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  1. my friends and i have debated this, and i'd like to get some others' feedback also. each year i know the canes have a "self imposed" cap, which is less than the league salary cap. so, is this: A.) done out of necessity because we are a small market team? would we really lose money if we spent to the cap? or B.) because they are just being cheap, and are more concerned with making profit than competing for championships? i have a hard time believing all the typical owner-speak about losing money. team owners in different leagues claim that all the time. look at the nba right now. their labor agreement is set to expire, and all of the sudden we are hearing about how owners are losing hundreds of millions of dollars. what a coincidence. how is it that these guys who can make billions in other industries claim they are always losing money on the sports franchises they own. this has really been bothering me lately, because as fans, we give our complete devotion and loyalty and dedication to the canes. we give them all WE have to give as fans. and i am not sure if they are doing the same in return. are they doing everything they can to win championships? including spending the money to bring in the best players? i look at this team and the canes teams in recent years, and see a budget team with players who are either role players, young guys not in their prime so they don't make a lot of money yet, old guys who are over the hill, and guys nobody else really wanted. staal and ward excepted. it's like having a nice car and a nice tv and getting the rest of your things from wal mart and goodwill. we have chad larose on our first line. chad larose. if we spent the $10 million we have a two top 6 wingers, we wouldn't be significantly better. if this organization is not doing all they can to win, then they aren't holding up their end of the deal. everything else is forgivable...bad trades, bad draft picks, bad coaching decisions, etc etc....but not winning because they are being cheap and won't spend money is not. because then they are not trying to win. they are just trying to make money. i just wonder if they canes care about us as much as we do them.
  2. i'd love to get a triad area canes group going. viewing parties are so much fun.
  3. just moved to greensboro after graduating, and am looking for some fellow caniacs in the greensboro, winston, high point area. anyone know if there are any fan groups here in the triad, or good sports bars where people go and watch the canes?
  4. Question. i just moved down here to the Triad area (high point) and have charter digital cable now instead of directv. does fsn carolina's on charter carry all the canes games that directv does? i ask because i vaguely remember discussions about the charlotte bobcats or nashville predators being aired in some areas instead.
  5. babchuk will never be back with the canes. aside from what was mentioned before about his defections back to russia, i have heard that the other players didn't like him. i heard a story about him being scratched for a game before gametime. he had already dressed so was taking warmups, and he was angry about being scratched so he was firing pucks at cam's head during warmups. the guy just seems to have too many attitude issues. shocker, you usually don't see that from russians
  6. i actually went up to buffalo on a road trip and saw the canes play buffalo and the fans IN buffalo weren't bad at all. the worst fans i have run into are caps fans.
  7. i don't have a problem sharing an arena. other teams do it fine (celtics/bruins, flyers/sixers, bulls/blackhawks)...it's just the way state has their banners...they don't seem organized at all. they need to have their stuff on one end, and the canes one the other end, just like the teams i mentioned above do. also they should display their two national chamionship banners prominently at the endzone area (over the goal)...then have the final four banners and acc championship ones smaller, and to the left and right of the chamionship ones. i'm really particular about small details like this.
  8. good. maybe now they can get nc state to organize theirs. state's look terrible, they look like they have no order at all to them, and they take up too much room. come on state, "NCAA SECOND ROUND"....seriously ??
  9. that's stupid. who gets invited to the white house when you DON'T win something.
  10. so does this mean it will be in HD on directv also? the game isn't listed at all yet. fs-cr and fs-cr (HD) are both still saying "to be announced"
  11. i don't know about the bandwidth issue, but i have center ice on directv and almost every game for every other team is broadcast in HD. usually there are two HD broadcasts of the same game, with each team's broadcast being shown. even the scrub teams like fla, phoenix, and nashville...teams that no one cares about...are always in hd....it's really irritating that we never are
  12. one down, 3 more to go !!! APP..............................STATE
  13. it is time. despite bringing in new players, we are seeing the same performance as last year and the year before. namely, inconsistent play, players that don't play hard(staal!), a team that doesn't show up to play every game, or plays just part of games...or who really knows when they'll decide to play or not??? we're seeing poor defense, bad pinches that lead to key goals. we win 2, lose 3, win 2, lose 2...never any consistency....at this point the one thing we could rely on in the past, our offense, is gone too....we struggle to score (which makes playing solid defense even more of a necessity).........basically the same thing as the past 2 years.....so whats the common denominator??? it's the coaching staff. this team clearly no longer responds to lavi. it pains me to say all this because the cup that lavi coached us to will always be so special....but it's time to make a change......his laid back, have fun, bring your kids to practices, take it easy style isn't working anymore....it DID once, but it no longer is.......we need someone who is more hard-nosed, defensively oriented, to come in a crack the whip...if staal wants to give half effort, then give him half his ice time until he decides to play hard....there are others too.....it just needs to be done...and done now before this season is lost
  14. i feel that lavi doesn't have much longer. i don't see him lasting past mid-late december unless this team turns it around. .500 play isnt going to cut it. this isn't a comment on whether i think he should or should not be fired. it's just what i predict. he may get the axe by the end of this month when you consider the importance of this stretch of games coming up. 11 out the next 14 games at home. this strectch could make or break our season, because once we get to jan-feb 11 of 16 are road games. so if we fall far back in the standings now, it'll be hard to make it up on the road. IF this team plays poorly and say, drops 3 of the next 4 or so, then perhaps he doesnt make it out of this month. i'm willing to reserve final judgement until mid-late december, which is when i initially predicted his firing. but, i do think it is time for a change. we are making the same mistakes as last year on defense (bad pinches, bad coverage).....offensively, we cant score, which was always the one thing we could count on in his attacking, agressive forechecking style....now thats gone....powerplay is terrible....and, the players dont seem to be responding...they dont seem motivated.....maybe his message has lost its effectiveness with them....i love lavi...he brought us a cup....that cup is forever......but sometimes a change is needed, and i believe that time has come.
  15. i went wednesday and was in the group 3:00 moved over from 303 to section 304, row J.......very happy with what i was able to get. right on the redline.
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