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  1. Right team but wrong player(s)....go after either Clowe or Pavelski plus Murray. Jussi, Joni, Boychuk and a conditional 2013 1st (1st if we make playoffs, otherwise its a 2nd). At least that's the type of deal I'd like to see us explore, might be a bit of an overpayment, but it does get the talks going.
  2. Can somebody pm me a link to the game. I'm sitting in an airport and can't see it? Thanks.
  3. So I think that perhaps we're missing the point....Sutter, sure he might be able to play wing, but that's not where he's going IMHO. I think that we all forgot where our boy Matty played during the Cup year. He played a bunch on Staal's wing, and I think that's where he would play if Sutter makes the team. Young Brandon center's a line w/our Finns (or Ruutu and Whitney). I think that the man on the outside looking in then becomes Samsonov. Pretty decent year last year, perfect 3rd line scoring threat who is going to have a heck of a year this year (again, IMHO). So that means the lines might look like: Cullen/Staal/Cole Whitney or Jokinen/Sutter/Ruutu Jokinen or Whitney/Brindy/LaRose Kosto/Yelle/Walker Cullen has a great shot, is a pretty fair passer, and has the speed to keep up w/that top line. Whitney or Jokinen then become 2nd line snipers w/Brandon and Tuomo doing the dirty work in front of the net. We also then still end up w/a killer 3rd line. I'll agree this is a good problem to have....but it is still a big IF for Sutter to make the team out of camp.
  4. ...and with all the talk about Cullen's and LaRose's chemistry, what has been missed is the awesome chemistry that Sammy and Roddy have...that's why I like this line w/either LaRose or Walker on it (because I think Jokinen will play on many different lines)...
  5. Maybe this is a bit out on a limb or even a bit controversial, but I think LaRose on the 2nd line is a bit of a waste of a spot. Rosey is great and began to prove that he has the skill to finish, but he missed as many as he buried (big Chad fan, but the truth is the truth). He gets by on heart and grit. Throughout his career at lower levels he was a solid scorer and if he could hone his scoring skills a bit, then, by all means, put him on the 2nd line....but not until then....besides, he's part of what I think could be a seriously dangerous 3rd line. So here's my take - put Whitney/Staal/Cole on your 1st line - Whitney is an adequate playmaker, Cole protects Staal and shakes things up with his speed (even if he overuses the "J" curve move too much) and that all free's Eric up to be the primary scorer on that line. The 2nd line is where I think I'm going to get some flak - we didn't sign Jussi to play on the 3rd line in my hmble opinion. He's quick (not overly fast but quick) as is Ruutu. The two Finns also had a few shifts together and they were very comfortable. Add in Matt's speed and I think you've got a pretty darn nice 2nd line - Jokinen is you best playmaker on that line, Ruutu is the banger and can be the "front of the net" presence (he's got a dynamite wrister as well, especially from the slot). Cullen's quick hands allow him to be there to clean up, make the 1st passes in the zone, and get a fair amount of clean up/rebound goals. That leaves a third line of Sammy/Brindy/LaRose (his natural best fit IMHO). This line is, quite frankly deadly - guys with higher level talent playing against other team's 3rd lines - Chad and Roddy running the cycle w/Sammy looking for open space in the slot. And against some of the tougher teams, you roll Walker up onto that line every 3rd shift or so. Quite frankly a Walker/Jokinen/Ruutu line would be very, very interesting as well...but more about that at some other time....if we rolled these lines we'd have 2 relatively fast, somewhat physical lines and a third line with higher skill levels than most other 3rd lines....roll Scotty in from time to time and that's some serious aggravation....just my two cents....
  6. Extra year always seems like a good idea...this is a tough kid who can skate and play in front of the net...that's all good and just what we need...future 3rd liner perhaps?
  7. Won't the Cane's draft pick, Matt Kennedy be on the Rats this year? Any news on that?
  8. Just had to jump in...mostly to agree and to just add a thought or two...We all are entitled to our opinions, but I think that there is almost no way we will not see Roddy at 3rd line center this year...and that line is going to look pretty good too. First, I'm in total agreement w/Froggy in that Roddy looked much better in the 2nd half - even his decision-making improved (which I think was affected by "trying to do too much" with a still recovering body). While he didn't exactly shine in the faceoff circle during the playoffs, his overall play was solid. Second, I think that Roddy will get mid-teens minutes, playing on the 3rd line, taking key faceoffs, playing on the 2nd PP unit, and 1st PK unit. He will be in shape, recovered from his knee(s) issue, and will have lost the tentativeness that characterized his play (and made him look slower in all facets of his game). Thirdly, the line of Sammy/Brindy/Rosey will surprise with substantial scoring. They will be playing against a lot of "lesser" 3rd lines and will be able to take advantage of that. Roddy and Rosey are good on the cycle which should allow Sammy to dangle around the middle for opportune shots. It would not surprise me to see in excess of 130 points (perhaps closer to 150) coming from group. I feel that all the "will he" or "won't he" discussions are nice and informative, but JR and his comments about Brindy and the 3rd line vs. 4th line aren't really germane. In the end Moe is going to make that decision and he needs Rod's on ice coaching to help him succeed. He won't get that w/Rod on the 4th line. Given Brindy's improvement during the 2nd half, I think its a pretty safe bet to assume that will continue. Stepping into the "playing GM" role, I'm going to repeat myself and a hunch that I have. I think that a Samsonov/Babchuk with maybe a pick or prospect is probably on the table around the league right now. What we are actually looking for is really the bigger question. If that proposed trade were to take place I could see 2 scenarios coming about: 1. 4th line center + very good 2nd line winger (and maybe something else back) or 2. 1st line winger + pick/prospect back While I don't want to ignite the whole Babchuk saga again, he should be, and probably is, viewed as a pretty valuable asset. Sammy is a 50 point guy who could very easily be a 60 point guy. He's had two 70+ point seasons and in those where he played in excess of 70 games he's scored between 45 and 75 points. He's proven himself again that he can still put the puck in the net over the past year and a half. Or the trade could go down for picks and prospects and one of the Rats takes Sammy's spot. And while I think this type of trade is out there, with all of the cap issues around the league, it would not surprise me in the least bit if no other team bit on it. I would be very comfortable going into the season with these lines: Cole/Staal/Ruutu Whitney/Cullen/Jokinen Samsonov/Brind'Amour/LaRose Walker/Ryan or Blanchard/Kostopoulos Conboy/Spare Rat Pitkanen/Ward Corvo/Gleason Alberts/Wallin Carson or Rodney Ward Leighton I could even seen Ruutu playing on the 2nd line and Whitney on the 1st (which would make a nice Finnish connection on Cullen's line). Regardless, my last comment is about Cullen. Hopefully he scores as many goals as last year, but really bumps up his assists numbers. In truth as a 2nd line center Cully should be in the 50 to 55 point range (30 to 35 assists). Quite frankly, if he doesn't get his coconut busted up this past year, he probably ends up right around 50 points. So I'll be watching Matt early in the season to see how his point production is shaping up....he could become a pivotal bargaining chip as the season progresses....just my proverbial two cents....
  9. Yup, Sammy and Babs have been w/Chicago before...different coach and now a different GM; so I'm not sure what part of the exisiting managment team would have bad feelings for these guys. And while 23 year old NHL experienced defensemen don't come cheap, 25 year old NHL defensemen who score 16 goals in 72 games don't come cheap either...playoffs be damned, Babchuk was one of our best D-men for the last 30 games or so. And he can probably be had in the $1.5 to $2.0 million range....Eaves is a non-starter as he doesn't really add much for Chicago. If a deal like this goes down (all supposition by me, mind you) - whether its Sharp or Versteeg or Barker or Keith or Seabrook, etc.....it only works for Chicago if only 1 true roster player goes back - hence my player + prospect + pick theory in the first place....I thought I saw that they had something like 21 guys signed but still need a back up goalie and a 7th D-man....figure something like $1.5 to $1.7 million total for those two players. So the end result of either of these trades is that Chicago is going to bring $3.0 to $3.5 million off of their number (which currently sits at $58.147 million). That get's them below next year's cap w/a million to spare...
  10. While I don't disagree that Sharp would fit as well, the million extra in salary won't work for JR...plus your scenario is a little lopsided in favor of Chicago (3 1st rounders and a 2nd for a 1st and a 5th rounder???). Remember the team with the salary issues usually gets a bit of the old hose in these types of deals....not the complete ream job, but they have to trade salary for something in return....all those 1st rounders just don't add up (remember that Babs is a one time 1st round pick)...yes, I do know that Versteeg and Barker are both rising young stars, but your scenario is a fairly significant overpayment. I could see Boychuk or Bowman as the prospect, however, instead of Dalpe or Terry and I'd probably be okay with that....but I don't think that's gonna happen as I truly believe we're going to see one or both of them on the Canes this year - either out of camp or by mid season....just a hunch.... Still a pretty interesting line up that could look like this: Versteeg/Staal/Cole Whitney/Cullen/Ruutu Eaves/Jokinen/LaRose Walker/Brindy/Kostopoulos Extras: Conboy/Ryan Pitkanen/Gleason Corvo/Barker Alberts/Wallin Extra: Carson Ward Leighton That's a team I could really enjoy watching...speed and grit....three true puck movers and 3 defensive D-men....but alas...it won't happen...but a guy can dream...
  11. So this feels like a situation where we overvalue our picks/prospects because of past mistakes trading picks/prospects....no doubt I have a bit of a man crush on Chris Versteeg; he's a sniper of underrated proportions....and he's not afraid to bang....but even with that knowledge a deal that makes sense for both the Canes and Chicago could look something like: rights to Babchuk + prospect (Dalpe or Terry) + 2010 or 2011 2nd rd. pick for Versteeg and Barker or Keith You could substitute Samsonov for Babchuk (yet Babs has more upside), but I don't think Eaves gets it done (face it you're gonna see Patty on the 3rd/4th line for the Canes this year)....what makes this type of trade w/Chicago a bit suspect is the fact that Chicago has already had a session w/Babs and Sammy....but, both of those players have found a bit of themselves that didn't exist during their previous stints....not to mention that there's a different coach/system in Chicago now. What makes it work is that Chicago is giving up good young talent to get under the cap and the Canes are getting guys in their early 20s and seem to be on their way to good solid NHL careers (1st/2nd line forward and 2nd pairing D-man). The Hawks get a rising talent in Babs, very solid 2nd/3rd line potential w/the prospect and a very high pick - so they get youth, get the option to have a good young player come into the bigs in 2010/11 and get a high pick to replenish their system. The Canes get 2 young guys who could realistically be Hurricanes for the next decade. This deal takes about $4.5 million off of Chicago's payroll (assuming they sign Babs for $1.5 million). But it does, however add about $6.0 million to our payroll....which means that Sammy and/or Whitney are gone (along w/Kabs buyout)...yes Ray has a no trade clause, but I'm sure there are a select few teams he would consider...it might not be necessary if Sammy gets traded - by my calculations w/that trade and Kabs' buyout we would end up w/about a $53 million payroll (w/Versteeg and Barker added) and while we might not get revenue sharing we would field a pretty damn competitive team that might drive attendance higher and therefore more revenue....
  12. Hmmm.....I've been sitting on the sidelines watching lots of conversation about all the travails that we are facing and I've just got to jump in...So here's my two cents. First of all so much of this is all gamesmanship...by JR, by Ruutu's agent, by Babchuk....so we probably will see so much play out over the next 6 weeks that will prove some of us right and most of us wrong (both LaRose and Cole, for example were signed for several hundred thousand $$$ more than I would have guessed)....Secondly, we're sitting at a shade over $49 million ($49.067 according to nhlnumbers.com - and its tough to tell if that includes Ryan's, Conboy's, and Dwyer's $$$) with 18 players signed. So we have either a shade over $6 million to the cap (which we will never spend to) or, more realistically, about $3.7 to $4 million to spend to $53 million which I believe is JR's upper end, self-imposed cap. So there are a few of realities that we just need to face: 1) We're going to see Carson/Rodney/Borer as part of the last pairing or even part of the 2nd pairing. Yup, they're going to make mistakes, but all three proved to be quite servicable during their call ups and WAY TOO MUCH is being made of their "inexperience".... in the end they will be fine. I'm calling it right here and now....we will not see a new defenseman signed unless something dramatic happens. 2) Ruutu will be signed before arbitration....one thing JR wants is flexibility and arbitration is the antithesis of that. I'm looking for something like 3 years $10.5 million....and his name will continuously come up in trade talk, trade negotiations, and eventually he may be part of an actual trade...probably next year at or around the deadline or at or around the draft. 3) Babchuk will either accept his QO or actually get a 2 year deal (2 yrs. @ $3 million - $1.25/$1.75). The trade that becomes available is then Babs and Ruutu for a significant player plus either a pick or prospect. This trade might also be a Ruutu and the "rights" to Babs. Regardless, Babs becomes a trading chip all year long....if not this year then next. If he stays and plays with us, I think he continues his breakout and while JR may regret some of his posturing and treatment, in the end, he will prove to be a valuable asset that we trade and get significant return for. 4) The 1st line and the 4th line are going to be in flux all year long with Cole and Staal playing with one of either Boychuk or Bowman. One or both of the youngsters are going to make the team and play 1st line and 3rd line minutes. While I think that Ruutu will also see some 1st line minutes, I think Mo plays some "match up" hockey (we throw out a tough line of Cole/Staal/Ruutu against bangers like Boston/New Jersey). However, I also believe that both Eaves and perhaps Jokinen may get time on that line as both are due for breakouts. JR is going to ask Mo to showcase those guys and I think they will prove more than able to contribute (Jussi especially, who I believe can skate w/the Eric(k)s and has nifty passing ability). That also creates "tradeable" assets. The second line is going to be Whitney/Cullen/Ruutu and will really provide a balance of scoring and physicality. Again, this is a line I think you see Eaves on when Ruutu moves up to play 1st line time. LaRose will also see a bit of time on this line as he has chemistry here, but a line of Whitney/Cullen/LaRose is exceedingly small and could only work against the more "skilled" teams. The third line is, for the most part, going to be LaRose/Jokinen/Eaves and that line will be surprisingly productive from a scoring perspective. With Chad and Patty on it, they will also be a serious "pest" line. I suspect that Sutter gets some time on this line as well. The fourth line is going to be Walker/Brindy/Sutter with Brindy and Walker rotating up to the third line when LaRose and Eaves move up. The rookies will sit those games out or play 3rd/4th line time. Brindy and Sutter will see PK time w/Eaves and LaRose. Brindy will also see critical faceoff time. 5) Who is missing? You guessed it, Samsonov. Love him, think he's a heck of a player and once he got on track, he can make things happen. But, for whatever reason, he doesn't seem to play well with Staal (the line he should be playing on, IMO) and with the Jokinen signing, he becomes expendable. So I think while we'll hear Ruutu/Babs rumors, in the end, we'll see a Samsonov/Babs trade or Samsonov plus an asset trade at some point in time this year freeing up salary....which will get us our winger back in return (more like a true solid 2nd liner w/some 1st line potential - ala Ruutu)....we might get a pick as well, but.... This is all a guessing game, but I expect that we will see more "match up" hockey....not so much matching lines, but building lines to play against certain teams....Cole, Ruutu on the 1st line, Walker on the 3rd line....and Conboy as appropriate will get rolled out much more prominently against the more physical teams. I think that as the year goes on Sutter also sees more time (going from 6 to 8 minutes a game to 8 to 12 minutes a game)....he's a physical player and can play a shut down guy already. I think Eaves and Jokinen each get 15 to 20 goals...and Kaberle has a return to form as well.... Finally, one of the two rookies (Boychuk/Bowman) will stick and the other will get one more year in Albany (although with our team's injury history he will see plenty of time in Raleigh). In the end two or more of our AHLers will get NHL experience, contribute significantly, and be part of a Hurricane's team that reaches the playoffs again. Yes, that's what I said, the same basic team that got us to the playoffs this year takes us back next year....I for one am excited about that prospect.
  13. I think we end up signing Ruutu no problem....3 years @ $10.5 million. We are going to see some of the young guys up here this year....and it won't be a bad thing....just my opinion
  14. JR himself said that if they are to stay in Raleigh it would be on a scoring line (read 1st or 2nd line)...if they don't prove in training camp that they belong there then I don't believe they will stay up for 3rd or 4th line duties...which is what I said or at least meant to say in my post
  15. Thanks SD...I think my point is that if you're going to trade a valuable asset, you need to get value in return...of those two potential trades, quite frankly, Ruutu and Corvo are the true assets, Babchuk and Samsonov are the "upside" (both of which could continue to increase their production). While I think a deal with Babchuk and Eaves is an option, we're just not going to get the type of return we need for those two guys - one a wild card and the other an underachiever....btw, I still have an thought that Eaves might break out...just a feeling.
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