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  1. I couldn't get to NC for Opening Night. I felt horrible about it then and even worse now. Blame the silly Canadian girl if you like. I have big shoulders...
  2. We drove 14 hours to be here this week and there is no way I'll be sitting. I already told my husband that. He gave me 'the look' but hey - this is the only game 7 I'll have a chance to get to. I'll be wearing red and screaming until I've got nothing left. LET'S GO CANES!!!
  3. Just know that everyone is thinking of you and wishing you the best. Good luck today with the surgery and look after yourself...The Caniac Nation will be waiting for you when you're ready to return. :wub:
  4. Please let's not have to have a get-well thread for Rod as well as Chad and Justin...
  5. I just took it as part of the game. Opening Night of the 2006 season was the first time I visited Raleigh and my first Canes game at the Shrine. Of course, we were playing Buffalo, and that was the first time I heard The Chant. Personally, I loved it. It wasn't the sort of thing I figured was particularly nasty to Miller - as long as I've been going to hockey games, the goalie was always yelled at and taunted. What I do find very poor sportsmanship is the kind of insults I heard while at a game in Buffalo when the Canes were in town. I had seats behind the Canes bench and was wearing my jersey, of course. The group of gentlemen behind me took great pleasure in very loudly yelling very pointed insults about the player whose jersey I was wearing...very derogatory comments about his looks and such. That, I thought was a personal insult to the player and there is no way he didn't hear it. Maybe I'm wrong in thinking "you suck" is a generic kind of insult in comparison. For some reason, when that gets going, I like it. I could hear it over Chuck K the other night for about the last half of the third period as I listened online. By the way, some of you guys actually had me in stitches with your posts. I have to thank you for that. I haven't had that good a laugh in a long time. My favorite had to be the chat between the father and son at the game. Good job!
  6. I was listening to the game the other night when Chuck K mentioned the lack of noise in the building in Philly. He compared it to the Air Canada Centre. I had to laugh. I've only gone to a couple games there (at the ACC), but there is nothing like the RBC. I love how everyone gets into it, and I have no voice after the game is over. I never made it down until October of 2006 and I especially loved 'woo!' and the chant for the opposing goalie... Miller...Mil-ler...Millll-llller...you suck!
  7. camanderikfan, I got the sticker on eBay. Even though it was customized, it got to me in no time at all. I think I got it in less than a week.
  8. I have a VW Bug and it's loud when I've got my flag on...I thought the same as you, camanderikfan...I was sure I had done something wrong. I have the 'eye' decal in one back window, the alternate logo in the other one, a Hurricanes decal in the back window, and one of those European type oval decals with "NC" and Hurricanes Girl underneath. I get the eye from a lot of Leafs fans up here.
  9. I had never seen that either, so thanks for posting the link!
  10. I've worn mine only a couple of times at night. It's been hot, even up here. I've been wearing Canes t-shirts and my Brind'Amour player shirt, though. If you're going to Columbus, I say do your thing. I've done it in Toronto, Montreal - even in Buffalo, and no one said a thing to me...and you know how they are.
  11. It's a burn because really it was a batchelor party and these things happen. The police would have been in a bad spot had they not done anything. People would have claimed these guys were getting preferential treatment because of who they are. This much I know. The two pictures and a headline are taking up the whole front page of the Toronto Sun today. Bit much, I think, but that's the Sun for you.
  12. I am only half an hour east of Toronto, but it's almost impossible to get tickets as was said earlier. Montreal isn't easy either. Both are great if you can get tickets. I hate the Slugs, but Buffalo is a great building to see a game in. So loud, you're almost deaf by the end. I will go back there for sure...in my jersey, of course. I'd like to go to Tampa, and maybe Pittsburgh, since I've never been there. Raleigh is the best place, however. People are awesome and it's the only time I'm wearing the same shirt as everyone else!
  13. ...and with Washington being the first game, it should be a zoo!
  14. Me too...but I'm so excited about this that I couldn't make dinner! Regular schedule is next! WOO!
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