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  1. How do you think Darling has been doing?
  2. Yeah the wheels are off and it's getting ugly. There was no defense to be sure, but I'm done waiting for Scott Darling. The team has given up on him as well as the season. He has to be gone next year. Of all of the issues that need fixing, that's got to be at the top. I am sorry for anyone who went to the PNC and sat through this. So sorry.
  3. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Yeah but my thing could actually happen! I can't even imagine this team with at top 15 goalie. But we can dream....
  4. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Throw Rask on that dumpster fire.
  5. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Share some of these thoughts sleek. If JVR has an interest in playing with TVR, we have an in. And I agree this is a far cry from the two headed Staal monster. The guy will not be cheap though as he's on a 36 goal pace with 31 already netted, a career goals year. Assuming that we lose out on Tavares, JVR is a blue chip UFA. And he does what we need: put the puck in the net. I also like the idea of dealing with the Oilers. There has to be something worthwhile in that carcass of highly drafted forwards. And if ever there should be a team that should be utterly numb at the idea that more high draft picks are going to help it's them. Maybe we can move up. Heck, I'd trade up just to get their lottery winning ping pong balls. But yes, somehow coming away with a player and swapping first round picks would be a coup, especially if the lose a few more games. I know they are only a few picks ahead of us, but even a chance to get Wahlstrom, another possible 1C? Yes. Imagine putting that together and coming away with RNH, JVR, and drafting Wahlstrom. Not bad.
  6. I do think it's a fair start for Zykov who's points are mostly PP points, and his 5/5 play has been mixed. If he plays a decent two way game hopefully he gets blended up to third line or higher. Playing Darling a lot makes sense. If he somehow finds a game that would be nice, if not, we drift down to picking a touch higher in the draft. I want to see Foegele some too before season's end. Get him a taste.
  7. AT What a strange premonition. The co-captain thing was foreshadowed when they rolled our uniforms out. 7PM PNC. So as bad as things are this year, what the heck with the Oilers? All of those #1 and other high picks, and they are below us? The next laugh is on us as the Oilers will once again win the lottery, as they always do. But the last laugh is on them because they will still miss the playoffs. Anyhoo...get to see McDavid and Draisaitl... For the Canes I hope to see Zykov. And....well that's about it. Go Canes.
  8. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    We need to cut the bouncing back and forth and take a good look at this guy. I want to see Foegele up here too.
  9. 2018 NHL Draft

    I don't mind the idea of trading for an existing player if we can pull that off. I'm as much about this dang team getting off the playoff misses as anyone. The only thing is that we need elite talent and teams are careful about trading that away, and if they do, then why did they? Teams have to be either really stocked with talent and needing cap space or early in a long term rebuild to make that talented player for the #11 pick plus move. There is elite talent in the first round if you draft right, and especially if you can trade up. No, it's not NHL ready next year, but for most teams that's how they get their best players, by far. If we trade up and get say a Wahlstrom that is a 1C or 2C for years. I can't imagine if we'd have traded our pick last year and no Necas. I hope we can move a D man and get lucky in UFA to get two existing players without giving up our first rounder.
  10. 2018 NHL Draft

    So we end up picking around #11 or #12, and some GM in the 5-10 zone wants Wahlstrom probably, who is left? This is meant as a companion piece to the great post by gocanes, but with my proprietary collated ranking score. Well my thing is combining rankings from scouts and coming up with the likely targets in our range. The thing about it is that once you get past Wahlstrom, the consensus breaks down to varying degrees. I will offer more thoughts on these guys, but in order their rankings* with very brief blurbs are: Joel Farabee: 12.4 (8-16) 5-11, LW. Small, skilled, goes to the areas, quick release accurate shot, great vision and IQ, slippery, very high ceiling, 3 zones. Jesperi Kotkaniemi: 13.8 (10-18) 6'1" C. Good puck skills, finishes, quick hands, vision, good speed, awareness, wins battles, dangerous shot Gregori Denisenko: 13.8 (11-15) 5'11"LW. Russian, quick, great edgework, darts, creative, high skilled (some think top 10 skill), great hands, rising Rasmus Kupari: 14.8 (12-18) 6'1" C. Super slick, makes big plays, strong skater, great stickhandler, shifty, sees the ice, top line upside. Isac Lundestrom: 15.4 (10-20) 6'0" C. Great puck skills, two way nuanced player, soft hands, high IQ, two way player, looks better more you see him, rises to big occasions Barrett Hayton: 15.4 (7-27) Joseph Veleno: 17 (9-27) The most controversial is probably Barrett Hayton. He is a super hard working guy who is moving up. Craig Button has him #7, but he is not a big scorer, and so two services have him at #19 and even #27 (Robinson, Hockey Prospects). At first glance, I want skill and scoring, so he wouldn't be my pick. And Veleno is an all around good, but not great at one thing guy, but ISS has him at #9, and Robinson at #12 and Sportsnet at #14, so he's there on the edge of the list. I separate them because I'd go with one of the other 5. * combines scouting rankings from Sportsnet, Robinson, Hockey Prospects, ISS, and Craig Button (is range from low to high).
  11. 2018 NHL Draft

    This draft is being called the Dahlin draft as he is considered that uber elite #1 D man. Then there are pretty much 3 guys considered uber elite forwards: Svechnikov, Zadina, and Tkachuk. Some throw in Boquist a D man for a top 5, pretty much unreachable, though personally I'd go after Zadina or Svechnikov if somehow they dropped to #5, but those deals just don't seem to happen, so I write those guys off. Then we get to the guy that in theory maybe we could realistically trade up for (though unlikely) and I would go for if at all possible: Oliver Wahlstrom: C, 6'1" 205. His consensus ranking is 6.6. If he dropped to #7 and we dropped into #9, that would be a doable move if the team at #7 wanted a D man (Edmonton at the moment, might). This guy has it all. Size, speed, the best puck skills in the draft, quickness, physical, goes to the dirty areas. My dream list would be Zadina then Svenchnikov, but Wahlstrom would be an outstanding coup if somehow, some way....this is probably a pipe dream because other teams will want him, but there is a gaggle of D men ranked 5-11, so if things broke right, you never know... He is universally ranked in the top 9 players by nearly all scouts.
  12. 2018 NHL Draft

    So once again we find ourselves in this sickly soft spot this time of year. Finally out of the playoffs, and with near maximal pain drafting in the (slightly upper) middle of the pack. And with a bit of time before my night shift, and back to little interest in the rest of this meaningless season, and with the GM and coach watch off and the playoffs not yet begun, I turn my attention once more, to the draft. We find ourselves in essentially the exact same position as last year. We sit in the #11 spot with a probability of a slide of one spot in the lottery. Thus as it stands, we will most likely pick #12. Last year we picked....#12. Realistically we can not drop enough games to get higher than #8 pre ping pong balls*, and really we can't fall lower than #12 which is likely to be #13 post ping pong balls. So, baring a roughly 12% chance of a ping pong ball win, we will draft #8 to #12, but most likely 10-12, as a drop to 8 would require a fall with a win streak by Edmonton or Chicago. *technically an Edmonton and Chicago surge with a losing streak "could" in theory push us to #7 pre ping pong, but very unlikely. So we will most likely draft post ping pong action, 9-12 baring a lucky win, losing streak, or a trade up. I always want to trade up, and I'll tell you this year is no exception. But we never do it, though this year could be different. Finally, we do not need to be drafting a defenseman, especially at #11 or so. BUT there are a gaggle of D men ranked in front of, and around us that could have a big impact on things around our pick. My take is that we pick the most highly skilled, point producing, hockey-smart, ideally speedy forward we can, no matter what D man BPA might be there. If there are too many BPA D men try to trade up, or take a shot at a high skilled forward with some downside.
  13. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    Who knows? Maybe a genius move. Feels more like a mistake to me, though I really don't know. Thing is though, even if it was a "mistake" it could end up working out fine. I personally think that the whole "decisions by committee" new, unknown, hands on owner thing probably has a role in scaring off top guys. I think he needs to let the season play out, talk very low key, behind the scenes, and maybe make another run at a top asst GM after his team is out. Low balling the new GM just makes so little sense, it's hard to believe. Yet he has not denied it, so again, who knows? If true, that would not be good. We are trying to lure a really smart guy from a winning organization for what is half of what a league minimum player makes? Just hard to believe. I will say that I really do think that Dundon wants to go outside the organization. I see no chance that Waddell, or someone else inside gets the spot.
  14. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    This. There have to be substantial changes. My guess is that Francis could not be trusted to make them. He liked our group. His entire GM tenure involved moving out.....zero established players or prospects or picks that were not heading into UFA. Sorry but Skinner has thrown in the towel. The line between "offensively dominant, defensively barely acceptable" Skinner, and "offensively weak defensively embarrassing" Skinner is a level of effort that he has backed off of for at least 12 games but arguably more. This guy wears and A. Faulk, well oddly he has looked a bit better of late, but still, changes are needed and he's still atop my list. Rask. I agree that there was a version of Rask at the start of the year two seasons ago that looked oh so promising, but no. Sure last night vs. the worst defensive team in the league he looked good, but he's had so many chances to get it back. He could be a very good 4th line center, but we aren't paying him that way and will he want that? Lindholm is a solid player, and if he takes third line money I still want him, but I really thought he'd be a 60 point guy this year. Hanifin has tons of talent, but this guy needs to clean up his D zone play to be that guy. Still so young, but who's going to make him do it? I would trade any of those guys TBH, but I'm afraid Skinner and Faulk should be at the top of the list. And with Skinner it really stinks because this team needs goals. We'd have to trade him for a more North - South guy with a little less high end goal totals, but still skilled. Anyway, the timing of the Francis thing, and letting it get public was a rookie mistake, but rookies eventually become veterans if they learn from their mistakes. The bottom line to me is that when this team shows up to camp next year, they need a reason to think that things are going to be different. That the losing has stopped. That the talent is here and the hear is here: the guys who have been willing to accept losing are gone. That has to happen. And Ron Francis was not the guy to do that. He's a tinkerer and we need a visionary man with a plan. I want to stay a fan of this team, but it is getting really hard to keep going through this. I really am starting to feel like a bit of a chump for staying with this team at this level for so long after being kicked in the cods so many times. I'm hanging in there, but even I cannot spin an Island out of "we like our group" one more time, and I for one am increasingly glad that Dundon is making changes, even if it gets a bit ham-fisted at first.
  15. The Search (Hurricanes need a GM)

    I want some incentives though.