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  1. JR has 4 months to show me that he actually wants to stress defense. Does this mean he is going to target someone as good (and pricy) as Wade Redden, or will he bargain hunting as usual with the Canes tight budget? I wouldn't overpay in years and amount for Redden personally, but someone is going to and the Canes are fairly desperate for a #1 type defenseman. If you think about, this franchise hasn't had a legitamite #1 shut down defenseman since Mark Howe in 1980, unless you count Wesley when he was still young or Pronger when he was 19(which I don't).
  2. Is Kaberle's contract up yet? He was just awful this year. Was Michael Leighton not the backup because he would have to clear waivers to come back, because it seems to me the AHL's best goalie(he won the Vezina equivalent this year) would have been better than Grahame. I'm thinking/hoping there was some kind of business reason why Leighton was in the AHL.
  3. I think it goes back to what was said about Ron Francis taking #21 when he came back to the team because Gary Roberts had #10, just like he did taking #9 in his first year with Pittsburgh. So if a first ballot hall-of-famer(and he was one before he came to Carolina) can't get the number he has worn 95% of his career, I don't think a third line center gets different treatment without some sort of payment to Gleason. An example of payments in sports : Eli Manning coughed up $10,000(reportedly) to get #10 from the punter Jeff Feagles.
  4. Stuart is off the market. He signed with LA. That is excellent news. Thank you.
  5. The topic says best Canes fighter, doesn't say franchise, so it is a valid argument for anyone who says the whalers don't count. If you do want to say in franchise history, Stu Grimson hands down. Some colorful names you could throw in there woudl be Torrie Robertson, Jim McKenzie, Ed Kastelic, Marc Potvin (R.I.P.). Don't forget that in the WHA the real life Hanson Brothers played for the New England Whalers. Two of them weren't great fighers, but Jack Carlson(the one who wasn't in Slap Shot) was a premier fighter in the WHA.
  6. The Hurricanes should not want anything to do with Brad Stuart. He is AWFUL in his own end. His positives included scoring big goals for a 3 week period and he will throw some good shoulder and hip checks. The bad is that there is zero consistency to his game, he chases the puck all over the defensive zone, frequently goes behind the net when his other defenseman is already back there leaving the slot open, and on some nights it looks like he had a few too many beers the night before and he can't be bothered to play. He would be an upgrade over a Tanabe/Hutchinson/Seidenberg, but not anywhere near the price he is going to command.
  7. Good points all around. No one does want to be a third line center in free agency if you feel you are a top two line player. My problem with Hamilton is that he is going to be 30 when the season starts, and he's only played 1 full NHL season, for a truely terrible team. Another problem is that in the minors he always had more goals than assists. That doesn't bode well for him playing with guys like Ladd and Walker who aren't playmakers either. Line shuffling is always possible, but I personally prefer playmaking centers to goal scorers.
  8. You mean this? Yes, that is exactly what I meant. Thank you.
  9. The way I see the Hamilton signing and not getting a higher priced center is the matt cullen theory. After getting Cullen's career year out of absolutely no where it is possible that he believes he can do it again. (See trading for Belanger). This generally isn't a very effective way of doing business, but when you work with a budget and salary cap sometimes that's the only way to do it. Also, if they are going to sign a defenseman it better not be Brad Stuart.
  10. I don't know, maybe I missed something, but Gleason is a better fighter than Walker. Gleason absolutely destroyed Shannahan prior to coming over here and he lit up one of the Flyers tough guys this season in defense of Whitney or Williams I believe. Walker is a very good middleweight fighter. My favorite moment was when Archie Irbe laid out someone from the Devils (possibly Turner Stevenson) in the playoffs after one of many Devils cheap shots.
  11. Give it time young Jedi! I've been away from the boards for some time now, so my apologizes for not being on top of this but the Stuart that is being referred to isn't Brad Stuart is it? I see mostly Bruins games as I'm in the Connecticut area and they are the only HD hockey I get and he was the worst player on the ice for a terrible team on a regular basis. He had a two week or so strech where he scored 3 big goals, and then that was it. He was the main component the Bruins got for Joe Thornton and they basically gave him away without even trying to offer him an extension. This guy is not the answer.
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