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  1. I'm sorry, but why are people bothering to compare Eaves and LaRose? Both guys are ok borderline good, but neither is very good/great. Both guys are useful. The only question is price. Just neither over pay for either guy nor set unrealistic top 7 forward expectations on either guy.
  2. I hope we don't trade our 1st round pick. Our minor league system is pretty thin on prospects, other than boychuk and sutter. I'd love to see sutter and boychuk seeing regular top 9 forward ice time this year with boychuk also seeing regular powerplay time too. As for Eaves, there is nothing wrong with him. He's steady at what he does as long as you realize he's somewhere between an average 3rd liner and very good 4th liner. Every team needs their share of those kinda guys.
  3. Nah, sedins only want 63ish over 12 years which only averages out to the mid 5's M. What is wrong with the D? Pitkanen, Gleason and company played pretty ok in the playoffs. I'd get rid of Kaberle if he isn't already off the books. And how can any fan not be happy with Ward? Inconsistent? Maybe, kinda, a little, but who isn't. He's a top flight #1 NHL goalie and there aren't many others above him.
  4. Wow, I haven't been on this site in ages, but it is draft day.......and that means playing GM. So, I'd like JR to dump a guy like matt cullen (2.875 M) and not re-sign ufa cole (4.0 M last year).....then use that money to help offset making a run for the sedin twins.... giving two top lines of samsonov, sedin and sedin.....and whitney, staal, boychuk/brind'amour... That would be amazing....especially since our D is adequate and Ward is amazing....
  5. I wouldn't want pisani either. Plus, I'd be really disappointed if Shane Willis and Craig Adams were battling for the third-line right wing position. We have an ok core, but neither much depth nor prospects, so I have no idea how JR could pull much of a trade without hurting us somewhere else. But, if he can....more power to him. JR has disappointed me in the past, but I'm still a believer in him. Go Whale!
  6. Yea i've seriously never heard of him and judging by the PIMs anything I do hear about him from Albany prolly wont be good news. Ooooh, brookbank. Cool. We haven't had an enforcer in a long time. Sure he won't play much, but I'm thinking he'll be a fan favorite when he does. Plus, I doubt he was expensive. Way to go JR.....
  7. I think people are right when they say stuart isn't worth 3.5 million. I think he's highly over-rated. Has he ever played on a good team? So, I question either his talent or character as there must be a reason behind why he's moved around so much in the last few years or so.
  8. Who do you consider an elite forward. Elite forwards are normally your top 6 guys. What elite player is going to come here and play 3rd line, their not. We have our elite forwards. Now if you said we are 1 elite defenseman away, then I agree. And caniac6 we signed our tough guy, he wears #24, last name Walker. Oh and #8, last name Gleason, can also do the job. I'm not sure who we could get as another forward or D. but I think I mainly just think we have enough quality ok guys on F and D, and that we are an elite player (F, D or maybe both) away from being good. Then lavy would find a way to get everyone ice time. Yah, i like the toughness of walker. Gleason is tough too? I don't know much about him.....
  9. I'm sure JR could do some wheeling dealing at the end of the year and trade some of our current guys to get picks to compensate for the picks we'd lose by signing those guys.
  10. My earliest memories are when I started playing hockey and collecting hockey cards back at the age of 5. I remember hearing how gordie howe was a legend...think i remember reading gretzky's book which mentioned him as his hockey idol (that is what i remember anyway)....then i saw that howe and sons played for the whalers. Plus I liked the green uniforms. I wasn't much smarter as a kid. then came hockey cards of mike rogers and blaine stoughtan (sp?). Ewww...the long green pants.....they were cool at one time. Torrie Robertson....he was so cool. sylvain cote and dana murzyn were my favorite D. Dave babych was good too. francis-turgeon-dineen...an amazing line. Francis falling while playing the point in the playoffs and a guy going down and scoring. mike liut moving off the post in overtime which allowed claude lemieux to score (if i remember right). A rare whaler game on canadian tv where i think they beat the nordiques 11-0 (or was it 9-0, well, it was a blowout none the less). I think they won a couple games 11-0 around that time. Kay Whitmore was my favorite goalie (but he never got enough of a chance). Such memories....
  11. OK, call me crazy but...what about TEPPO NUMMINEN? He is old but he was a +/- Plus 17 with 27 assists last year. We could probably pick him up cheap for a year. The +/- and points are inflated because he played on the top offensive team in the league. He's not really a top-tier defenseman, which is what we're looking for, so I'd say "pass." Insane, but yashin would be a bargain at 2.5 million. That would put hamilton on a 4th line to develop and slip in anywhere on the top 3 in case of injury. I think yashin could be good, as long as he'd only be there to supplement our top 2 lines of staal and brindy, and not be our go-to guy. Yah, teppo isn't bad, but he ain't much better if any than any of our current flock of D. His numbers last year were definately a product of a superior buffalo team. I wouldn't mind putting in a qualifying offer on nathan paetsch of buffalo though, he seems like a gritty young player with some offensive flair...and even if we didn't get him for say 1 to 1.5 million, then we'd be forcing buff to pay him more than they wanted to. And I've harped on this before too.....I'd love to see us put in a 4.5-5.5 million offer in for vanek and/or a 3.5-4.0 million offer for derek roy.
  12. I think you underestimate JR and this team. JR wanted White, White was offered 4 years and 2nd line duties in Atlanta. 2 years too many for a player you don't know how well they will play in your system. And why would he come here for 3rd line duties when he could go to Atlanta and get 2nd line duties. JR looked at Handzus, Handzus' GM pretty much told JR that he wanted nothing less than 2nd line duties as they both feel he is not a 3rd line player. And I'm sure JR looked at other guys, remember he had 5 guys he was targeted. Hamilton was probably one on his list that none of us even thought of (were not scouts or anything). He was able to get him within the price range and Hamilton is estactic to be giving the opportunity to be a full time 3rd line center. Now look at that, JR has filled the 3rd line center position within budget and wait, he now has an extra $1.5 to shake up his blueline. This gives him a better chance to get the offensive-defenseman he wants. Its only been the 3rd day since Free Agency started. Let these teams throw high dollars at players that don't deserve it, then realize, oops, I need to clear cap space. Or when players win their arbitration cases and oops, we can't afford that cause we threw $6.5 million at so and so, so were gonna let you go. Remember preseason doesn't start until September, its only July 3. JR has plenty of time to shake up the blueline if he so wants. I think our team is ok. We are probably only 1 elite forward away from being quite good. I don't think that elite player is coming though. Anyways, we should be competitive, as the top two finishing teams in the east last year (buff and nj) each lost 2 stars from their lineups. Philly should be better. NYR could be really good if none of their top guys get injured, as they have no depth on their 3rd and 4th lines. I'm glad we didn't overspend for handzus or white. Hamilton should be ok. Larose seems like a great 4th line guy. I'd be happy not to have letowski. So, here we sit.....wondering what JR might be able to do. I love this time of year.....
  13. It is hard not to feel for the guy. He was really good before the injury, but he just doesn't seem to have it anymore. I'd love to have the old him back. It would never hurt to work him out though and see if there is any improvement (or even give him some time in the ahl to see if he can get his game back), but from what i saw last year.....sadly i'm doubtful.
  14. I totally agree that it would be addition by subtraction if we found ways to move/retire these two (wesley and hedican), as both seem vastely over rated and quasi liabilities on the ice. I think the rest of our D group would be fine without these two (as it doesn't seem like there are many names on d left out there to acquire via free agency).
  15. I agree that joni for cole would be a huge mistake. If it does happen, we better get a prospect (maybe a schremp) and at least 1 future first round draft pick too. Plus make them take hedican and grahame (and their salaries) off our books. If we got all that and then used the excess money for another forward, then i'd be happy.
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