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  1. Not sure if anything will happen on the trade front today, but in terms of the practice, I think it may have been cancelled since last night was Casino Night.
  2. Actually, the guy that's been doing it the last few days is Jon Chase and he's actually the Director of Community Relations and Promotions (and a really nice guy) which is why I noticed that Amber is missing. He seems to be filling the gap in the interim. And I've known Jon casually for a while and he definitely is personable and has good rye sense of humor.
  3. Still no Amber Jaye...several games she's MIA. Maybe she got traded!
  4. So where was Amber Jaye last night (Canes vs Ducks 2/12). Sick, vacation or perhaps gone?? I notice that recently on the Canes site, Michael Smith is doing the videos.
  5. So if bad things happen in 3's, let's hope that after Jordan and Jeff that Chantel's little indiscretion counts as # 3!!
  6. Thanks colliefan and thanks for the tips, Manwolf. As far as I can tell, doors open 90 mins before the game, so we'll be there ready to go when they open. I've been spending far too much time online this weekend looking at itinerary options and places to explore around the city!
  7. Planning a vacation there in late March. Probably will still be a little cold for my blood, but found airfares for under $300 per person and couldn't pass it up. Montreal's been on our 'bucket-list' for a while. The best part is we got tickets to a Canadiens game. Unfortunately, the trip didn't correspond with seeing the Canes in Montreal, but I'm beyond excited to see a game at the Bell Centre! For one night, I'll be a Habs fan!!
  8. Bless her heart, I know she's trying hard, but she's just not smooth when she talks. She leaves words out of her sentences and tries to ad-lib, but it doesn't always work out for her. She has improved for sure and she'll likely get smoother and more eloquent with time and experience, but for now, she's definitely rough.
  9. Let's pitch it to the E! Network! "Keepin' Up with the Karmanos(es)" (boy that's a hard plural to even try to figure out how to spell!)
  10. Per Mike Sundheim tweet, Peter Karmanos' statement "This is a family matter. I have no further comment at this time."
  11. HUH? Press release is pretty vague. Wonder what happened here?
  12. Pretty sure he's behind the horse meat that's been found in some of the European ground beef supply
  13. Amen, Caniac-1-1! People are entitled to opinions about multiple things - including broadcast performance AND team performance.
  14. My husband and I CRACKED up when that one came out of her mouth. Still makes me laugh!!!
  15. This may be harsh and I know it was her first night on the air w/Canes org, but for someone who has experience, you wouldn't know it. She barely got through reading scores from around the league, said things like "exciting home opener" (when it was Canes 1, Panthers 5 - AND it wasn't the Canes HOME opener) and "first season of the game". I'm sure nerves were playing a role, but...
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