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  1. Our SAS was Monday at 8pm. It's back to Balcony Premier (sec 304) for us... I cannot wait until the season begins.
  2. My wife and I will goto DC again this year. We will probably do the Friday game after the first of the year. We had a wonderful time last year even though the Canes were killed. The fans in DC were nice and friendly unlike some other team's fans we have ran into before in our own building.
  3. We have sat in the lower level and I must agree, the lower level is an aquired taste. From our seats upstairs we can see the plays form up. In the lower level, the perspective is total different (unless you are in row XX :-D )
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Long time STH however first time poster. We are also in the upper deck. It is a different game upstairs, don't ya agree?
  5. Am I missing something here. The full color PDF which is available on the Canes website states the Hurricanes playing Atlanta on Nov. 16 in Atlanta. However, the NHL.com and the Canes schedules on both have them playing Atlanta at the RBC Center. Perhaps a typo but which one is true? I am a Full STH and and will be out of town that weekend. I was just wondering how many games I was going to need to sell.
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