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  1. http://www.milehighhockey.com/2009/2/22/767609/directv-asleep-in-the-boot' target="_blank">http://www.milehighhockey.com/2009/2/22/76...eep-in-the-boot[/post] here is the reason, they still have the caps game listed at 3:00 on nbc and this game on nbc too, so thus its blacked out on directv, because no one updates anything
  2. lol apparently game is blacked out due to NBC confusion even though nbc game moved to 12:30
  3. its not showing on my directv either in NJ
  4. Well we have already resign Gillies on a two-way contract and he could serve the enforcer role.
  5. Great article. While I was initially surprised by Conboy's callup and then 2nd call-up he has proven me wrong. I really like his play and he doesn't seem nervous out there. He seem to have really good instincts and a good shot from the point that it is easily to deflect. With gleason's injury now, it appears that he'll get even more minutes. Finally, I especially like how he uses a wood stick, it's just so rare nowadays.
  6. I don't understand this trade on a few points. 1. Ladd is a younger player. 2. Ladd was finally getting hot for us. 3. Ladd could probably have commanded more in a trade. 4. If Ruutu is our solution at center, I don't know how good of a solution that is. I mean he has played more at wings. Why not try to get a true center who can win faceoffs and play the PK, which we need. 5. Ruutu is an RFA and makes much more than Ladd. 6. Just when we finally get on a roll, we trade a hot, young, exciting player for a guy it seems will move back to a position he hasn't played lately. 7. And finally, if Roddy hadn't gotten hurt, would we have made this trade? In my opinion, probably not. Reactionary moves aren't usually that good of an idea.
  7. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/index....p;tb=1&pb=1 Cullen activated from injured reserves The Hurricanes have activated Matt Cullen, clearing the way for the center to play in tonight's game against the Florida Panthers. The Canes did not activate forward Patrick Eaves, who Peter Laviolette said might have a chance to play. Cullen has missed the last seven games with distorted vision, a lingering effect from a Dec. 26 hit. But his return has been made more pressing by the injury to Canes captain Rod Brind'Amour, who tore the ACL in his left knee on Thursday. Posted at 05:01 pm by Rachel Carter in General Lord Stanley's Blog Leave a comment | Permalink
  8. I mean there is no away it not hurting us, but we must overcome it now, there is no alternative. I hate rush Cullen back, but we need him now ASAP. Aucoin can hold his own as third line centerman.
  9. That guy is a joke. I don't say this because I am a Canes fan either. IF the division winner's did not get some type of reward, then there is no point at all to have divisions. The only possible argument is that maybe the team with lower points does not get home ice, but that also does not make sense. The NBA has implemented this, but it makes no sense to me. This can also happen in the NFL and MLB, its just part of the game. If the division only sends one team to the playoffs because of a low point total, that was all they deserved. If a team happens to play in a harder division and didn't make it with more points, then that is just bad luck, but these things are cyclical and there is no reason to change the rules if you actually have divisions. The only point that is possible to bring up in the NHL is the 3 point game. I mean you can see it either way. It keeps more teams in the race, but it also means that no teams pull away. I tend to fall on the side that by making an OT game worth 3 points and a regular time game only worth 2, this makes no sense. I mean you can blow the lead in final minute and then win in OT and you feel no penalty. In my idea, all games would be worth 3 points. 3 points for a regulation win 2 points for a win in OT or a SH 1 point for a loss in OT or SH 0 points for regulation loss
  10. Looks like Staal will be only 'Cane to play in every game this year if Gleason sits out tonight.
  11. Bayda is neither that good, nor that young, 27, and he could command no more than some older AHL player, much like the David Gove deal.
  12. Um, I didn't say anything abut playing Seids as a forward. I mean in the past when we had healthy guys we used to play 7 D-Men all the time. I think if Seids was healthy we would see him in there as the 7th D-Man over Bayda, who I am still not sure why we called him up over Nolan when Bayda has played in almost 3 months.
  13. Wow, I don't think you read my post as I intended it at all or maybe you really like Bayda, thats is a good thing though. Anyway, I am not criticizing Bayda for being out as long as he was, its better to be safe with concussions. I was merely stating the fact that since he he hasnt played in that long, isnt it better to call up Nolan who has been playing and probably has much more long term potential than Bayda. Sure he may play 4th line minutes, but we need soemone to step up and play the 3rd line is ladd moves up to the 2nd.
  14. I have no idea why we called up Bayda when he has only played in one AHL game for the past 3 months. I would much rather have seen Nolan again and seen him getting some minutes. The only reason I can see for this is that the organization really likes Bayda since he has been with us for a bunch of years. But still with only one AHL game under his belt in almost 3 months, I'd much rather have seen Nolan.
  15. My guess right now is that he might be back tonight as we lost 2 guys and picked up 2 guys, but I don't think Eaves is ready yet so that would leave us one player short. I think Lavi would play Seidenberg though and go with 7 d-man especially since Corvo is new and I don't think Cullen is ready yet. Plus we haven't called up anyone yet.
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