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  1. As with some of the people on this board, I am hoping it is not the "Stars" 3rd, but I have thought of it this way...Could it be a possible homage to Ron Francis...AKA Ronnie Franchise?
  2. Problem mysteriously corrected itself, but I'm not going to complain! Best hockey game out, hands down! (Although PIT seems to be my foil! )
  3. Good Evening, Loyal North Carolinian living and working in Mississippi, got NHL 08 and wondering... Is anyone getting "washed out" at between scenes during the games? The fight scenes are also washed out in sort of a pink/purple and orange like a worn out color tv, but all other aspects of the game are crisp, clear, and also the HORN are awesome...if not-then I must just have a defective copy. Thanks!
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