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  1. To even call out the D on a night when your goalies save percentage was south of .700 is a joke. 4 goals on 17 shots, are you freaking kidding me. Cam ward pulled the "Mama Cass" special tonight. Losing 3 of 4 with the SE title on the line...imo...they desrerve to play some golf. What was missing(imo) was the edge we had before Whitney and Williams rushed back. Conboy and Brookbank have been part of the spark... Whitney: tonight looked a little better, but in the Washington game, well his play smelled like cap. Williams: Save it for later. One period and done for who knows how long. Two bad/dumb moves.
  2. What does a game between the Caps and Boston have to do with tonights officiating? Oh I get it...just like if the Normans hadn't invaded Britain in 1066, the Japanese would not have bombed Pearl Harbor 900 years later in 1941...crystal clear now...Thanks
  3. Officiating rediculous...the one sided goalie interference penalties were some of the worst and the OV special treatment was sick. If the officials are looking for a call to make try "Charging" look it up stripes, it's in that little book you have that says Rules on the cover. OV loves that move... Goals 1 and 2 should never have happened. 1st period: Wards rebound control was a nightmare. 4th goal by OV, lucky, but it counts, so whatever, it was a mute point. Maybe OV can pay for happy endings for Mr McGoo and the rest of the Caps coaching staff. Whitney and Williams should not have been on the ice tonight...imo...Willliams too long of a layoff and Whitney took some "Im out of position and not skating penalties"
  4. I watched the game tonight and wow frustration... The family was complaining about the officiating and it did appear that they had their heads up each others...well you know. Even so you don't give up 3 ppg's on 4 chances and expect to win a lot of games. The Canes PK is brutal, it's almost as bad as watching a wolfpack football game ...almost. One of the Cap announcers, who weren't bad, said that he thought the Canes have given up 3 or more ppg's 5 times this season. I didn't verify this but, if my memory serves me it it highly likely. I would bet that chances are most if not all of those games were loses. Our PK looked very passive tonight, a lot of standing around. Something has to change, it's not working. I think they need to be more aggressive on the kill, attacking the puck and forcing the other team to make a hurried pass or overlook an option due to pressure. Just my opinion. Caps 4th goal. Ovechkin wasn't even skating. Seidenburg who I think has been a decent defender this season, keeps backing up unitl he is in Grahams face, a la youth hockey. Attack Ovechkin, make him beat you with a move, don't give him the slot and room to shoot. Graham didn't lose this game, he was thrown under the bus. This every other night and every other period hockey is driving me crazy...I need a beer. If I misspelled anything I'm not sorry, I just don't care
  5. Personally I had a great time at the game last night. I got to watch the Canes explode in the 3rd, as was the norm for us in the 05-06 season. Also, I'm here to thank the Buff fan that was behind us. I learned last night that Raleigh Sucks, it's residents are retarded(I'm quoting sorry), the 3 residets that can write only use crayons and apparently we are all related (inbred) so the next fam reunion should be rocking. Oh, and he only lives in this dump of a city because he got a good job...hhhmmmm... Go Canes... thats a nice, high 5
  6. Are you sure because I think people who shoot left are left handed. Erik Cole shoots left, on the left wing, because he's left handed. I mean of course sometimes rightys are on the left wing and lefty are on the right, just depends on how you're shot is, plus the obvious reason is passing is easier when a righty is on the right and lefty is on the left. Sorry for all of the lefty rightys Shane is absolutely correct. I am right handed and shoot left. It has been my experience that Canadian kids who are right handed generally grow up playing and shooting left, however the youth and adult leagues here in the states seem to be a bit reversed. Maybe due to the popularity of baseball, etc. I'm not sure, but to shoot left as a right handed person is not odd in the least.
  7. My wife was a big fan of Cullen for different reasons than myself, so she was happy to see him back. She seemed to think 2.8mil (of someone elses money) no problem. I think his cash to production value is yet to be determined, but I'm glad to see him back. Even though he is a streaky player who scores in bunches and then endures a drought, I think he adds to the team and the offensive threat. I also, like the fact that he's not a bad faceoff guy either. I think he was only second to Brind'Amor in the 05-06 season in FO%, a quality that isn't much thought of until you watch your team win a single FO in a full period of hockey. I think his speed, creativity and desire to be here will be benefit to the club. Just my opinion. Out
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