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  1. Dang - wish I wasn't committed in sitting in my section.
  2. I just want to fry some Boston Butt tomorrow night - is that too much to ask??
  3. Mine is pretty simple. I'm a huge Caniac - but I'm also a huge Tar Heel fan!
  4. That's funny. I'll be in 316 around 6:15. FINNISH THEM!!
  5. Glad to see I'm not the only one who would rather face the Pens in the event that we go on to win the series.
  6. I'm absolutely looking forward to going tomorrow night. I expect it to be pulsating - hopefully the team will draw all the momentum possible from it and crush the Bruins. I think tomorrow is a game in which the team has to enter the game in kind of a state of emergency. Losing tomorrow night would be devastating, IMO.
  7. I want this series over tomorrow night! I'll be in there tomorrow night and I'll be aiming to not have a voice Wednesday morning. I like our chances tomorrow - The fans will be there, but the players need to show up too. Finish them!!!!
  8. Was thinking the same thing. Obviously I hope everyone is ok and uninjured, but I wouldn't mind a BIG storm warning tomorrow night.
  9. In our last 8 games, the Canes are 6-1-1
  10. We usually sit in Section 316, I guess the horn is right above us, explaining why it is SO LOUD. Tonight we were in 328 and towards the top of the arena. While I could still hear the horn and it sounded normal, it did sound a bit faint. But I credit that to the possibility of us sitting away from horn, maybe, on the opposite side of the arena?
  11. Not been on the board in a while, so I didn't know, therefore - - HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, I95CANIAC!!!!!
  12. Let's just all agree on one thing............. LET'S GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well, just for the record, I'm not one you'll find in the middle of controversy. Personally, I liked ECU and am going to miss him if his ban is permanent, but rules are rules and we have to follow them. They are posted for a reason. I'm ready for things on this board to calm back down, though. We have a game tomorrow night and we need to start preparing for that!
  14. Mine too, Wesley. I'm loving FireFox, and and I especially love that it's faster too. I'm enjoying it so far, especially now that I can get back in live chat! Again, I really want to thank everyone who helped me!
  15. Thank you ALL so much! I downloaded Firefox, and it's working! I'm in chat now!! Again, thank you ALL!!!!
  16. I've heard of firefox, what exactly is it?
  17. Yeah - Java is enabled, and the scans didn't really do anything. And I ALWAYS empty the cache - I don't like to let alot build up, haha. Still nothing. Again, it is is something that Java.com is working on and they've given some suggestions to try to help work around it, but none of them are working for me. Hopefully they'll get the kinks worked out soon!! Thanks for your help though, Ref! It really is appreciated!
  18. Still No Java - JAVA.com knows this is an error, but they don't know what is causing it. According to the website, some people have developed ways to work around this issue, but none of their suggestions are working for me. I hope they can fix this soon - this is 2 games in a row. I'm Chat Deprived!! :angry:
  19. Oh, You just think you're funny, don't you Egg Head! NOTHING BUT LOVE!!
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