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  1. I have a bit of explaining to do. I had your sig done but my computer spazzed, I had to restart it and I lost it. It was amazing though. I can redo it ASAP, but ASAP is by next Friday because I have exams this week. Is that okay?
  2. For 3 years now, I have worn the exact outfit to every game. Every game I've gone to and worn that outfit, we've won. Let's win today eh?
  3. Nobody can call me crazy on this one... it works. Every game this year in the playoffs that I haven't worn my Wesley jersey, we've lost. Every time I put it on when we're losing, we win. When I wear it the whole game, we crush. Here's some examples: I put my jersey on with about a minute left in game 4. Jokinen scores with 0.2 left in the game. I put on my jersey game 7. Jokinen and Staal score back to back to keep us in the race. I put my jersey on at the end of the first intermission (we scored twice), took it off after Recchi scored, then put it back on at the beginning of OT. Jokinen puts us up 2-1. Looks like at the game on Friday (which I'll be at) I'll be wearing my jersey for Jussi to pull us through again. Creepy stuff, but don't go messing with the mojo.
  4. Just on a random note, I saw someone on the beach once without a belly button. No scar or anything... nothing. Just skin. Really creepy, true story too.
  5. Sorry I've gotten caught up lately. I'll get it to you by tomorrow night indefinitely.
  6. Gee can't we just go back to "Whatever It Takes" or "Here to Play, Here to Stay" both from 2006???
  7. That's for sure... http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3078/287774...86cfd5b.jpg?v=0[/post] http://assets.espn.go.com/media/apphoto/eb...562fba25030.jpg http://assets.espn.go.com/media/apphoto/eb...562fba25030.jpg
  8. Yeah it said "20 years thank you Wes" I'll get a pic if I get a chance.
  9. Didn't we have a thread on that once? About the disrespect coming from fans leaving games early (like mobs, not one or two)?? Maybe not... Anyway, a lot of articles said the Canes were booed on their exiting. However, I sat near the ice and the only boos heard at the end were for Chara, Tim Thomas, or Wardo. My parents wanted to leave but we stayed through the worst to the end.
  10. Last night was a pretty good one... he looked straight at my sign as he was skating out and waving and he went out smiling... that's a moment I'll never forget. That speech... everything last night... if anyone can put a moment out better than last night, then put it out there. I cried when Johnny Forslund said "and the #2 will never be worn by a hurricanes player again!" Did anyone stay after for the GREAT video after the game? The place was pretty much cleared out, but I stayed and it was AMAZING. It showed the game, the ceremony, Matthew, Josh, and their dad getting ready in the locker room before the game, other personal pictures and videos, and it was GREAT. It was the only thing I didn't record, so if anyone did, please upload it to youtube and post it!!!!
  11. Hey be sure to make some good ones from Wes's night.
  12. Why Why Why Why WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved Wade, he was one of our biggest fighters and I just don't see our guys fighting much any more. Now getting rid of Melichar I agree, he hasn't done much at all. But Brookbank... and even that pick could've ended up as something, though he's 4th round.
  13. Or fatten them up a bit and make 'em slower!!!! Cheers to all! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving... stay safe and eat loads, but remember to skate it all off tomorrow!!!
  14. Basketball. The Greatest Sport besides hockey Ever Invented. I'm getting a good vibe for the Heels this year. They seem so determined... Ty Lawson and Danny Green must've gotten a wake up call that said "Look, I can't even think I'll make the pros if I keep playing like I used to. I've got to step it up a lot!!!" And the crazy thing is that for me, Zeller (Tyler, not Luke) looks just like a kid from my old school and he too played basketball and wasn't short!!!
  15. Hey Jake: Got one, rushed too, but as good a size as I can get it. Load it up ASAP.
  16. ~Wes#1 rocking back in forth in corner, praying~ Red Sox/ Dodgers world series... Red Sox/ Dodgers world series!!!!!!
  17. I can try to jump on it, Jake, but really, I'm tangled up in work too. Give me about a week or so if you can wait that long and I can have a cool doodah for you, I'm working on some new techniques and am loving it!!!
  18. Haha silly question. My favorite newest player for this season will be Wes, duh!! I mean he's still playing for our team, in a different aspect. I'm ready for Eaves, really. I think his play may just erupt and surprise us all.
  19. The dreads are dead. Torre won. And Manny may just be okay with it... http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...sp&c_id=mlb
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