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  1. Sami, Hill, Ward, Irbe, Gerber and Dineen....
  2. I had to turn to the Buzz too. I actually wanted 99.9 to do well but it was HORRIBLE!
  3. Flash back to October 2005, LaRose and Williams come out of the side door at the Rec Zone and Everyone starts yelling for autograghs, Chad didn't quite know what to do and was very modest (as he always is ) about it . J Willy said "Welcome to the bigs Chad" or something to that effect. I thought Chads face would explode with the smile he had. That, to me, is what Hockey in Raleigh is all about. And Chad LaRose is and always will stand out to me for that selfless dedication to the TEAM and his never say quit attitude.
  4. Bwahhhhhhh I was looking for a Ladd stick or helmet this year.
  5. Or maybe he just doesn't feel like practicing. This is still the offseason, training camp doesnt start for 2 more weeks. There are other players around who havent been practing yet (Whitney and Walker are 2 that come to mind) Hate to say it but if anyone on this team needs practice it's John Grahame. If he's been in Raleigh recently, I don't see how he wouldn't atleast stop by and work with the prospects like Cam Ward did. Any additional practice can only be viewed as a positive after the year he had. this is considered vacation to them, how many of you students out there cracked open you books three weeks prior to school starting? As tough as this sport is, sure it doesn't hurt to start early especially as early as cam did (April 8th) but different guys train differently or not at all (**cough cough Jeff O'Niell **cough cough). Good comparison, where is Jeff O'Niell?
  6. The Big Andrew Ladd, some of the reason is I was there when he was drafted the other reason is he is good. With some increased ice time I can see his size making a huge difference in front of the opposing goalie!
  7. The RecZone schedule has the Canes 10am-12noon Mon - Fri (except Labor Day) till Sept 7th. Mr. Graham wasn't there today.
  8. Never gone to the Wally sale, but how much do the sticks go for? I know they sell them at the Eye for $100 wondering if their cheaper at the Wally sale. I have bought a few stick from Wally some at the Eye and others at the sale. I got two wooden Boulerice sticks for 75 for both as they were left after the sale. These made great sticks for my sons to have team signed and are now on their walls. The LaRose Stick was 80 (nice synergy by easton) and the Kaberle I got as they put it out at the eye for 45, so I got two and gave one as a gift( both Warrior sticks). Both are now on my wall. Chad signed his straight out but I had to wait for number 5 to heal before I could track him down last spring.
  9. Go Early My Wife, sons and I split up last year... I took the ticket line, Front row TY, (actually it was luck you get what they give you). My Wife went to Wallys Sale, Coles Helmet, Roseys Stick and a Kaberle stick. And my sons got thier pics with the cup. Best thing is still the Wally sale. IMO. Going for a Ladd helmet/Stick this year!!
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