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  1. I doubt the Sox want big C.C. He hasn't been that hot this year. Still, why can't Cleveland keep any good players? Coco Crisp, Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, all left. And I see Lebron leaving the Cavs when his contract is up. I won't even bother listing all the good players the Browns have had since 99 that have left because the team was going no where.
  2. No clue, the only big loss I can think of was Lofton. I really think that they are still upset about last year, it just seems to have taken the fight out of them for this year. It seems to happen a lot in sports, when a team loses a series in the playoffs and they are so close to winning it, they just don't have any more fight left in them for a few years and they play differently.
  3. Well this year hasn't been too good for my Tribe. Last year was their chance, and they blew it, of course because they are Cleveland. Football and Basketball season can't come soon enough here in Northeast Ohio...
  4. Talladega Nights. That was painful to watch. Actually, any Will Ferrel movie I find painful to watch.
  5. My fondest memory was Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals in 2002. I was there, and I loved every second of it. Got to see Irbe play!
  6. Archie had the best helmet/mask in the league, and the best pads. Now every goalie changes pads every year, Irbe didn't, and now most goalies get new masks every other year, something else Irbe didn't do. Thats what made him unique and my all time favorite player, that and he was frickin good lol.
  7. Well...now that the Cavs are done in the playoffs I can watch my Tribe. Cleveland Rocks!
  8. Us Clevelanders are very use to seeing a Championship, a trip to play for the Championship, and the playoffs slip away. I'm disapointed wtih tonight, but nothing I don't think will ever top last years Indians playoff run, that was simply heartbreaking. You will never have a better chance than that really, just thinking about how good of a chance that was makes me want to cry almost. And of course the Cavs had their chance last year, and the Browns had the playoffs wrapped up untill one game screwed em over, and I could go on and on about Clevelands misfortunes.
  9. Also don't forget all the Cleveland teams...
  10. I know in other leagues goalies can be Captains, Hasak was a Captain for a team in a European league I remember.
  11. This was a pretty big win, and I'm glad the Canes got it.
  12. Made a few more, please don't use. Lmk what you guys think.
  13. selby56

    Official NFL Thread

    I can't wait for the Squeelers vs Jags game. Go Jags!
  14. Weekes did alright, when he was on he was really good, but when he was off I couldn't watch anymore.
  15. I know Grahame had a ton of fans, but I went to the Islanders game on New Years Eve, that was the worse game I have seen as far as goalies go, and I have been to games with Kidd, Storr, and Weekes as goalie.
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