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  1. Nottingham Panthers in the UK's Elite League have announced that Anthony Stewart has signed a "Lockout" contract with them for this season. I'll get to see him play on the 28th October here in Scotland at my local team, the Fife Flyers. See the link below for the official announcement. http://www.panthers.co.uk/content/anthony-stewart-joins-gmb-panthers-direct-nhl
  2. Hey Stephen. Fear not, you're not the only British Caniac, I am also. Who is your British team? I'm a Fife Flyers fan.
  3. I think the Shanahan presentations are brilliant. Let's everyone know exactly the reason, with a visual explanation & the definition of the rules that were breached. Way to go NHL, superb stuff!
  4. Speaking of the Carolina Railhawks, I just found out that one of their Assistant Coach's is Paul Richie. He was a former Scotland International player, who is from my town. Small world, Huh!? Not only that but the Head Coach & other Assistant Coach are both Scottish too! As well as a couple of players in Allan Russell & Stephen Glass.
  5. I've been watching local hockey here in Scotland for as long as I can remember. Our local team is the Fife Flyers, the oldest team in the UK. After 6 years of playing in lower leagues, they have returned to the top level, the Elite League. Here is a piece that BBC Scotland showed on the national news last night. You can spot me in the queue outside in my white 'Canes jersey! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/ice_hockey/14790206.stm
  6. I was wondering how popular Football (Soccer) really was in the US. It's a global sport, but I'm just curious whether it has become popular in America. I've played the game since I was a kid & love to watch & play it, although I haven't played competitively for a few years now. It's still my second favourite sport, as Hockey is my number 1! I support my local team Raith Rovers, who play in the Scottish First Division. Most Scots support one of the 2 "Old Firm" teams, Rangers or Celtic, both whom are from Glasgow. Do any of you guys watch or play?
  7. I went to see the Leafs at the ACC in 2000 when I was in Toronto playing hockey. They were beaten 4-0 by the Thrashers. The place was half empty come first intermission, which was quite funny.
  8. I took my 8 year old son to see the final installment Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. It was simply awesome! I'm also waiting for Horrible Bosses to come out over here in Scotland, we're normally a week or so behind you Americans (Unless it's a British movie, like Harry Potter).
  9. Fantastic to have him for another 3 years & surprising at how cheap he's costing too. When you consider he's an Alternate Captain & all the PP/PK minutes he plays. More great business by Mr Rutherford!
  10. When are tickets likely to go on sale for the season opening game at home against the Tampa Bay lightning? I'm starting to get impatient as the game tickets are the only thing missing from my trip to Raleigh.
  11. Fortunately for Probert, we didn't He was a good guy. Had a good long chat with Bobby Hull, really nice guy. And Chris Nilan was an absolute gem of a guy, let me try on his Stanley Cup ring.
  12. I've not met any 'Canes yet, or former 'Canes. But in August I'm supposed to be meeting up with Mike Commodore at The Old Course in St Andrews, as he's over here in Scotland on a golfing tour. I have met some past & present NHL'ers though. Bob Probert, Troy Crowder, Chris Nilan, Bobby Hull, Scott Nicholl, Eric Cairns, Chris McAlister & Wade Belak. Probably more that I've forgotten.
  13. I feel that, though Cole & Corvo are gone and will be losses, the guys who re-upped & the new recruits have made the team depth stronger. I mean, with exception of the top 2 lines who pretty pick themselves, 3 & 4 will be tough decisions to make. What with the likes of Dalpe, Boychuk, etc coming up & down from the Minors & the strong guys signed from free agency, makes for real sore head for Coach Mo. I'm excited for the new season, I think it's gonna be a great season!
  14. If Peters was rotated from the 'Canes to the Checkers with Murphy through the season, it would keep both of them sharp & give them both NHL experience they deserve. I also think Ward is over-played, and these two as back up both deserve a game or two when he's rested.
  15. It's brilliant that LaRose is staying. He's certainly worth more than what he's earning, as he's as big an influence in the locker room as he is on the ice!
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