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  1. yep, I have a feeling it wont matter if kirk gets fired, or if we bring in someone else, it will make little difference until we have a new GM!!!
  2. I wonder if that's why Wards play has nosedived this season, he is playing his way out of Carolina ?
  3. The flip side of that, AK is more likely to sign here if Wardo is traded, he wants to be a starter and is going to sign somewhere where he has a chance to play his way into the #1 spot
  4. I think this is a huge part of it, this franchise hasn't been the same since the front office decided to eliminate any trace of veteran leadership from this team, And I am sorry to say this but Eric's lifeless play from time to time is a big part of it, when you're captain gives up, what inspires you to skate harder, nothing!!!, and that is the problem with this team, we needed that "Whatever it Takes" attitude to win, With the loss of Roddy, Cullen, Walker and others, that attitude is gone, and we don't win anymore. The front office needs to change the mindset of this franchise, and actually enforce standards from the coaches to the highest paid players, if you don't want to skate, and give everything you have every shift, then it doesn't matter what name is on back of you're sweater, you will be scratched!!!!
  5. I have seen plenty of finger pointing, and people offering several theories on why the Canes continue to be and up and down team, lingering in the empty space between mediocrity and total failure. So I would like to hear everyone's opinion on what is the biggest issue that needs to change, the issue above all others that is holding us back from changing our fortunes and getting back in the playoffs ? Is it not enough defensive talent ? is it not enough offensive talent ? is it not enough goaltending talent ? Do we need a new Head Coach ? Do we need a new GM ? Any opinion is welcome.
  6. I agree, he has certainly outplayed Cam this season, and I fell a lot better with him in net than Cam And why does a goalie discussion have to turn into an argument, with personal insults to go with it, Cam is simply not what he used to be to this team, he doesn't steal games anymore, he doesn't make any miraculous game saving saves anymore, he lives and dies with our defense. I hate to make this comparison, but he is sort of like Jake Delhomme of the Carolina Panthers, he is idolized by Fans for leading them to the Superbowl, even enough to overlook his faults for him to remain the starter, until the latter part of his time there, when he became more of a liability than a leader, and it was clear to everyone his time was over, except to the Coaching staff and Front office, who continued to ignore the "Backups" that played leaps and bounds ahead of him, I hope the Ward era doesn't end has ugly has that situation did!!!
  7. Cant wait till the game game against the Slugs Tues night, I honestly don't care who wins the gold at this point, time to get back to our struggle to make the playoffs and put this disaster in our rearview mirror. Atleast I have a new reason to hate the Pens
  8. I guess Finland is that much better than Canada, 5-0 Finland I hope there is a different U.S coach in 2018!!!!!, and maybe a few new players, this has been an Olympics to forget for the US Mens Hockey team, definitely the worst performance in recent memory, what a disappointment!!! Congrats to the U.S Women on the silver medal, they played there hearts out against Canada!!!
  9. What about if it was 50% American, 30% Russian, and 20% Finnish ?
  10. After the Vancouver I wouldn't root for Canada if Francis and Roddy were the coaches, and Both Staals, Skinner and Ward were on it I hate Ryan Miller when it comes to Canes vs Slugs, but I would have cheered for him when he returned to RBC after the Olympic break in 2010 My point is, when it comes to international competition, a players NHL affiliation is of no concern, especially to the players, I am sure Gleason was lining up some hits against our Captain in 2010(Cant remember if he finished any of them)
  11. True, Canada played a smart game, and yes Canada is better on paper, and matchup wise, but the 1980 US team didn't have any business on the Ice with the soviet team, but did that matter, not to them!!! I didn't see any sense of urgency from the US Players, Balsyma made no attempts to adjust the lines or the offensive gameplan, and the players just let go a single slow slapshot at price and skated back on defense, on some plays didn't even attempt a forecheck, and sometimes it just appeared they had a general lack of interest Jonathan Quick is the only reason this wasn't a 9-0 laugher, too bad he was the only US Player that showed up
  12. What a disgusting lack of effort or urgency by the US Mens Hockey team, I have saw more effort in a NHL All-Star game Credit Canadas Defense but what a bleeping joke of a game by the US, everyone that stepped on the ice except Quick should be ashamed of themselves, what an embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Finland beats them because those players don't even deserve a bronze medal with that kind of half hearted effort This was an easy one for Canada :censored:
  13. That Kovy Clip looks to be from the IIHF World Championships from last year, the same tournament our captain got injured in And speaking of Amanda Kessel, the US women get a chance to avenge the 2010 Loss to Canada, has they face there rivals, once again, for the gold medal, today at 12 PM ET on NBC
  14. remember in 08, we were playing the exact same we we are now, with Lavi, he is fired, Mo comes in and boom, we are a different team with the same players(with the exception of adding Cole), and fought and clawed our way to clinching the 6th seed, and having 2 incredible playoff series against the Devils and Bruins. Players become disillusioned and burn out of a coach's system if it keeps producing a losing effort, that's why mid-season coaching changes can be very effective, and if we don't start winning on a consistent basis soon, I think its something PK needs to think about
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