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  1. Rule changes I would like to see considered: 1) Make the goal bigger. Goalies and their equipment have gotten bigger, so the net should be bigger. Say, two inches higher and 4 inches wider. 2) When a team ices the puck, instead of a faceoff, the defending team has to stay behind the face off dots in their end until the puck crosses the red line. This would eliminate the lolly gagging that goes on by the defending team prior to a face off and teams would be bringing the puck up ice with speed.. 3) If a team scores on a delayed penalty, enforce the penalty after the score. 4) Make a two minute power play two minutes. Do not end the penalty if the attacking team scores. If you can score 2-3 goals in the two minute time period, more power to you.
  2. The lockout has lasted around 100 days, so I am imposing my own lockout of the NHL for 100 days. After 100 days, I may consider attending games again.
  3. Hockey was the only sport I kept up with. I viewed hockey as the last remaining truly team sport. Hockey players could generally sound intelligent and articulate in interviews unlike the other major sports. Hockey players also generally seemed to have more class and a higher moral fiber. However, recent events have shown me I was wrong. It now appears hockey players have an attitude that they are owed a job and a paycheck. This apparent sense of entitlement may be the straw that breaks the camel's back and turns me off forever.
  4. If this goes on much longer, there will be a lot of losers. I have no doubt at least two and possibly up to 6 teams will fold or relocate, the Canes being one of them. In which case, the vindictive side of me wants to whole league to fold and start over. Would serve the owners right to lose their investment and the players right to lose their jobs. I am not anti-union, I believe they have their place, but can go too far. I think the NHLPA went too far when they hired Fehr.
  5. I am to the point that I do not care. I know I will eventually go back to attending games. But I will not attend any if there is a shortened season this year. If this seaon is lost and there is a season next year, I doubt I will attend any games. I am fed up with both sides and not attending games is my only way to show my displeaure. Maybe if more fans showed their displeasure by not attending games, both sides would get the message as to who is really in charge.
  6. To the players, I say if you are unhappy with your working conditions, either suck it up or get a new job. To the owners, I say if you cannot run a profitable business, get out of the business. I am tired of both of you.
  7. I am having a hard time generating any sympathy for the owners or players. Hockey is the only sport I have anyinterest in, but this just may be what kills my interest, at least at the nHL level. May have to start taking in some minor league games.
  8. I have two great memories from that run. The first was Weekes' save on Madden. Weekes was so far out of position, I thought it was game over. Was totally shocked, pleasantly so, when he made that save. The second is from game of the finals in Detroit. The Red Wings had swept their two previous finals' opponents and I did not give the Canes' much of a chance. But the OT goal by Francis gave us Caniacs a glimmer of hope.
  9. It was a bad move on Skinner's part and a legit call by Shanny. On the flip side, the officiating this year has been horrendous and shows no sign of getting better. The bad officiating could legitamately be a contributing factor, but that is something you have to learn to deal with as an NHL player. I do hope what Skinner has been going through this year prompts the Canes to acquire a true enforcer or other players are encouraged to step up and protect Skinner. He does seem to have a target on his back.
  10. Expressing one's opinion disgusting? Especially one you do not agree with? I guess we no longer live in the U.S. where divergent views are tolerated.
  11. Staal had a great 10-12 minutes last night, I will grant him that. But one game does not a captain make. He needs to produce consitently.
  12. Just when I thought things could get no worse! This season is definately a wash now. Hope JR gives prospects a chance to show what they can do. With lowered expectations, watching the Canes will not ge as stressful now and may even hold a few surprises.
  13. I live along the coast, too, Morehead City, and this is not the type of hurricane I enjoy experiencing. Hopefully, the eastwarsd trend will continue, although it looks like the barrier islands from Cape Lookout north are in for a rough time. Take care.
  14. Losing the "Iceman" and the "Boogeyman" in one week. Tough time for hockey fans. Both will be missed and rememebered fondly. I also expect a class organization like the Hurricanes will find a way to honor the Iceman.
  15. It is easy to say "spend more money" when it is not your money that is being spent. Where will this money come from? Increased ticket prices? Could this market financially support a higher payroll? I doubt it. I enjoy going to Canes' games, but have almost been priced out. There is a trade off for eveything. I personally am glad to have the Canes. They are a team we can be proud of, playoffs or no playoffs. You have to admit, they have given us Caniacs some great hockey experiences in the three of their playoff runs ( 02, 06 and 09)The other alternative is no NHL hockey in North Carolina.
  16. I have attended all three Canes' retirement ceremonies. All were wonderful events, but Rod's ceremony was absolutely magnificient. The ceremony itself was wortht he price of admission. I felt like a got a bonus with the great ame and win that followed. A fitting tribute to the greatest plaeyr to ever don a Hurricanes sweater.
  17. I got my tickets as soon as they went on sale. I was at Ron's and Glen's retirement cermonies. As memorable as those two were, Rod's will be even more so.
  18. I, for one, would liek to see Cole back next year. His scoring touch has imporved here of late, but all year long he has done a lot to contribute to the team. The more I watch Larose, the more convinved I am he should be resigned. He does a lot of things that do not show up on teh score sheet like helping out defensively and kill penalties. He is one of the better penalty killers in the NHL. As I have watched the Canes this year, I can be assured two players will always show up and give it their all regardless; Cole and Larose are those two. Cole has also been healthy this year, which has helped greatly.
  19. I was expecting a 70-80 point season. After the game against the Pens, I think the Canes have a good chance to push 90 points. The Canes may not make te playoffs, but they will be in the hunt. If the Canes can maintian .500 through January, I think they have a real good chance. As has been mentioned, the Canes have a history of having a strong second half of the season.
  20. What a load of bovine feces. Anyone else suspect that if it had not been the Pens versus the lowly Canes the outcome would have been different?
  21. Like the Babs for White deal. Hopefully this will help improve our defense. Hate to see Tommy K go, but it was necessary, I guess.
  22. Way too early in the season. I think will be a great player in time. I hope he pushes Staal to better performance. I have not been impressed with Staal's play so far this season.
  23. I have to agree Cam is not up to par. Hopefully, it is just an early funk and he will find his game soon. I am pleased with the win-loss record at this point in the season, however. I never would thought the Canes would be 4-3 after this long road trip.
  24. Gleason is a lock, I would not object to him even wearing the "C". I could live with Cole wearing an "A". No player has realy stood out as a leader as far as I can see. Maybe I got spoiled with Rod.
  25. Hat to see the wizard go, but I think it is necessary. At least he is in the western conference.
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