the same. We are done signing d-men except maybe if hedican cant play we will go get somebody. Hopefully we can resign hurch but i doubt that will happen and it looks like Tanabe is done here. Now we have like 5 million left on payroll and need 2/3 of a third line. So Scott Walker will probably resign for 2.5 or so and then we have 2.5 to shop for a center. we are looking to be in good shape.
  8. MIKE COMMODORE (Its commy) DAVID TANABE ANDREW HUTCHINSON ANTON BABCHUK (gone) GLEN WESLEY (wants a 1 yr deal) NICLAS WALLIN (franchise d-man) BRET HEDICAN (most likely gonna play) FRANTISEK KABERLE (should be 100%) DENNIS SEIDENBERG TIM GLEASON (future #1 blueliner) The leaves Hutch,Tanabe,Seidenberg, now if JR looks ahead Hedican and Wesley will be gone next year. Hutch and Seidenberg will be cheap enough to keep around till next year both are NHL ready. So Tanabe is probably gonna want 1-1.5 mill a year, and i would be real nervous to sign him for more than a year at a time. Tanabe has a great shot, good offensive d-man but we struggled on the defensive defense end last year. So i gotta think JR is gonna go after a shot blocking tough guy on the d-spot. Now Tanabe has played the best hockey in his career. So does JR stick with Tanabe or go after somebody else???
  9. If you really believe that then you don't know Ladd or this organization. Some players take a little longer to develop than others. I am hoping that your moniker has nothing to do with the "wolfpack club", if it does then it would explain your "throw him under the bus" mentality. I am not saying i want him traded i am just hoping he plays better, geez, somebody needs a drink. and like i said about Ladd he just needs to WORK HARD AND HOPEFULLY WILL BE A 20 OR 30 GOAL SCORER. I am not badmouthing the guy. I also agree with you colesylarosefan he does need to stay on a line and not shuffled around, back to what this post is about we need a 3rd line center.
  10. those lines arent bad at all but i still say if Ladd doesnt have a breakout season he is done at the end of the season or trade deadline in 07. 10 goals and 10 assists a year isnt gonna get you on the 1st line. And actually i like Ladd he has great size for his age, just needs to work hard and hopefully will be a 20 or 30 goal scorer.
  11. Whitney resigned cause he wanted to lock up his time and money going into his surgery, teams dont like to sign injury prone players who are having offseason surgery, but we def need a 3rd line center.
  12. Wow, Ladd could get us a 2nd round pick and a 3rd liner, we would have to give something else up to get somebody like Jordan Staal, Staal and Ladd are completely diff skill levels.
  13. David Tanabe makes 5 mistakes for every 1 good play. If JR resigns i hope to god its only for 1 year. He could completely blow in training camp and we would have wasted the 1.3 or so he is gonna want. Anyways Aucoin could def fit in our 4th line, depends how he looks in training camp and if walker resigns and if we sign any free agents, really its all a guess until we see what walker, big joe, and tanabe do. Also dont forget we have Shane Willis and Ryan Bayda who could play a 4th line for us. I think JR def needs to get a defensive forward like walker if not walker and def a hardcore d-man. We def played better with 7 d-men a game. Oh yeah and Cullen is still not coming back and if Ladd isnt consistant this year, his 3rd year in the league, he is done in Carolina, before his 3 year deal is up.
  14. yeah and he is playing his best hockey in 4 years! If he is happy in the ahl they will probably sign him to a big 2 way deal and hopefully make it back to the NHL, he is a def great offensive d=man, would probably play better in canada. like toronto or vancouver.
  15. walker is on the pipe if he think he is gonna get more than 1.7 a year for more than 2 years.
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