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  1. Hey , here is the things for the wallpaper banner and avatar and maybe a icon.

    Name: CrazyGirl

    Requesting A: Wallpaper


    ImageShack - Hosting :: n7670004730004793612bx9.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: n76700047300044801545la6.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: n76700047300044791513al6.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: dscf2458rx2.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: dscf3675ow7.jpg

    ImageShack - Hosting :: dscf2406jb2.jpg

    Text: My Wonderful cousin in the world Tara

    Size: Big & meduim size

    Example: None.

    Anything Else?: nope. expect done really soon.

    use all the pictures in the wallpaper. blue or yellow or red for the colors.

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