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  1. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    The other thing on Slavin's minutes is that we play like once a week, so it's not like game 80 after three back to backs. Did Peters stay with splitting Slavin/Pesce all game? I'm sure that he really really wants this for some reason, I guess especially on the road where teams can try to take advantage of Faulk/Hanfin, but historically Faulk/Hanifin seemed to handle it fine last year and times this year. I just keep wondering about the wisdom of forcing that split. Does he think Faulk "has" to be a top pair guy? Faulk just doesn't play good defense when paired with Slavin and does when paired with Hanfin. Carrick on his off-side and Fleury, clearly did not give the coach a warm fuzzy. Like most of the league, we need RHD, but have LHD. Hopefully, TVR is good to go soon.
  2. So much to like about this game. Now can we keep this going? We need to keep this up. One could argue we didn't suppress shots well enough. OK, maybe we clamp down on those a bit, but we are going to win more creating offense than trying to win one goal games. We tried that last year. Play fast, tilt the ice. It's true to say that Edmonton is down, and missing Sekera and Draisaitl and playing their backup too. But, they had just been called to task by their coach, who was shaking things up and trying to really jumpstart them and often good teams really respond to that, and on our side we are missing TVR and Stemniak and played our back up too. So there.
  3. Gotta say, despite the softie, great game for Ward coming in cold off the shelf. Now we can come back with Darling vs. Lack. If Cam keeps this up we're in good shape.
  4. Back on the playoff pace. 102.5 point pace. What, too early? Good stuff.
  5. Nice win. Shots very deceptive. I love being on the wrong side of shots and winning for a change. They can have the shots, I'll take the goals.
  6. What? Too many Gentleman on the ice?
  7. They may have McDavid. But we have SLAVIN!!
  8. I really can't believe that the shots are 43-20. Does not feel that lopsided.
  9. OK maybe not quite so easy. Cam's patented softie rears its head.
  10. Called the shortie. OK, wrong PP, but still. That was Eric's spot. Jordan has a history of getting shorties. Again, we rock.
  11. I really feared Ward would be rusty. He is not. He is sharp. There was a theory that he was overworked last year due to Lack;s struggles. If true, maybe he excels as backup.