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  1. Outstanding! Now, let's hope he picks up where he left off. Welcome Back Matt, you've been missed!
  2. From Spectors: CULLEN DENIES TRADE RUMOURS. NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers centre Matt Cullen denies reports he'd welcome a trade back to the Carolina Hurricanes,claiming he's never sought a trade nor does he want one. It's been suggested Cullen and his $2.875 million per season contract might be moved to free up cap space to re-sign Sean Avery and Marcel Hossa but Cullen said he's been assured the team has enough cap space. Brooks points out moving Cullen would leave the Rangers thin at centre on the third line and claims the Rangers have no immediate cap issues. Spector's Note: Presently the Rangers' payroll is at $48.899 million (as Brendan Shanahan's bonuses won't count against the cap until later in the upcoming season), but to re-sign Hossa and Avery plus add another player to round out the roster will push them over before the start of the season (it'll take at least $3 million to retain Hossa and Avery). The Rangers do have the benefit of time, however, to get under the cap by trading or demoting players as they must be under the cap a week prior to the start of the upcoming season. They'll likely demote Darius Kasparaitis, which would clear $2.989 million in cap space. ------------------------------------ Oh well, it was a nice thought... Shouldn't have let him go in the first place.
  3. Bring Cullen back! I still don't understand how or why they let him go last year. With all the shuffling around and money spent last year (which didn't work out so well for us), we could have kept him. Whatever the cost, he was a great asset to the 'Canes.
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