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  1. There is actually a poll on the Wild message board debating if the Canes paid to much for Semin or not. I think $7 million for 1 season, might be a bit much, but I'm looking forward to seeing him in a canes uni.
  2. Ward left after the 05-06 season when he signed with the NY Rangers. I found a link of the Canes 06-07 roster and it does say that Seids wore both #98 & #4. He probably didn't wear #98 for very long and if he did, It was proably in late 2006,before& shortly after the start of the season. http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/leagues/seasons/teams/0009792007.html
  3. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/08/15/SPDJ1KNLO0.DTL
  4. Andrew Ladd, the final captain for the Atlanta Thrashers, will officially be making the trip north for the new Winnipeg Jets franchise. The team announced Tuesday that Ladd has agreed to a new contract, which TSN reports is a five-year deal worth $22 million. He was a restricted free agent and the Jets avoided going to salary arbitration with him by agreeing to terms. Ladd, 25, is already a two-time Stanley Cup winner with the 2006 Hurricanes and the 2010 Blackhawks. After being acquired by the Thrashers, he was given the "C" on Nov. 18, 2010, and finished the season with a career highs in goals (29) and points (51) in 81 games. Ladd, a first-round selection by Carolina in the 2004 Entry Draft, has 92 goals and 208 points in 402 NHL games. He also has 8 goals and 15 points in 53 playoff games. Ladd also won a gold medal at the 2005 World Junior Championships for Team Canada.
  5. Looks like the Wild's new coach Mike Yeo is serious about changing things up in Minnesota. The members on the wild's Message board are estatic about this trade and that involved Burns & Setoguchi
  6. Ian White signs with Detroit Another former Canes D-man is headed to the Redwings.
  7. After missing the entire 2010-11 season because of post-concussion symptoms, Paul Kariya announced his retirement from the NHL Wednesday after 15 seasons. Kariya said there was no angst about the decision. "This is a black-and-white issue," he told ESPN.com. "It wasn't very difficult at all." Kariya, a left wing, was the fourth overall pick of the Anaheim Ducks in 1993 after a phenomenal college career that saw him win the Hobey Baker Award as a freshman at the University of Maine. He and Teemu Selanne, acquired from Winnipeg in February 1996, became one of the most dynamic duos in the NHL, helping to establish the Ducks as a player in the California sports scene. He had 989 career points (402 goals, 587 assists) in 989 regular-season games and was a two-time winner of the Lady Byng Trophy. He also represented Team Canada at the 1994 and 2002 Olympics, winning a gold medal in 2002. Kariya, who also played in Colorado, Nashville and St. Louis, released a statement Tuesday afternoon, thanking the fans and former teammates and coaches for their support. "It was my dream to be a professional hockey player in the NHL, from my minor hockey days in North Vancouver and Burnaby, through junior hockey in Penticton, college hockey at the University of Maine, and the Canadian National Team," he said. "I would not have achieved it without support from all of these people and organizations." One of the defining moments of Kariya's career came during the 2003 Stanley Cup finals. In Game 6 in Anaheim, Kariya laid motionless on the ice for several minutes after a crushing open-ice hit by New Jersey Devils defenseman Scott Stevens. But Kariya returned later in the game and scored the winning goal that forced a Game 7. Highly skilled and a stickler for details big and small when it came to preparation, Kariya became a cautionary tale even before the NHL had turned its attention to keeping its best players safe. Kariya suffered his first concussion in 1996 and another in 1998. Mark Lovell, one of the continent's top concussion doctors and a man familiar with NHL players, told Kariya last season that the forward suffered brain damage and wasn't able to play. "He said to me, 'No one in my profession would clear you to play this season,' " Kariya recalled. Lovell also told Kariya that if it had been up to him, he would have suggested Kariya retire right then and there. "I was shocked," Kariya said. Even this past spring -- when Kariya was feeling better and teams were calling to see whether he might be available for a late-season run or perhaps for the 2011-12 season -- Lovell told Kariya he was in no position to play. Kariya began working with Dr. Daniel Amen, one of the NFL's leading post-concussion experts. After five months of hyperbaric chambers and other workout regimens, Kariya jumped from the 20th to the 80th percentile in brain function. Still, Amen echoed Lovell's sentiments: Playing in the NHL again would be foolish. "There's still brain damage on the scan," Kariya said. Even confronted with all of that data, Kariya was until recently confident he could come back and play. "In the spring when teams were calling, I was getting excited to play," he said. When Kariya was concussed for the final time in late December 2009, after Buffalo's Patrick Kaleta delivered a blindside elbow, there was no suspension. "It's been a little disappointing that in the time I've been in the league, nothing much has been done to stop that," Kariya said. "We shouldn't be having this conversation right now. To me there's never been enough of a deterrent not to do it."
  8. http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20110624/winnipeg-nhl-team-head-coach-110624/20110624/?hub=BritishColumbiaHome Looks like Winnipeg will keep the old Jets moniker
  9. I live in Greensboro and have been a hockey fan since Feb 2003 and have followed the Canes since the 03/04 season. The only bar I can think of is Stumble Stilskins on West Market/Greene Street. It's home of the Patriots fan club and the guy who owns it is from Boston so they show alot of Pats/Redsox/Anything Boston games but I have seen Canes games there before. There is also a sports bar called REFS off Westridge/Battleground. I've never been there so I don't know what games they show, but it's worth checking out. I agree with Canesrun. Forming a Triad Hurricanes Club would be pretty cool. For those of youu that watch it at home, Don't feel bad. At least you get to see the games. Until I can afford cable again, I have to stick checking scores/updates on my phone........Talk about major hockey withdrawl.
  10. The Thrashers aquired Brashear from the Rangers. They are gonna be tough next season.
  11. I have looked at some sites online and read that Cullen's agent reached out to the NJ Devils and talks have heated up. I reallllllllllly hope he doesn't go to NJ because he is my fav player and I hate the Devils w/a passion. I also heard Minn was interested in him and Ottawa would like to resign him but their first focus is resigning Volchenov(sp?) The only other ex-Cane I have heard about that other teams were interested in was Ray Whitney(NY Islanders/ Buffalo Sabres). Good to hear Wallin getting such a nice contract this late in his career.
  12. I'm pulling for Ottawa because I would like to see Matt Cullen win another cup but I also would like to see Walker and Corvo get a ring as well.
  13. I really hope he resigns over the summer, But I recently read an article on Ottawa's website where they mentioned him selling his house in Raleigh while getting settled over the 2 week break. If this is true then either he must have no plans of coming back or maybe J.R told him his chances of playing in Carolina were very slim. I hope I'm wrong about that
  14. I like our horn as well, And I may be being biased because I'm a Canes Fan, But after hearing all the other teams Goal Horns, I still like our's the best. I think the guy who made the video has a little to much time on his hands and thought it was quite humorous when he said Ric Flair was the "Announcer" and was the only one cheering......lol
  15. I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned or not, But you can add former Cane Radim Vrbata to they're endless list of signee's
  16. http://www.jimrome.com/home/articles/article_8.html Here is the link to the interview that is on Jim Rome's website
  17. I know I'm being a bit superstitious but if my memory serves me correctly during our cup year the Sens were the last undefeated team in the league and the Canes ended they're winning streak. I think were good enough do it again this year
  18. I hope Cullen gets it but Cole and Williams had the scoring touch all pre season so it will probably be one of them
  19. It was Radim Vrbata....He didn't get much playing time that season and was eventually traded to the Blackhawks around early-mid November(I think)
  20. We should see ALOT more points from Cullen this year than he had last season w/the Rangers. He wasn't given as many Offensive opportunities as he had during the Cup year and he was used more to kill penalties than on the PP. Overall he just fits Laviolette's style of play better and has great chemistry w/the guys on our roster.
  21. I think that's why Leighton was signed, They must not have had alot of Confidence on Graham..........Oh well..At least this Nightmare of a game is OVER
  22. Fox Sports South usually plays Most of the Canes game during the season, SO if you only care about seeing the Canes then you might wanna save your $$ if you get Sports South. BUT if you also like other teams or certain players.....Then I'd recommend the NHL Package
  23. I guess our only hope is to listen to it on Radio WCMC, 99.9 FM, Which unfortunatley I don't recieve in Greensboro
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