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  1. Just signed entry level deal, will start with Charlotte. I agree, this guy had a great Junior career. Interesting to see how he does on the #1 team in the AHL.
  2. From Shaya's 10 thoughts: 5. Martin Necas is playing some of his best hockey right now. In his last seven games he’s picked up 10 points (4G, 6A), including two power-play goals in Ovechkin-like fashion on Wednesday night. He deservedly ended as the game’s first star. Back to just under .8 ppg as a rookie. Real deal.
  3. Tampa's PP is number one in the NHL hitting just under 30%. At least their PK is...........also number one in the NHL (this is just not fair). Indexed, if we go into a special teams battle with them, they are almost exactly twice as likely to gain a goal. So let's not do that.
  4. We should be up. They should be, well, less up. Played last night. Secured home ice. Take us lightly maybe. Yes, if we get two points here? Smooth saliling.
  5. Confusius also say, Crowed elevator smell very different to little person. And if BD58 is happy then I think we're all happy! And isn't that nice! I thought Coastal might really like that Storm Surge from last night!
  6. Also, since game #3 in vs MTL, have to assume that winning the next 3 will get us to very close to can't lose.
  7. SCS now has us at 94.4% non weighted and 96.4 weighted. While the amount of help we get does matter, 4 wins puts us at 90% chance. Counting down to 4 wins for now. If we get help that number will shrink. Also, 3 wins w/ 2 OT losses.
  8. And we're back. How can you not believe after that? Somewhere between finding a way to win and destiny Probably more about goaltending, and we finally have some, but either way, that pretty much seals it. Baring a pretty big collapse. And agree with legend. Not even sure about the same call on Williams? Tripp said, even when you're falling down you're responsible for your stick. Really?
  9. This one is pretty funny IMO. Very different from the ones above. It mentions hockey too. Imagine he's singing to the Marley girl and it's even better. And not only is Weird Al around, he's coming to Cary July 3rd.
  10. Two other thoughts on Fleury for this team. 1. Teams need low-paid, but solid D men in their bottom 2-3 due to the salary cap, and the fact that you can win a cup with 1 dominant and 2 really good D men, and 3 solid lower end guys. Fleury's "slow" start should keep his price down. That's why I'd sign him for low rate long term. If he comes on, he's a cheap middle pair guy. If he's so-so he is still tradeable. 2. Trade Value. Just being a regular NHL D man ups his trade value. Trading him now or soon will not return much. I get him on a good deal and play him. If Bean is pushing, then trade Fleury at some point. But in the long run teams need really good, solid D men that are on good contracts.
  11. I've heard prior NHL D men say it took them up to their 4th full season to feel like they "got it" at the NHL level, or around 200 games. Fleury has one relatively full season where he played the 67, but it was also a lot of press box that year. Also, Fleury's 67 game season were his first, rookie 67. I think there are a lot of very good NHL D men that would be gone if they were judged on their first 67 games. Hanifin had 160 games after two seasons, when we were still saying he was underdeveloped, and 239 games when we traded him. TVR has 300 games. Ironically he has 67 starts THIS year. There are exceptions, but the rule is D men need NHL ice time to get their act together, and it's really hard for us fans to factor that in.
  12. On Fleury, IMO he needs regular starts. He has not had enough NHL starts to assess him fully. DeHaan though, is just plain good a what he does. On the scoreboard, the Montreal-Philly game is an interesting one, since one team is rising and the other falling. As much as I project Montreal to continue the fall, I have to route for the defeat of the team with points. So I'm going for one more Philly win. As mentioned, three point games don't help. Seems like we rarely go into OT, but speaking of Tampa already clinching the President's cup, they have only 4 OT losses in 73 outings.
  13. This one feels big. Maybe because it is. I know that we don't want to scoreboard watch, but the scoreboard could really help us out. So out of the corner of our eye at least, a win here with a good scoreboard would put us in a really nice position. The last couple have not been our A game IMO, but we've still found a way. I'd like to see the A game tonight.
  14. These are the three, in order, that I have hope for. Fox, well he's obvious. But as you point out for Drury, for a Freshman in NCAA .82 ppg is good. Also, organizationally we've been very good at picking in the second round, especially the top half, so that speaks well for Drury too. He's projected as more of a third line player, but that's still very good for a second rounder. I just read a piece about undrafted Seniors and how them scoring a lot when they're 22 or 23, doesn't usually translate into great NHL careers. Getting on the board in Freshman and Sophmore year is a better predictor. (As you know, Fox did that too). Cotton was a late round sleeper pick, and I still see him that way. He has not pushed his point totals way up into his junior year (though they are up), but he did push his goals up. He's big, a smooth skater and has soft hands. Still could be a late bloomer. I absolutely sign him and want to see him in Charlotte. I want guys with upside.
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