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  1. Very happy to see Corv's back. I love when players say they want to be here and then prove it. Though we might have alot of offensive dmen, I believe Joe has become a better shutdown dman than he was in Ottawa and can get the job done, plus he already knows the system, I like the signing.
  2. My vote would be for Gleason and Cole. I think the A on Erik's chest could make him have a breakout year, plus everything he's done for the organization he deserve's it.
  3. I agree, I wouldn't mind seeing Corv's back in a Canes jersey at all, plus he already knows the system so it wouldn't be like someone else we get in FA having to learn the system, then again I wouldn't mind seeing Pothier back for some veteran presence on the back end.
  4. I understand what your saying, but its a problem keeping everyone healthy in today's NHL. He hasn't been like a David Tanabe when coming back from a few concusion's and just totally sucking and not producing at all.
  5. I don't believe we just dump a guy because of his age (ala the wizard), we still need some veterans and experience in that locker room, it can't be all 20 some year old's. Potsie is pretty fast and knows when to jump in at the right time, unlike Corvo, Brian doesn't really turn the puck over but can still score from the blue line. If he continues to play outstanding as he's done since coming over than I wouldn't mind paying 2.5 a year if he keeps on playing like he is now and I think he will. Whatever the deal is, I just hope JR resigns him cause he seems to fit our system better than Washington's.
  6. Id like to see Osala and Cole play on a line togeather, that line would be staking right past defenders!
  7. Just flipped it to the game and was wondering where Walks was at. Boudreau is a idiot if he continues to sit #24 out!
  8. Id sign Vick in a second! I would have more faith in him than MM though he didn't play bad, but can MM take us to a super bowl? I don't think he can but with Vick's arm strength and running ability, I think he could. Imagine if we had Vick at QB, another big time reciever to help Smitty to go along with our 2 great backs. That's one heck of an offense! Plus with Pep leaving town we could use someone who would put butt's in the seats and regardless of how some people feel about Vick as a person, Panther fans would definitely come out to watch the guy, especially if were winning! The problem is, I don't think there's a chance in h-e double hockey sticks that Jerry Richardson would sign Vick, I guess he's content on being a 500 football team and not making the playoffs.
  9. I would be Ray's agent in a second! Im sure he makes alot better $ than I do. Of course his age is going to come into play, I don't expect the man to play till he's 100 but it hasn't yet. He could go pointless for the rest of the year or be what he is now for the next 2-3 years, nobody knows! But I do know Im not going to base his production for the next year or so because of the "age group" that he's in. Every man is different and untill he has totally slacked off I still believe he is, and will be a big contributor to our team. Speaking of family members though, I know his wife Brijet is smokin
  10. I like the way you think my Canadien friend
  11. Yes, was flipping back and forth to the NHL network, funny to see the lights not come on at the start of the 3rd! Walks had a great game with the last two goals that were backhands, the game winner was vintage Scott Walker, grimy hard working around the net, not pretty but gets the job done. We love Scott as will you guys. Congrats to him. P.S. Thanks for Pothier, he played outstanding tonight and made a great stop on a 2 on 1, he doesn't have the shot of a Corvo but you can tell he's a true defenseman and played like it! I won't mind Joe leaving at all with Pots back there.
  12. I can't wait for a year or 2 from now when Ray is still averaging 20 goals a season and 70+ points for us and all the haters will be eating crow. Some people will be saying then, well we should trade him because he's old and his nickname is the wizard and frankly I hate wizards. Ray will be back next season, bet on it. So for us to get a no name and a 2nd rd pick who will just be sent to the AHL for the next 2 seasons is not a big deal. We've got younger and have plenty of draft picks to continue that. It would be stupid to trade away our best player from this year because of age or because he's a UFA especially since it's pretty obvious now that Ray wants to stay right here in NC. JR could have got a million 1st rd. picks for him but if Ray didn't want to waive his NTC than that's his right and I can respect that because he has earned that right and some people just look at it as a fan's point of view, well we could have got this and that for him and he could have resigned in the offseason. He's won a cup so it might not always be just about hockey. Ray has never beat anyone with his speed or physical play but with his hockey smarts, always has and always will. Take Ray off that 1st line and see if Staalsy and Jussi keep producing like they do, not saying they wouldn't but he's a HUGE part of it, but I forgot he's a UFA so we shoulda traded him. Plus JR is a business man and know's what he's doing, that's why he's a GM in the NHL and we're on a message board! In my opinion Ray was worth a 1st rd pick if they're really trying to win the cup, look how veterans like Recchi and Weight help us but he also would be in a new system and would have had to get use to the players and coach which could hender his point production. Plus I could see Staalsy telling JR at the end of the season "I want Ray here, make it happen." I would feel different about the situation if Ray was injured all the time (knock on wood) or didn't produce but it's the total opposite. How many other 37 year old's in the NHL average 20+goals a season and a point a game? Bottom line is he's still a Cane and wants to be here, and we should support him.
  13. Im watching hockey central on VS. and they were just talking about the Ward trade to the Ducks but they accidentally put up Cam's pic instead of Aaron's. Anybody remember a few years back on ESPN when they would do that all the time! I guess now we don't have to worry about that anymore.
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