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  1. I truthfully think he played great while on the Ice.. Personally I wouldnt mind us sending Craig Adams down and bring Aucoin back up... Aucoin can play good defense- and his speed and effect fits and could help the team in the long run- Besides he hasnt really had the time to fit in with the team yet- I say if we give him a good 20 games he can produce regularly. Otherwise I could see him going to another team and starting on the 3rd or 4th line- Or we could just replace Tanabe with him- Gezzz does he suck... Im sure even with the difference of him being a RW it would still be better. lol..
  2. I agree- its going to be one of these two guys- I cant wait to see our 3rd line!
  3. Why doesnt someone setup a Group for Hurricanes fans that way we can add everyone here in on that as awell- that might be a little easiar to put a face with a picture that way - just a thought
  4. Me = www.myspace.com/xtmdarren
  5. hints the title Brinda'mour/Adams Fight 2003 anyways great find! Even though it was a few years back Ive actually never seen that..
  6. I agree Francis should be a given.. my guess is Scott Stevens will get in as number 3..
  7. Bobby Hughes is probably the only guy we have worth looking into at Center.. He's played two outstanding season for kingston frontenacs with this last year stats at 59 games 40goals 56assist... Other than that I dont see us bringing anyone else up..
  8. very nice. im actually thinking about picking up a few myself
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