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  1. Staal has had breakway chances and done nothing with them ... no pass ... no deak ... just easy to defend (right into the goalie's gut) shots. There was some sign of life last night. He did hit the post on a nice looking shot but it really seems like this slump is really in his head now! Any psychologists on the Cane's staff?? I totally agree this team ill be in major trouble if he can't get himself out of this. We desperately need him for us to make a run at this again!
  2. Should we be concerned that Cullen's not out there? I know this is unofficial practice ... but sure would make me feel better to hear he's out there.
  3. whoever it was ... he must have been doing too much partying the night before. Everytime after each drill he looked like he was about to puke!
  4. wow he stopped 75% of the shots ... against a team that barely showed up. That's real impressive!
  5. Tha Panthers didn't even play like they cared ... the ref's handed us the game ... and we still couldn't win! SAD!
  6. Just stop one breakaway ... and we had a chance. But Cam stopped nothing!
  7. Has anyone checked into this? I'd love to check out the Lightning - Caps game for free!
  8. Nice game Hammy! He's taken alot of heat for his play since his hot start. However, I'm very impressed with his play in tonight's game. Very aggressive ... a couple of big hits ... and some nice helpers! It's got to be tough for this guy to go thru waivers, re-entry waivers and down to the Rats and now back up. The guy truly has a rocket shot and I hope he can somehow fit into our system.
  9. Does anyone know which Cane will be at the Canes Corner this week? Thanks.
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