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  1. Glad Fleury gets in. Super glad Haula gets in. They have him slated for 4th line duty, but I'm thinking that will change if the knee feels good and he is going. Keep our best offensive guys on that Svech-Aho-TT line. Big things, expecting big things from them. So ironic AWAC puts a picture of Pu up there since he's at least back to playing in our organization as of today? But is he on loan, or is he back? I'm not sure. Maybe it was just done for irony as we face Skinner and his boys again. Let's keep Skinner off the score sheet. This one feels like a decent test. This is not the Buffalo of the back half of last year. They are the very definition of desperate for a win. So don't let them have it.
  2. I thought we traded Cliff Pu to Florida for "future considerations". Was one of those considerations that they could send him back if they didn't want him anymore?
  3. Welp Kjun, you can't keep a good man down. His stock just went back up a bit. Who knows?
  4. Canescountry with an update on various prospects. https://www.canescountry.com/2019/10/21/20924836/carolina-hurricanes-prospect-corner-pyotr-kochetkov-patrik-puistola-ryan-suzuki Rees is the standout, with David Cotton starting strong at BC. He's a senior now, and could do the wait until becoming a UFA thing a la Adam Fox. Tukka Tieksola has 1.54 ppg in U20 Finland (man do we love drafting Fins. Not that there's anything wrong with that). Suzuki started strong back in Juniors, but...one of the reasons prospects are so hard to follow is so little public info. Our first round pick from last year Ryan Suzuki was reported to have a potentially very serious eye injury November 5th. That was 9 days ago, and I can't find a single update on his condition. Goalies are just frankly a different breed. I absolutely don't give up on Kochetkov, who was considered the second best goalie in a draft with a, "once every 10 years" goalie prospect above him. He couldn't get settled in St Petersberg, but that is not a terminal inditement. He's been traded, and will get more regular playing time and hopefully start to really show his stuff from this point on. Goalies, can't figure'em out, can't win without a good one.
  5. Just in terms of flow and past records, this one is interesting. Buffalo is now a bit desperate. They have lost their last 5 games, getting one OT point 5 games ago. How can they not be thinking, "Uh oh, here we go again." They have gone from tops to out of a playoff spot. This will be a team very hungry for a win. They are 1-5-1 in their last 7. We are 3-4-0 in our last 7. But we have really been an up and down team lately. This makes it really hard to predict how we come out to play in this one. The reason, IMO is the blow out last game. It is not unusual for teams to get a little full of themselves after they blow a team out, and it does seem like this team is still trying to nail down a consistent identity this year. While Buffalo did drop their last 5 games they were two to a surging Tampa, then the white hot Islanders, Washington and newly good Arizona. This should be an interesting test because Buffalo has been facing the best teams and is going to be the more desperate team. The Canes could let down, BUT, they were also a team that needed that blow out because their confidence seemed to be flagging a bit. And confidence is big. We get Minnestota, and Chicago on the road, and Philly at home after this. So this one really could send us on another streak if we get it. Go get it!
  6. The Williams thing goes back and forth with the little we know. Not long ago the team was leaking that Williams was skating and they thought he might be back and even speculated at least a Christmas time table. Then Brind'Amour puts out there that Williams seems to be enjoying coaching hockey and seems comfortable away from the game. But it's all guesswork, and who knows, maybe even gamesmanship. It makes for nice speculation, but none of us knows anything.
  7. Just getting back to Rees for a minute. That #10 ranking is #10 in the history of the OHL for points per game. That is rarified air. There are many things that go into the scouting game and trying to predict how an 17-18 year old kid will fare in the big bad NHL. But the most consistently predictive thing is points per game. (Ironically this is true for D men too). And the debate about size vs. skill on this issue is pretty much put to bed with the likes of Mitch Marner and even more so Alex Debrincat. I noted Debrincat, because I remember when he was drafted. He was the ultimate tester of this. The guy was 5'7", 150 pounds. BUT he put up 127 points in 63 games for the Eirie Otters: 2.01 PPG his post-draft year. He dropped to the second round due to his Nathan Gerbe size. Last year he put up 41 goals, and 76 points in the NHL for Chicago. Rees is ahead of him for OHL ppg production so far. He's been injury prone, but the upside on this guy is sick.
  8. I guess there's always hope, especially with such a character guy, but given our depth, he's a massive longshot. He only got 12 games in the AHL and is 23 years old and back in the ECHL again. Given our depth, it's really hard to see him making it at all, and if he did, just a few games would probably be his upside IMO. Our director of scouting was pretty high on him about a year after we drafted him, but then when he was eligible he went right to the ECHL rather than AHL. He's had injuries too. He was a 5th rounder though, so it was always a long shot really.
  9. Staal is IMO hurt or something we don't yet know about. McGinn is a heart and soul 4th liner with some upside and is a Cane from the draft, and can at worst be a long term 4th liner. Foegele is still a bit of an unknown, but as an early sophomore has way more upside than trade value. Reimer....maybe. He looked really good early, but has had a couple of shakey starts. There is no return value though, and until he either Mongo's it, or Ned/Forsberg look ready, gotta be slow to pull that trigger.
  10. One of the cool things about having so many high upside prospects is that different ones keep breaking out and making news. Right now it's Rees on the Junior scene and Eetu on the Pro scene (if we pretty much move Necas out of prospect land and into real land). We can all see what Eetu (are we comfortable with Lusty?) is doing, but Rees has been lighting Junior hockey up. Here's some highlights from a piece on prospects on Yahoo: You’d be hard pressed to find two hotter players in the OHL right now, or in all of junior hockey, than London Knights forward Connor McMichael, and Sarnia Sting forward Jamieson Rees...Rees’ 2.36 points per game puts him tenth (all time in points per game for under 19 players in the OHL)... He was suspended for six games after his first game of the year, where he picked up a head checking major against the Hamilton Bulldogs. Prior to his return, the Sting were 0-7. Upon his return, the Sting are 9-1. ...His insatiable appetite for the puck makes him an elite forechecker and three zone player. While his level of physicality can get him into penalty trouble at times, it also helps to make him such an impact player. Rees is also a dynamic offensive player because of his elite speed and creativity. He is able to make jaw dropping moves while in full stride and it has caused him to hit many highlight reels already this year. Full article: https://sports.yahoo.com/prospects-report-191707003.html
  11. Well we needed that. Yes, we got some bounces, but two games ago we got no bounces. Confidence and getting that little extra that can lead to goals for instead of lots of shots, can be elusive. Once we found it last year we rode. So here's hoping that this was that one twist that broke the seal on the mayonnaise jar. Buffalo will be a much tougher out in their building, so I guess we'll see soon enough. But sometimes that one leaky goal start the flow and things roll. Thoughts: Fleury needs to play. He's the #2 D man in his draft. He's young. He has upside, he's not that bad. He's our property. Also, despite being the least experienced guy out there, he's been playing his off side. I'd platoon TVR and Fleury. I don't know the final solution, since trading TVR might not return much, we'd have Fleury on his off side, and we'd cut into our depth. But I still think McKeown is an option and Priskie, and the bottom pair is just not as critical. I don't want to trade TVR, but I'm getting sick of how we are handling Fleury. Aho is back, and will build steam like he does every year. This will be big. Necas. 55 point pace now for the rookie. He will just get better and better. Upside is even higher than I thought, and I've thought high. Lusty. I can't decide if it's over the line or not. And that probably means it's pretty good. But that kid is a major surprise. He looks very much like he belongs. I've mentioned it before but a scout at a checkers game said that was the guy to watch, even as Goat almost made the team. I think he survives the next send down when Marty gets back and Gibbons goes down. But that's a tough bet because coaches like the guy with more NHL games. It's what I'd do anyways. Foegele showed at the end of last year and the playoffs that he can score. Not tons, but can be that gritty winger who could pot 20. It may not be this year for that, but that leaky goal might just start something for him. Dougy. I know his D comes and goes, but come on. The guy is still over a point per game, and he is a stone cold sniper. He is on pace for 36 goals and 87 points. He also leads the team at plus 7. Slavin is a beast. But Dougy' offense is for real and he at least does it without sacrificing any attempt at D. He has been massive. He is a star. Oh and adding this in. I also think something is wrong with Staal. He is not himself. If he's injured, maybe rest him. I'm thinking with Haula out, they are having to ride Staal through whatever is ailing him. In all of this losing, Staal, being an unsung core player being off his game has played a role in that. If we can get him back to his game, it will help a lot. It's a cliche, but sometimes the adversity is good. Just ask Tampa last year. The guys have to find their way with out J Williams, then without Marty and then Haula. But by finding it, they will be that much better when those guys return (well maybe J Williams). Also, they should have learned that playing down to the opponent will put you in a hole. The upside is that this team has a way of beating the good teams, so they can still make up for the down stretch.
  12. Haula will not be riding in to the rescue, nor J Williams. Chip has Haula being "more than day to day" from Brind'Amour and Brind'Amour talking to Justin Williams a lot, and saying he's looking really comfortable in retirement. So this group needs to get it's collective act together as it is. I think this is another coaching challenge for Brind'Amour. The entire group is not at the right level. That is what the coach is paid to figure out. He's been really good at it so far. Hopefully a winning streak starts tonight. I'm not sure Dzingel's promotion goes much past on paper though and is more a result of other moves. Finally getting to see Svech-Aho-TT, our currently true first line. Also getting Nino off the top lines, but ironically, maybe he gets going with Necas. I see Dzingel on Staal's line more of maybe getting Staal going. Right now playing with Staal is not the ticket to a winger getting more points. We need this one. Hoping Svech-Aho-TT light it up, among others.
  13. The Athletic has Dougy as #2 in the Norris race at this point in the season.
  14. There is a weird thing in hockey, at least in Cane's hockey. There is a subtle extra something that takes our game from possession and pressure, to beating the goalie. Similarly on D, there is an extra notch that keeps the game in lock down nearly the whole game vs. sudden, big let downs leading to A+ chances against. There is too much depth of scoring talent, even with Haula out, to be having so much trouble converting shots to goals. Considering we got out to our lead against very good teams and now as was pointed out elsewhere, 0-5 against weaker divisional opponents, is almost proof that the team has played down to the level of the other team. It's been subtle. Like I was saying above. We look pretty good overall, and dominate in shots, but somehow just can't beat the goalie. We look pretty good on D for long stretches, then give up 3 or 4, two on ones against in a short span. But that's how this team loses or wins. Getting that little bit of extra to finish or to keep the D locked longer. Getting net front, getting that stick position, making that hit, that little extra to go top shelf vs goalie crest, etc. Every NHL team has really good players on the roster, even the bad ones. If this team starts reading it's own press and letting up just that last little bit, we get the Canes of old. Lots of shots, few goals, few shots against, lots of goals against. How am I such an expert at this? I've been watching it for years. A lot of us have. That's why it's so hard to take a 4-2 loss in a 42-17 shots our way game. Because that was Canes hockey under Bill Peters. We've seen it before: over and over and over. But this team has far more skill and finish in its line up than past years. This team really doesn't have a good excuse. (Okay, except it's a very young team, but it was last year too). So go out there and take the Sens as seriously as any top tiered team. Go to 10 on the meter. Stop this slide and start another winning streak.
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