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  1. Yeah, I've wondered about that too. As far as I know there is no official stat for bone rattling hits. That said, my guess is that the proprietary stats I keep going on about, that we are said to be using, probably do make a distinction. I can almost guarantee that there is a stat for hits that lead to turnovers. And probably hits that lead to danger chances. And probably some measure of "intimidation" hits. I don't know for sure as these things are proprietary and only a little is known, but that would be data we'd want. The entire idea of these proprietary stats is to find ways to measure player's impact way beyond traditional stats and beyond "advanced stats" by using direct observation of things players do that lead to goals or stop goals, and ultimately lead to winning. Big hits, especially ones that cause turnovers, or even lead to rushed plays have to count. Further indirect evidence: we are using these stats, nearly everyone we've brought in makes hits. Suggestive that this is part of those stats. Not proof, but suggestive.
  2. Something with a shoulder. Not aware of specifics though. He could be ready though, a lot of the time guys end up on the short side of the range. At first I was wondering if it might affect our trade thoughts, but we really have guys in the AHL that could step in from Fluery to Bean to McKeown to even Carrick. No one really commented on my hits chart, which I found interesting at least, it's in the middle of this page if interested: http://fans.hurricanes.nhl.com/community/topic/24588-offseason-talk-2019/page/4/. One of the main points was that essentially all new additions to last year's team were mostly our hits leaders. But I was a bit surprised to see that DeHaan was number 2 in hits, just under Ferland.
  3. Just realized that DeHaan's surgery is a 4-6 month rehab. 6 months is November. I get that guys usually come in on the low end, but still, that could have us needing or using a guy like Fleury or Bean, or other to start the year.
  4. That would be great to do. However, those morons Tuuuuuu every time he touches the puck. So, while it would be delicious if we could pull our Tuuuuuuuuing off, we will score on him far less than he'll touch the puck. Still, ours would be far more impactful, so I like it. We still don't need them to have the added juice of being SC Champs though.
  5. Another angle on this is that if Boston wins they will be the Stanley Cup Champions every time they, and their insufferable Tuuuuuuuing fans come into our building next year. Go St Louis!!!!!
  6. Games for one night are about $7 on AHLtv. Or for $25 you can see all games for the entire playoffs.
  7. Should have picked against the Canes. Oh and against the Sharks. Oh and a different amount of games for both series.
  8. remkin

    2019 Draft

    I think that's true, I think the rules say that the same tiebreaker rules apply to the draft order, so we moved up one spot with all of our own picks.
  9. Shutout spoiled, and Ned might be hurt. I'll tell you this. Toronto has some divers.
  10. Yeah that was sweet saucer. I think Necas makes the Canes next year.
  11. 5-0 Checkers with 4 to go. Looking good overall. When Toronto got pressure Ned has been huge. Necas looks really good. Gauthier and Jurco too. Brown good too. Lots of guys on the board, Geekie with his 6th of the playoffs. Ha I typed too much. Gocanes beat me in. Guys look really good though. Up 2-1 after dropping the first one.
  12. We'll have to see. But Dundon added DeHaan without really having to, and upped the payroll w Nino vs Rask. Then again the impression was they didn't want to pay Skinner, Lindholm and Hanifin. I guess we'll have to see if it was cheap, or not paying those particular guys what they wanted. I'm going optimist.
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