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  1. JR gives these out like candy. I was disgusted to read the only deal he took to Whitney was the Western Conf team a month ago. I bet a million dollars they were offered something in the last couple of days.
  2. Inexcusable that Whitney wasn't traded. If the asking price was too high, then lower it. If Whitney turned it down, it's all on him. I'm sure he would have been open for some team. Great, now instead of getting a 1st rd pick, we'll get to keep him for an extra 3 weeks. Only Maurice could fail at failing. We have the most horrendous start ever headed for a top pick only to win games win they are meaningless, without any pressure, only to play themselves out of a high pick
  3. Got this off the NHL site, dont know if this is there headquarters. I'm writing myself too National Hockey League 1251 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020
  4. Cupcrazy completely understands the big picture. The NHL should realize that it is a crappy product (that we pay big bucks for), when only one team is playing back to back. You pretty much can bet your life that if a team wins the first night and plays a team that didnt play the night before, there is 90% chance that team will lose. They will lose 100% of the time if they get scored on first. I, like you pointed out, dont even want to watch the second game, b/c they are always sluggish, just human nature. Again, it could easily be fixed with the league making sure both teams are playing back to back games. Ps, does anyone have an address for NHL headquarters, I cant find one anywhere
  5. Exactly, summed it up. It does seem when they have more staff police there, they seem to work better at getting out. Again, all I know is during the SCF in 2006, with the arena absolutely packed, it was 10x better than last year.
  6. Thats what baffles, nothing has to be studied, hire more staff, and things will go smooter, just like in the finals when they had overflow crowds, but traffic moved quick b/c they were properly staffed. I hate people leaving in the 3rd specifically to avoid traffic. If traffic was better staffed, people would be there at the start of the game, and fans wouldnt feel like they had to leave early
  7. In response to forever whaler. You say hockey is a winter sport? Am I stupid or again, is the Stanley Cup awarded in the dead heat of the summer? The whole playoffs are in the spring/summer. Whats the difference if instead of ending in the summer, beginning in the summer. People are caught up with baseball & vacations? Thats the whole point. Baseball is dull, torture and has no competition. If baseball was in the winter, there would be 11 people in the stands. Ps, the Whale is dead
  8. If they are being charged 150k for fish wire netting, I am in the wrong business. The material alone since they already have the other equipment would in no way cost more than a few thousand.
  9. Uggh, I dont mean just us, all the NHL cities. I knew I would get this. Lets just take it, and never challenge anything. What fan isnt sick of these prices? If the news got out, pretty sure every disgruntled fan would participate.
  10. I didnt mean continue playing all year. I meant after a season, wait to permanently start season each year from June to Feb. Again, ice problems can be overcome, get better technology. If thats all that stood between making gizzillions more dollars for the NHL owners, players, and gets massive amts of more coverage, I'm sure they could figure out how to make the ice workable. The way it is now, it will always compete with 10 different sports pro & college and never be anything but a joke nationally other than in NHL cities. Everywhere else it will always be ignored when competing with football college/pro, basketball college/pro
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