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  1. Did people forget how well Ladd played against Pit before he got injured? He had a goal and set a screen that contributed to another. Just as impressive as any game LaRose has had so far. I like LaRose, he flies all over the ice but Ladd parks it in front of the net and takes his beating. They do different things and will hopefully be used depending on the matchups and what we need at the moment. Rest assured we'll be using both plenty throughout the season.
  2. I'd trade Ladd for Liles. However, now that Ladd is rumored to be on the table it makes me question why we didn't pull the trigger on the rumored "Jack Johnson & Ladd to the Penguins for Staal." I'm sorry Gleason just hasn't impressed me. On second thought, Ladd has a cool history here with the Canes moving up to pick him with the draft at the RBC. I dunno.
  3. Gotta agree with this. If anything our defense is worse. This is already an old defense and every year we don't inject some youth into it we get older, a little slower and a little more fragile. Hopefully Gleason can help.
  4. Crosby, Malkin, Staal. I think I'd rate them better
  5. I just can't see taking Cullen unless the Rags eat some of his salary. We could have had Cullen at that price without trading someone if we wanted.
  6. And Gerber. Quite honestly I dont think that loss gets noticed enough. The way we rotate our Goalies hot and cold and Ward's youth it would be nice to have a more reliable backup than Grahame.
  7. Competition in the SE will be closer and it only takes a SE team beating us one time to have a 4 pt swing between us. Atlanta hasn't really improved but they won the division last year. They don't need to. Tampa is always a threat with their big 3. Washington got a center for a maturing Oveckin and Florida improved with the Voukon trade alone. These are teams that bettered us last year, except Florida, with the same lineup we have now except Hamilton. Sure we expect to have less injuries and better performances out of some key players like Staal but I also expect our older players like Wesley, Hedican etc to be a step slower. I think a real off-season thats not shortened by the playoffs will do this team wonders but I don't think we can rely on free points from the SE anymore. We really need a Stuart-esque signing or trade.
  8. 'Chocolate Thunder' is a terrible nickname for Carter, especially in a state like NC where it could very easily be interpreted as a racial slur directed at him. I'm not saying that is what you were trying to do, but its just a bad bad baaaaaaaaad idea IMHO Very true. Thread title has been editted. For the record I didnt give him that nickname and I did have it wrong. I was close. Don't make it into something worse than it is people. If he himself took offense he would sue wikipedia i'm sure. I've always heard the nic "Dancin' Anson" and it much more fits his playstyle than "Thunder"
  9. And thats how its done. I wish you were our GM.
  10. Big difference between an experienced, proven scorer coming off a Stanley Cup Championship who was a victim of the first year of CAP hockey and an unproven 29-30 year old that suddenly found a scoring touch on one of the worst teams in the league.
  11. Being cheap and getting good value on your free agents looks great on paper but its really only as good as the money spent that you saved.. Sure we got rid of Tverdowsky's contract with the Johnson trade but what did we do with it? Nothing! I'm afraid it might be the same thing we will do with the money saved by signing Hamilton instead of a White. At some point being cheap is just being cheap. If we don't make the playoffs this team won't make money. I think Rutherford is risking alot by not spending an extra million and getting a more reliable 3rd line center.
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