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  1. Erik Cole is a class act. I was at the rec zone on Monday and there was father and his son who is a huge Cole fan. When Erik came out he signed jersey and took his picture with him then took time to talk to young boy Now don't get me worng the other players were just as nice .it's just Cole took his time and made this kids day What a great guy in my book
  2. Hey guys give John a break. Cam hasn't been on the ice this week either .And ya before someone else say's it I know Cam was with the rookies the week before. <_<
  3. FWI if you want to make your build a bear a goalie ( Cam or John ) the mini goalie helmets at The Eye fit the bears just right .
  4. IF you saw any of the race on Saturday on the #9 car (own by Evernham ) ther was a Habs sticker on car on both sides of the rear coner panel.
  5. You guys thing its hot outside.I work for NABISCO and alot of big named stoes don't ac in the backstock rooms . It's not me melting but so are the OREO'S (aka american hockey pucks) so stay in and stay cool.
  6. Air head is right. dont' belive a word in what the state said about the color of custom/specialty tags I know because I just got a custom tag (47INGOAL) and the tag is RED as RED can be.
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