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  1. There's something admirable about a color man that can throw on the pads at practice and give Cam a day off. As far as being MORE of a homer, I think John and Tripp are just the right balance. I can't tell you how annoying it is to watch the opposing teams broadcast and have to put up with blatant whining and disheartened calls when the opposition scores. Its just unprofessional and sad.
  2. You have to admit, When Mo was fired, that team lacked talent. We rode the BBC line, Weekes and Irbe as far as they could take us. Francis was in decline, Brind'Amour was unfocused, Battaglia remembered he was Battaglia, Gelinas left, O'Neill found the worm in the bottom of many bottles, and Vasicek and Svodoba had already peaked and we just didn't know it yet. Even Sami Kapanen became worthless after a while. I remember a pool going around wagering on which game Sami would finally break his slump. The one thing 2002 did do is it gave our fans their first taste of the big time. Unlike the other teams in our division, this fanbase has a burning desire to win. Mo wasn't able to represent us the way he once did, so he got canned. After failing to meet the expectations of Maple Leaf fans (yeah like that can happen!) I was glad to see him get a shot at redemption and I think he has earned a new contract.
  3. I don't think 18 years will be necessary. Ten will certainly suffice. I predict he will officially be a bust within five years, but there is always a GM somewhere that gets enamoured with the label "Third Overall pick" and will take a flyer on him. He is injury-prone and even when healthy is inconsistent, refusing to play within a system, prefering to play on his own while leaving his partner high and dry. If he can get it out of his head that he is something special and just play hockey, he might be able to turn it around. I personally don't think he has the maturity to get to that point. BTW, another -2 last night brings his total to -19 for the year (errr, half the year).
  4. I decided to come back and revisit this topic as I have now looked at the late season stats for the Kings and have noticed that JJ has managed to be tied among his team's defensemen for the worst +/- with a -17...and he managed to to it in only half the games.
  5. Thats what makes a guy like Raffi Torres so nice to have. A fighter isn't going to handle an open ice hit better than another big open ice hitter can. If we had Torres, he would have been eating Doug Weight's lunch the rest of the game. It doesn't matter if Weight intended to hurt the guy or not...Torres can and will hit you anywhere and he will do it without penalty until you are sick of looking at him.
  6. No way man. I love JR. At the same time though, you can't tell me that he doesn't read the league injury report almost daily with a keen interest. I am sure that he has already made phone calls about the availability of guys like Raffi Torres, Frederick Modin and Jere Lehtinen right now while their stock is at its lowest because of recent injury concerns. I just think we as fans sometimes miss the obvious. We want to win...and we see injuries as a reason we don't win. We are just going to have to accept that if we win in Carolina, it will be because we found a way to overcome the odds that are stacked against us.
  7. I think JR tries to trade for guys he feels have a great work ethic and will defy the injury trend. Unfortunately, some guys are just more fragile than others in spite of all their admirable work ethic. Sometimes it does work...but sometimes it doesn't.
  8. I didn't think this was a conspiracy either. The fact that folks would take concrete facts and call it a conspiracy theory shows how unwilling some fans are to be anything but uninformed sheep.
  9. I laughed at what you said there, but the truth is we don't break their knees. We wait until the other franchises break their knees, then we come calling.
  10. I think you are correct that style of play might have some effect. Given the rate at which our guys get injured, I suspect there are probably multiple factors occuring simultaneously. Bingo!
  11. I am not suggesting that JR should avoid anyone. I am not suggesting that he is doing anything wrong at all. If you can sign a player the caliber of Justin Williams or Scott Walker, I would take the chance also. What I am saying is that this could be a very plausible explaination for why our injury rate is higher than average. We are a very competitive team because of JR's ability to find affordable talent. I just think the fans should at least understand that the guys we are signing could be subject to injury risk and perhaps the fan base would understand it a little better.
  12. TSA, Did Pittsburgh try to get rid of Sidney Crosby after his injury? Certainly not. I am not talking about elite players. None of the guys on our team save Eric Staal are what you would call elite players. These are very good players that look less attractive to their teams once they return from injury. The same can't be said of Crosby. The recipe isn't find a guy that was hurt and sign him up. Its find the best player you can afford. In a lot of cases, that means taking on injury risk as part of the package. You never get something for nothing in this world. There are indeed a great many teams that will take a chance on a player or two. This is a 1/3 of our roster though. The proof is in the pudding. We are building our empire on the cast offs of other teams. I am not saying its bad or good. I am just saying that's what it is and it has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage...higher injury rates. Its not a conspiracy. Its the facts. BTW, I just added Rod Brind'Amour to the list. I just read his bio and he was injured earlier in the year before the Primeau trade. Even though he was injured some last year, Brind'Amour IS an iron man. Then again you gave up Keith Primeau to get him, so he was at least fair value.
  13. In the past, the Storm Squad seemed to genuinely care about the team and really got into the game. Nowadays, they just don't seem sincere enough. Regards, The UFC chick that blows kisses to the camera after carrying the Round 1 sign around the Octagon.
  14. harley... I am with you, but for different reasons. One of the reasons we signed Melichar is because he was supposed to be a shut down defenseman along the lines of a young Glen Wesley. The pairings we have are fine until we start talking about penalty killing. Even if you bring a 7th defenseman up so you can have a fresh penalty killer...something needs to be done because we are off to the same lame start killing penalties that we had last season. That's just my penny's worth.
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