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  1. Agreed! Boooooo... Should have waited till the end of the season and should have been Tim by miles. Stay classy Canes Mgmt!
  2. Does anyone have a link that we can go to and complain to Fox Sports Carolinas?
  3. While I am thrilled to have Cole back, I hate to see Willie go. I feel bad for the guy - especially after watching that. He definitely seems bummed out and a little shell shocked.
  4. Uggghhh... Enough already! I rarely post here, but am on pretty much every day, and the incessant blame game is killing me! The guy's coming off of a major injury and is having a reeeally bad season. We get it.
  5. Hasn't been the same for 4 seasons? What calendar are you looking at?
  6. Embarrassing. What a jerk. Real classy, PK. Lavi deserves better. No wonder we are STILL a mess.
  7. All day I have been trying to put my finger on why this move has me feeling bad as well as worried, and I think that Joe Ovies at 850 The Buzz said it for me: "Maurice might be considered a good coach in hockey circles, but he is the depressing face of what hockey used to be in the Triangle for too many loyal fans. Laviolette, in combination with Rutherford
  8. I am so mad. The wrong person is taking the fall for this teams shortcomings.
  9. Puhleeeze People!!! Give me a break. As for Rod's leadership of this team...Last year Lavi called him the best leader in sports. Rutherford has said that he is the captain of this team as long as he wants to be. His work ethic is praised on a consistent basis. Trip and John have repeatedly mentioned that Brind'amour isn't close to 100%, He is not dragging his line mates down. Quite the opposite if you ask me. His line mates thus far this season have come straight off the hockey equivalent of the shortbus (Eaves and Samsanov = pretty much useless thus far, Walker decent enough, but basically playing with one hand). He had basically no preseason, he has called himself out for having bad games and you can tell he's frustrated by it and is trying to get there by playing through his injuries. The other night when the veteran players on the team got called out for not playing as well as they should, WHAT VETERAN was mentioned as having had a solid game? Brind'amour. What about Mr. Franchise, Eric Staal? Isn't he supposed to be our best player? What is his excuse? I don't see him leading by example. Is he coming off of a serious injury? Is he not being paid enough? For a very long stretch of the game tonight, I seriously forgot he was even playing in this game. He was INVISIBLE. AND his line mates are playing well this year and have been producing. He should be showing up a lot more if you ask me. At least Rod has scored all of his goals with a goaltender in the net. Look, the reality is that Rod's +/- will improve. Staal will snap out of it. And Sammy and Eaves will hopefully (fingers crossed) show up for the '08-'09 season at some point. Thus far, this season feels like our team has been stuck in the twilight zone in many ways - starting the season with a ridiculous number of injuries, good record despite half-*edit* efforts on many nights, and the players that we expected to be great have not exactly been, while some of the ones who we have expected the least from have been our stars. Tonight while we were still in the lead I was thinking about how lucky we are to be first in the division considering all of the injured players and how we would probably be even better if all of our guys were healthy. It's still early in the season, and I, for one, am going to sit back and keep my fingers crossed that these guys get healthy and will look forward to seeing what we can do in the month of November.
  10. Trade him??? He won the Selke the past two years and is one of the best faceoff guys in the league for crying out loud. There is often talk of him ending up in the hall of fame. Yeah, he's not that important, trade him.
  11. Let's simmer down on the Tanabe topic. The fact is that he has never shown enough promise for any other NHL team to want him. He was there for the taking this sumer and NOBODY wanted him except us at a pretty cheap price. Everyone can call for trading him, but without something else packaged with him, we'd be lucky if he brought us a bag of pucks. No one else was willing to take a chance on him but us, so it is what it is. He is on the verge of AHL unless he suddenly starts to live up to original expectations, and he's on a two way contract, so we could easily send him down if necessary.
  12. Just heard a guy on 99.9 saying that this team needs to live and die by Cam Ward for the rest of the season, and I have to agree. Like it or not, he's our #1 goalie. The coaching staff needs to solidify that to end the confusion among the goalies and the team. The fact of the matter is that our D HAS to improve and figure out how to play in front of Cam even if it takes a trade to do so. Believe me, I do not want to see anyone go, but things got reeeally bad as of tonight. If JR sticks to his statements, that's probably going to happen. I'm so bummed that someone is probably going to have to go soon, but I still have to trust that JR knows what he's doing.
  13. He is the captain of this team. He is clearly hurt, and the fact that he is playing injured just shows how much he is willing to sacrifice for his team. I cannot believe those of you who are ready to throw him to the wolves! Do you know how many teams would killl to have him on his worst day?! I think Stillman is hurt too, Forslund said something to that effect last night on 99.9. But these guys realize that they are all that is left at this point. We are a team that is severely beaten and bruised right now, and I commend the guys who are trying to hold down the fort while we have key players out with injuries. I'm really hoping that last night was the fluke and that we will see more effort on Sat. night.
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