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  1. What, no storm surge? I keed. Goat with The second star.
  2. I know it’s preseason and Checkers have scored both goals, But gosh darn it I like our group!
  3. Though if we move Faulk and structure the contract to be high on the back end maybe? Fun to speculate.
  4. Got to say the canes logo what are the two little hurricane flags in the C is growing on me.
  5. Faulk already with two turnovers right in front of our net.I like Gardiner though.
  6. Liking Gardiner QB’ing the PP.
  7. Ned good Svech draws pp
  8. I like what the Goat is bringing
  9. Speaking of skill, glad we paid Aho. And yes, Haula flies.
  10. Didn’t result in a goal, but damn Svech has skill. Watch for a break out from this guy this year.
  11. Goat made that goal happen.
  12. Liked the 1st here at PNC. The scoreboard is freaking huge. Sometimes just want to sit back like I’m in my big man Chair at home and Watch the screen. Disorientingly huge. I think Forsling looked pretty good. Nino Is bringing it. Svech looks good. Aho. Lots of good but no lamp lighting.
  13. I would just add that Suzuki is a pretty elite upside talent, and while it's a long shot, in the right situation he could make the Canes next year. We're probably too deep for that, but if he came in and looked great...it could happen.
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