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  1. Florida Everblades 2017/18

    Anyone know what happened to Spencer Smallman? He was thought to end up in Charlotte but got sent down to Florida. There are stats for one pre-season game then...can't find him. Was he injured? Not listed on the roster of Florida or Charlotte. Still listed as in our system.
  2. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    That's 29-23 in non NHL terms. I do think it is doable, but only if goaltending firms up, and we start winning some more OT games. And as has been pointed out, playoff teams have winning streaks and multiple good 10 game stretches, which this team has yet to do. So I guess that's a no, but the question is more could they? Yes, if things come together a bit more, and again, solid goaltending.
  3. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Of course, I still think we need that one more guy, but if the team could start to fire on all cylinders and get decent goaltending we could make a move still as constituted. I remain amazed that we are so close given our terrible ranking in key stats. We've had a bit of this guy coming on as that guy fades back. Rask, for instance, seems to be finding some game, but TSA is cooling off a bit. Skinner is getting assists, but not goals and seven of his -8 has been in the last 7 games. Faulk. Faulk. Faulk. His shooting percentage is now approaching 1%. This guy's most important feature is goal scoring. The last 3 years his % has been 6.8%, 8.7%, and 7.6%. If he were shooting 7% he'd have 6 goals now or 5 more for us than we've gotten. His plus minus is also fading. He is -89 for his career. I have to think that number may have held back a trade or two. Anyways, if Faulk could get a goal, any kind of goal, he might start getting a few more to drop moving forward. We aren't likely to get a major improved burst of offense from a Checker, so a big trade is the only way. It's either that, or hope that liking our group works out. I still maintain that solidified goaltending would help other aspects of the game too. Even though our offensive numbers are off the mark, the team would gain confidence from solid goalie play that could transfer to better offense too.
  4. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Not that Francis would ever telegraph his moves, but that was an interview where the GM is saying that we are a bounce away and don't expect a trade or a call up. That said, he did say that he's kicking tires and trying to make moves, but just hasn't had one work out yet. At some point though his GM tenure is going to require him to get one to work out.
  5. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    I think it all comes down to #2 on that list. The team needs to go on a run. 7-2-1, something like that. Teams just don't go on runs like that with bad goaltending. And right now Darling is giving us bad goaltending. Cam has gone on runs before and is playing pretty well overall. So, while I still think in long run we need Darling to settle down, our best chance right now is to see if Cam can get on a roll.
  6. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    True. When I look at our ranking in ppg, pp, pk and team save % it's really fairly amazing that we are near the cut line.
  7. Charlotte Checkers 2017/18

    Good stuff gocanes. There is just soooo much good going on in prospect-land and the pool depth is really showing up in Charlotte this year. As I type, the Checkers are #1 in the AHL in goals per game at 3.74 goals/game. Wonder if the #27 NHL team could use a little of that? Zykov and Wallmark are IMO the two most ready for call up in terms of production and experience. Both were hurt, which may be playing a role in that, but at least Zykov seems back on track. He's tied for #4 in goals in the AHL and two goals from #1 with one less game played. The weird thing is who would they replace?Wallmark would really have to replace Ryan to have an impact, or Kruger, but that's 4th line minutes/role. And aside from weird bounces our 4th line doesn't score much. For all of his weakness on the puck and small stature, Ryan is pretty solid as a third liner and is on a 40 point pace. Zykov would really have to replace McGinn. But McGinn is on a 17 goal pace himself, and plays a good overall game. Coaches almost always prefer the guy who has proven he can play an NHL game over a prospect. The thing is that this team is oddly deep. It's the top line talent we need more of. This makes it hard for anyone to break in from Charlotte. Anyways, there is definitely an AHL learning curve for the vast majority of players. This is a big step up from Junior hockey. So Gauthier and Roy starting a bit slow and then starting to find it is really expected. I would argue that this fact also makes Foegele's start all the more impressive too.
  8. Players in the Juniors 17-18

    Just building off of that Canes Country article. A couple of interesting things. First, Jeremy Helvig. Our goalie prospects tend to pop up and fall back and pop up and....but right now Jeremy Helvig is looking really good. Basically tied for best goalie in the OHL in save %. Goalies are so hard to predict and find, and can emerge from late rounds. Second, Jake Bean. He looked a bit befuddled in camp and pre-season this year, but remains a very good D prospect. He's over a ppg from the back end and projected to be top pair for Team Canada. I think that the Hayden Fleury thing and the way Bean looked in camp suggests that D men need an AHL year. I could be wrong of course. But even if he does, there's not a huge rush on him, and in a couple of years this guy really could bring the O from the D. Third, I love Necas. But I'd like to see him scoring a bit more. .42 ppg in an elite men's league is not bad, but not the elite we need. Still high on him of course. Just too much speed and wow. Fourth, while Bean will get top pair for Canada, and Necas top line for the Czech's, don't forget Kouk who will be the Finn's 1C. Also our second rounder from last year (Luostaninen) will make the Finn team. Looks like his productivity has not been great this year. We've had a pretty good run with Finnish forwards in the second round. Like Aho and Kuok, many saw Luostarinen as a reach, especially as the 11th pick of second round. Can he keep the streak of good picks alive? Probably take a few years to know. Lastly, just noting that Hudson Elyniuk is at 1.32 ppg. Big guy, showed some nice chops in Camp and Traverse City. The pool is deep and just seems to keep getting deeper.
  9. Players in the Juniors 17-18

    Thanks for the reference gocanes! Just shows how hard it can be to keep up with our prospects, and how hard it can be to project them when they're still so young. One reason why I mostly leave post first round picks from the most recent draft off my list initially. Aside from a pretty cool name, Stelio Mattheos (sounds like a Greek action hero), Stelio was below my radar. The guy had a typical third round ppg production last year at .88 ppg. And it is not unusual for a guy to really turn that up in a post draft Junior year. But Selio has turned it WAY up. 1.61 points per game, not to far from double. If a player has 1.61 ppg production in his draft year, he's typically a top 3 overall pick. What I would love to know (but couldn't find with a cursory search) is this: how does a big bump in point production in junior hockey in a player's first post draft year translate into NHL scoring? One guy who also did that was Nicholas Roy. Roy also had the early pedigree thing going (at one point he was thought of as elite, but dropped back in his draft year). I don't know enough about Mattheos to know if he was ever thought of as future elite material. Either way, just so good to see yet another non first round draft pick looking good.
  10. Carolina @ Vegas 10PM 12/12

    Might as well at least get in on a win. I would only add this to the discussion. As we think about that one more piece up front that might tip the scales our way, it occurs to me that it is nearly impossible to go on a long winning streak with shoddy goaltending. We are in a tie for #28 in team goaltending. Unfortunately the team is also still #26 in ppg and #28 in PP, so the two things needing fixing are overall still broken. So, if you're the owner trying to decide whether to trade a big piece from the back end for a piece up front, in order to make a run this year, you look at the team and see how that guy would help the #26 in ppg thing, but if goaltending stays overall bad, we don't make it anyways. Cam is capable of pretty long stretches of really good hockey, so riding him a bit could be ok, but I still think that in the long run it will come down to the Darling initiative. If he can't stop being bad, even a nice move for a forward will likely fall short.
  11. Game Day Sign Up for Thread Starter

    Thanks OBXer! Anyone want Buffalo this Friday? Great response so far this year, but lots of dates open from here out!
  12. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    As not great as things seem at the moment, the last thing I want to think about is being in the lottery again! . Too soon.
  13. Canes at Kings, December 9, 10:30 PM

    Yeah that's the other problem. There had to be someone though. I guess it's a moot point now. I do wonder about the Peters 2D one F to though. Given our shootout history we should go for it in OT.
  14. Thnx for another great GDT starter Surf! Dates now open for more! Ducks are one of the few teams with even less scoring punch than us. Relatively stingy D though. We have to win one of these don't we?
  15. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    I have to say, it's a pretty cool wheel though. Still, its hard to think of Vegas as the team with the 4th best shot at winning the cup.