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  1. Could this mean that Zenon Konopka is likely to be available on July 1st? He's tough as nails and good on faceoffs.
  2. So how much of this cap and floor increase do we suspect has to do with current strength of the Canadian dollar?
  3. Or they could just move Winnipeg to the Central and one of either Nashville or Columbus to the Southeast. Wouldn't that be easier?
  4. Yes, he would. O'Sullivan Staal Cole Skinner Sutter Ruutu Samsonov Jokinen LaRose Dwyer Dalpe Kostopoulos Tlusty Notes: 1. As much as I think Jokinen would be more productive on Staal's wing, this team has a lack of bona fide centers. Perhaps, if O'Sullivan does not work out on the first line, Jokinen can take his spot, Dalpe can center the thrid line and Dwyer- though not a natural center- can center the fourth. 2. I have no idea where to put Tlusty once he comes back, especially since it looks highly probable that Skinner sticks with the NHL squad. Maybe he becomes the 13th forward and rotates in and out of the lineup based on performance and health.
  5. I agree. Joni's passes out of the D-zone were terrible. And as much as I would prefer to see Carson out there, Harrison was not bad in the first two games. Also, this team is lacking in toughness. Lots of teams are going to try and push the Canes around this year. Minnesota tried to in the second game and it almost worked if not for a spectacular performance by Cam Ward. Harrison at least has the willingness to drop the gloves and enough strength to not get himself hurt or embarrassed in the process. I'm not much of a fan of Harrison and I wish he were not given a one-way, but I don't mind him so much on this team.
  6. Personally, I think Eric Staal would be more productive at right wing than at center. To be clear, by more productive I mean he score more points. He's terrible at faceoffs and likes to carry the puck through the neutral zone by himself and attempt a shot rather than pass to a wing. Of course, it could be that we simply lack the top level talent at wing for him to play with but I suspect he would be better served playing alongside a playmaking center and recieving passes while rushing up the right side of the ice. If that is in fact the case, then the obvious plan would be to have either Jokinen or Cullen (if available) play center on the first line with Staal as wing. One thing that might get in the way of this is JR's enthusiasm for being strong down the middle of the ice in the mold of the Pens. Instead of building good scoring lines, I think JR may be hellbent on focusing the team's strength at the center position. That means keeping Staal at center on the first line with Sutter centering the second line and acquiring a solid but affordable center for the third line. One more thing about Cullen: Are we sure he would even want to play on the third line behind Sutter if he can probably find a job on another team's second line? I know Matt has said before that he likes playing in Raleigh and considers it "home" and I could be wrong, but I think at least a few teams will be impressed enough with his playoff performance this year to offer him a second line spot. I guess where he ends up will depend upon what he values most - playing in Carolina or playing time.
  7. I think Matt Cullen is great. And that's the problem. I'm willing to bet he could find a job as second line center elsewhere and for more money than what the Canes have slotted for a third line center. What we really need is a center who can kill penalties, win faceoffs, play a physical style and occasionally score a goal or two all for around $1.5 mil or so. Available FA's might fit that description: Rob Niedermeyer Manny Malhotra Mike Comrie Alexandre Giroux* *Giroux is 28 years old and only has about 30 games of NHL experience. He also has 200 AHL points in the last two seasons. I don't know anything about him but he is a UFA this summer. Something must be keeping this guy out of the NHL.
  8. That fourth D spot will likely belong to either Pothier or Babchuk. Carson should be one half of the third pairing. His partner will be either Harrison or Picard. Pitkanen - McBain Gleason - Babchuk/Pothier Harrison/Picard - Carson I really don't see the Canes adding any FA defensemen this summer unless one or two of our RFA defenseman - i.e. Carson, Picard and Borer - are traded or if both Babchuk and Pothier end up elsewhere.
  9. Peters has only played 9 NHL games and although he started off with a bang, he was less than stellar in the last four giving up 13 goals on 79 shots. That's a save percentage of .835 during that stretch. Not exactly head-turning. I think Peters is a decent goalie and admire his good attitude, but he hasn't yet displayed enough consistency at the NHL level to warrant a starting position. Keep Cam Ward. Let Legace go. Keep Peters as a back up. If he outshines Cam and performs consistently, then we can think about bold moves like the one you have proposed. Until then, let's just be thankful we have a good goalie in Ward locked up long term with Peters, Pogge, and Murphy providing depth.
  10. I really enjoyed watching Dalpe at '09 prospect conditioning camp. His quick shot and slick moves drew quite a few oohs and ahhs from the crowd. He has a knack for handling the puck and seems to have a good attitude. He had good numbers at OSU this year (21g 24 a in 39gp). I'm not an expert by any means, but I could see him as a 3rd line NHL forward in two or three years.
  11. Agreed. I would love to have Seidenberg back. I'm also a little worried about Pothier's injury history - the guy hasn't played 70 games in a year since 06/07. So unless he's willing to sign a short-term deal for less than 2.5 mil, I'd say look elsewhere. Another UFA D-Man on my radar that I don't think has been mentioned yet in this thread is Kurtis Foster. Big (6'5" 223) right-handed shot and having a very productive year in Tampa(8g 26a). As for the forward corps, if the team can re-sign Whitney to a short-term deal (1-2 years @ 3ish mil/year) then I honeslty think we'd be pretty much set. I know a lot of people around here are pretty high on Frolov, but considering he's managed to put up less points and a worse on a better team than Whitney I'm not sure he'd be worth the $$$. He'll probably also be looking for a long-term deal. So re-sign Whitney, let Dwyer, Tlusty and Brind'amour compete for the 3rd line center position and get us one good preferrably right-handed reliable defenseman to log big minutes (and if Aaron Ward shows up looking for a job, tell him the position has been filled even if it hasn't).
  12. How can "level the playing field" be interpereted literally in a game that is played on ice? 1. Pittsburgh - Young core of superstars with another year of experience and a cup. 2. Philly - Were a tough team last year and added Pronger. Goaltending is there weakest point but strong D will help cover up. 3. Boston - Not a big beleiver in D. Morris but still a strong team. 4. Washington - Goaltending is a ? but AO, Green & Co. are a big, fast & skilled team. 5. NYR - 60 games played by Gaborik, you got the over or under? 6. Carolina - I am really excited about this team but will remain cautiously optimistic as to not anger the hockey gods. 7. New Jersey - According to their roster page they have just as many forwards as defensemen. Weird. 8. Atlanta - Don't laugh. They have scoring and IMO the best top 4 in the division with Hainsey, Kubina, Enstrom and Bogosian. 9. Montreal - Too much skill, not enough grit. Weak D. 10. Buffalo - Groundhog Day for slug fans 11. Tampa Bay - There's potential here, but there's also a long way to go. 12. Toronto - Big, tough, nasty...but who will score? 13. Ottawa - I dunno. They might be better than 13th. But not much better. Hard to rank with the Heatley situation still not settled. 14. Florida - Heartbreaker: Last year was their year. 15. NYI - Hey, at least Mark Streit won't have to lead the team in scoring this year. Right? Note: These are power rankings, not conference standings, so I can have two teams in the same division at 1 and 2.
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