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  1. Definitely a roster that could repeat. Really want to see Necas. But Gauthier, Roy, Kuokkanen, Smallman, Foegele, Bean, Fleury, and McKeown jump out at me. Poturalski can definitely contribute hugely at this tourney, and Steve Lorentz has done well, and Callum Booth had a pretty good year overall last year. Hopefully it's streamed again. Would be very cool if the quality of the video upped a notch.
  2. While I would agree that we would have liked to have seen more from Lindholm prior to last year, last year was a hidden breakout year. I don't play fantasy hockey, but I would think Lindholm would be a great sleeper type pick for this year. The thing is that he was still searching for his game during the first two months while Rask and Stempniak and others were carrying things. But December of 2017 Lindholm found it big time. From December to the end of the year. The last 50 games out of 82 in succession, Lindholm put up .76 ppg. That is first line, and pretty solid elite territory. I'd go further though. A lot of guys didn't produce much those last 6 games of the year in April, and Lindholm only had 2 points. Just for fun, take those last 6 games out and look only at Dec - March (still 44 games in a row), during that time Lindholm put up .81 ppg. That pace for the year is top 40 forward. The problem is goals. He had a ton of primary assists, but add a few more secondary assists and a few more goals, and he would push the pace for top 20. But the goals started coming in March where he was on a 25 goal pace over 17 games, and then on into the World tourney. Lindy had 17 goals as an 19 yo. Lindy also missed some games with injury. Of course, there is no guarantee that Lindholm gets off to a start picking up where he left off, but he was so confident from December right through the end of the season and the World Tourney, that I am betting he does. Crazy prediction: Elias Lindholm ends the year in the top 40 forwards for points, and hits 20 goals. I am looking for TT, Rask and Aho all to take steps forward, but Lindholm breaks out completely, and could easily lead the team in points.
  3. So eventually I get around to looking at the schedule, and as usual it is not balanced. But this time is different. Whereas in the past we hit the asymmetric road game bolus in the first couple of months, this time we don't. This makes a strong start imperative. In the past even a slightly sub .500 start would have been fine since so many road games were front loaded. This time the pain comes in December mainly, but January to some degree. In terms of home and away, October and November are 11 home, 12 away, near perfect balance. But December is 5 home and 10 away with the West Coast trip in there, now including a 5th game. Yes it is vs Vegas, but we get them back to back after playing in Anaheim. January is 5 home, 7 away, but we get to play 6 games, 3 each against Washington and Pittsburgh. Bottom line: December and January could be tough, but especially December. The payoff comes in February when the team just sets up shop in Raleigh: 10 home games and 3 road games. The rest of the year is balanced to the end. It would seem that the old adage about being in a playoff spot by Thanksgiving is even more true this year. We have a very balanced, reasonably spaced schedule through T day. Then December gets nuts. If we are in a playoff spot on Jan 26, the table is set for us. Getting off to a good start will be even more important than past years. If we start slow, especially offensively, a move might have to come earlier than usual. Let's start fast for once.
  4. I'm surprised how into bobbleheads I am. It really makes no sense. I'm a grown man for crying out loud. I have zero interest in almost every other type of giveaway. Yet, when it comes to a new bobblehead? I must have it.
  5. One thing I would predict is that Francis keeps anything with Hanifin contract negotiations so close to the vest the suit will appear completely normal over the vest. If Hanifin is going to be a problem child, and especially if Fleury shows some chops, Hanifin could become trade bait fast, and the last thing Francis wants is decreased leverage. I have to think, and this is rank speculation, that Hanifin for Duchene is there for the taking. Maybe even Duchene "plus". Obviously I'm a big Hanifin proponent. But with so much talent in the system at LHD, we don't need to overpay the guy prematurely, and we really don't need the distraction of a guy who in any way doesn't want to be here. THAT said, most of these contract things work out, so hopefully, this is just a speedbump or a negotiating tactic that ends up in the rear view mirror.
  6. Just for fun I did a very cursory scan of teams that might be landing spots for Tavares if he bolts. If it was this year, it would be very limited since teams like Minnesota and St. Louis have big contracts that come off next year. But if we look out to next year, and if we assume that teams are not going to pay two centers or even two mega forwards huge bucks, and that teams with an heir apparent top 20 center who still needs to get paid (Matthews, Eichel) are also out, and he's not staying in NYI, and he's not going to Vegas or Arizona, I get a handful of teams left over. Columbus, St Louis (if they drop Stastny) , Minnesota (if they drop Kouivu), Ottawa, or possible Montreal would be the prime teams not in Carolina. A couple of them might still have cap issues though. Rangers don't have that 1C but would have to move some guys out, thus diluting the team, but could be in the mix. Of course I get really optimistic about our team this time of year, but given our talent 1-8, and on D and Darling, and our pipeline? I honestly don't think any of those teams outside of possibly Columbus will be better than we would be with Tavares on board.
  7. On Jagr, in the end for me he fills a spot we don't need filled: the #9 forward. I want to replace the #9 forward, but not directly. I want to push him down from the top. What we need is a top line player. NHL.com came out with it's top 20 centers and top 20 wingers. We had one guy on the combined lists, Skinner at around #17. We need at least one guy in the top 10 of one of those kinds of lists. Maybe we have it in Aho, or Lindholm, or eventually Necas or Gauthier, but that's the need. Seems like someone could use the guy though. On Tavares, he was the #6 center on the list. That is rarified air, and well more even than we need. He is still mid 20's. He is whale of a catch if we could somehow land him. I don't think that Tavares considering another team is a sign of poor character at all. Those are the rules. He did his time. He is in his prime. In fact, when they were talking about the list of top centers, they kept coming back to this: the thing holding Tavares back is the guys around him. The thing he is missing is Stanley Cup pedigree, even deep playoff runs, let alone cups. The Islanders are holding Tavares back and he doesn't need to let them keep at it for his entire career. But consider this. IF he were to leave, he has to go to a team that doesn't already have a top 15-20 type stud center getting paid. Assuming that the likes of Vegas and Colorado are out, by definition NYI are out, and several teams that don't have a top 20 but have drafted that guy: NJ, Phily. Or guys that should be there and are still on their team. There really aren't that many teams for him to go to. Then, if he wants a long run of SC playoffs, he needs an up and coming team that is good at just about every position except 1C. Then that team has to have the cap space to sign a mega contract. I have not run down every possible landing spot for Tavares, but IF he moves, we are one of a few prime landing spots. If I'm Tavares and look at what the Canes are building, I'm liking it. Tavares could come in here, take the mantle and become a legend for this team just as all of the supporting pieces are locking into place.
  8. Superstars almost always sign with their team, but that key word is "almost". Tavares really seems like a company man who would genuinely like to stay with his team, but the Islanders have real issues, so it may seem just a tad bit more likely than most that he might go. Trading major assets for just one year would be rebuild suicide, in this case I'd agree with that. Further, a one year deal is not worth enough return for the Islanders to even partially live down doing it. But a rental returns even less, and a UFA walkaway returns zero. The only thing that makes sense in a trade scenario is that there is a point that Tavares says: "It's not going to happen here." and agrees to work with the Islanders to find a home where he will sign a deal. This would then allow the receiving team to provide at least a decent return. It's possible he's already pretty much told them that, but this is not a good time (ticket sales) to make the move. Not saying likely, just possible.
  9. Somewhere a few pages back we were kicking the Tavares thing around. To me, if you can get him now and sign him, I'd probably give up anyone, which was my response then. But to get him for one year only? It would not be Francisian to give up much for one year, with a hope to sign him. But of course, like with any hypothetical trade, what is "not much". To me that means no one from the roster, and I'm not even sure about a Fleury. Depends on the likelihood of signing him. A year of a guy like Tavares, then losing him would be strange, and just not in Francis' wheelhouse. I'm not sure I can recall a superstar being traded for one year. Rental at the deadline, yes. The problem with trading him now for the Islanders is that it pretty much throws the towel in on this year for their fans right off the bat. They have to get a good return to even try to justify doing it. But for one year, it's not worth a good return. The only way I could see it is if it's a trade and sign deal, and we really give them a nice return. If we could get Tavares and sign him, I'd send Hanifin a first rounder and a prospect or two, but he'd be worth well more than that if we could sign him.
  10. Just about every team can pay at least one superstar and that includes us. This part of the logic on the "go for it" side of an offersheet on Draisaitl. As Top points out, we've paid $9 million/year already. I've argued that every team needs at least one superstar too. If we have a chance to land John Tavares, we should do it, and I have to think would do it. If we end up with too many good forwards in a couple of years? Not a bad problem to have, and fixable with trades. And Tavares should look at us too. This is an up and coming team with way more young talent here and in the pipeline than the Isles do. We have an up and coming coach too. If we add and up and coming owner? He could be the savior in Raleigh just as the team starts hitting it's stride and the crowds would return.
  11. True. He definitely looked like a 1C at the start of last year. The other thing is that Rask is the one currently closest to that potential for this year.
  12. I agree with that. And that's the point. We need (IMO) a 1C. We do not need a 2 or 3C. Kuokannen, Roy, Aho, and Necas could all become 1C's, but that's unknown and for the future. So the remaining question to me is do we find a guy for this year who can be a 1C? If not, I don't think we need another third liner. Francis either pulls a 1C rabbit out of the hat, or we go forward with what we have. I agree with your idea though that he might want to add that piece a couple of weeks in, though trades then are less common. To me the signal would be a slow start. If we start slow, especially if it is mostly due to low scoring, he might be forced to try to make a move. The one thing this team in this market does not need is to drop out of it before it even begins. That would be intolerable. I don't think that will happen, but it would trigger a move, even one that may be less than ideal for the long run.
  13. I am obviously very excited about our prospects. We have never had even close to this many good ones. But to the point of Kuokkanen and Roy, I would argue that while they have big upside, they are still considerable unknowns in terms of full NHL potential. I don't think either one is ready for NHL action really. I though Kuok looked the best I've seen him in the summer junior tourney, but not NHL ready, and we need to see Roy at least in the AHL for a while before any jump to the NHL, let alone first line center. It all comes down to whether or not this group of NHL players as the roster stands, can get it done early on or not. It seems to me like we are very close even with no more moves and if the key guys who should be better this year are, we should surprise a lot of people. But oh to have that one more guy to just push it over the top. Still, I do agree that what is likely happening now is that GM's (especially Sakic) are not willing to value our prospects on their potential, and Francis is not willing to write down their potential. I don't see Francis changing now. Maybe another GM (especially Sakic) does. If not, we like our group. But this team simply CANNOT get off to a bad start again. I think Francis will have a very itchy trigger finger if that happens.
  14. On responding to AWAC I'd just ask that we consider tone. Attack the post, rather than the poster. The back and forth is completely what we do, but the more member to member respect for each other we can muster, the more fun it is in here.
  15. Francis is a very smart guy. He knows the only piece we are missing, and that if he can get it, the basic build is done and just needs tinkering. Outside of a back up goalie, this is the only move left outside of managing all of the young guys trying to break into the league. Get a 1C and we are done for a while. Just plug any decent 1C name into our lineup and we are not only a playoff team, we are a perennial contender (so long as Darling is the real deal). Even Duchene, although he is, admittedly not top 15 like a Tavares or Draisaitl. I'll just get this out there: if we can get John Tavares, then what follows is irrelevant, just get him. XM guys were speculating more on this just yesterday. "The obvious place for Matt Duchene is Carolina." They also made the point that is obvious to most of us here: "at some point in the next year or so Francis is going to trade a D man for a top 6 forward." Francis has clearly felt that Duchene is not worth the asking price, and that makes me think that the asking price has been one of our top 4 D, and for Duchene, I agree. Duchene is a very dynamic player, but not a classic 1C, and our current top 4D is potential gold for years to come. It's weird how it works out, because in some ways Faulk would be an easy guy to trade for that 1C given his defensive lapses over most of at least 3 years. But Faulk has a few things he is and does that make moving him a unique problem. The biggest of which is that he is our offense from the blueline. Listen to coaches, players, and analysts these days and everyone insists that to win you have to get offense from the blueline. Hanifin and Slavin actually bring more playmaking than Faulk, and probably will widen that gap, but Faulk is the guy who puts the puck in the net. Add to that his righthandedness on a team of LHD and LHD prospects and it gets tougher. But for me the final piece was when he and Hanifin got together and Faulk suddenly found the D side of being a defenseman, and Hanifin put his game together. If that duo clicks, don't mess with it. And it sure seemed to click. Seriously, if Hanifin takes the next step, and Justin ups his D, we could have two top pairs on one team, and one of, if not the best top 4 in the NHL. It seems that I am one of Hanifin's few defenders lately, but I still think he can be very good, even great, especially, as Coastal has pointed out, if he can develop a decent shot. And I wouldn't mess with Slavin/Pesce for anything less than a Draistaitl/Tavares top 15 1C. Thus the dilemma likely, Sakic wants one of our top 4 and Francis is not going there for Duchene. I agree with that. Not for Duchene. Still, maybe over time Sakic comes to his senses, and realizes that Fleury is a top 7 draft pick with a perfect NHL size and stride for a top D man, and is ready to play in the NHL and D men are highly coveted, and he's rebuilding and that could be a top pair guy. (Of course this assumes that Francis has even offered Fleury or Bean, which he may not have). But I would offer Fleury. Yes, it's two years of Duchene but two critical years for this franchise. Further, we have so much more talent in the wings. So after 2 years of Duchene we will probably have the option to sign him, or let him walk to UFA. If he makes it all go, sign him. If not, by then Roy, Gauthier, Necas, Kuok, etc. will be on the scene. And then Bean can step in where Fleury would have gone.