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  1. On Eric. Didn't seem like necessarily a shot at us, just a guy feeling some vindication against the idea that he was done. Of course it's a bit frustrating that he rebounded after leaving here, but frankly, whatever was holding him back here, would have continued here, and his presence in that situation here was holding this team's rebuild back. Had to happen, so good for him if he's found life in his career. But yeah, not so much in the playoffs.
  2. On the any number of forwards... Offer sheets have worked like one time in the last 12 years, but probably guys could be traded for. Go Canes: Granlund, Duchene, Nino all would be good additions. Chicago is talking changes, but Panik might be one notch lower than we need. I also wonder if Landeskog is just in decline for good, or if a really off year gets him for a bargain price and a change of scenery wakes him up. Draisaitl? Problem solved forever. But just can't imagine he's available. If he is? Faulk and our first rounder and all of our second rounders and Bean....that guy is for real and I've wanted him somehow here forever. Not happening though, can't be for sale.
  3. A couple of things. I too would prefer a 1C. But this and dominant 1D are probably the two hardest positions to fill from a trade or UFA. They just aren't usually available because if you have one, you don't give him up. If Francis can find a center that can put up 65 plus points, 25 plus goals, I'll be as thrilled as anyone. I like Oshie because he's proven, but also because he's a UFA. The idea of filling a slot and not giving up a Faulk or a prime prospect, will allow us to fill that need and keep all of our powder dry for other moves in the future, including a goalie move. Signing a guy like Oshie increases the chance that we can do whatever we need to do to get that guy in goal. If we end up keeping our prospects, and if any of them deliver, we can always trade contracts of guys not quite up to our level. Say for instance that TT never quite puts it all together, but he is a nice 45 point guy in a couple of years, but Roy and Gauthier are, by then crushing it, but we are up against the cap. Trade TT for picks and prospects and dump that salary. Or Hanifin, replaced by Bean or Fleury, etc. Or Faulk in favor of McKeown, etc. Those moves can be made later IF the cap becomes an issue. Same thing if we are getting too close to the cap in a couple of years BTW. But IF we picked up Oshie and say Darling, and this team gets off to a good start and stays in a playoff slot and makes the playoffs, the building will fill, and that and playoff revenue might make our budget problems better by the time it's an issue. I have to raise the two move issue again. It's like saying would you rather your plane got a left wing or a right wing? Probably doesn't matter if you don't get both. Goalie and 25 goal forward gets it done. One or the other might, but is too close to be a plan. I think Francis can make two moves. Likely he makes at least 3, possibly 4 moves. Two less important moves would be that veteran bottom pair D man (likely), and my pet move, up the draft (unlikely). Lastly, while I am keen on Oshie for the reasons listed, I'll be very happy if we get any number of top forwards.
  4. I'd defer to the capologists on here to check my numbers, and I am quite probably wrong about more than one thing, but my very amateur attempt below seems to indicate we could afford Oshie and still have plenty of room for everyone of our core types into the distant future. Next year is so open it's ridiculous. In two years, we have a bunch of RFA's to sign, and three years we need to re sign Skinner and bump Aho, probably a lot. But: 1. There is still cap room. 2. The cap is going to go up at some point in there. 3. We can make trades as we have prospects pushing up on entry deals. 17-18: We do have $31 million in cap space as we sit for next year, with TT, McGinn, and possibly Ryan (UFA) to sign. This year is nuts, and the cap floor may be an issue. Plenty of room for two Oshies and a partridge in a pear tree and the rest of the twelve days of Christmas too. 18-19: Stemper's $2.5 million is off, and hopefully someone like Roy or Guathier is giving us a $950K replacement. That and Wiz coming off nets another $2.5 million. We have to sign Lindholm, RFA, still he is probably going to get a big raise. If he has a great year, say $5 million per year? And we have both goalies off, but will need new ones on. And we have a run of RFA deals to make so, and I'm guessing here: Lindy: $5 million Hanifin: $3.5 million Pesce: $3 million Slavin: $5 million TT: (this year carry over): $3.5 million. McGinn: (this year carry over): 1.5 million. Goalies: $7 million $28.5 million $49.0 million estimated cap space (with no increase in cap over two more years). $20 million space. ($13 million w Oshie at $7 million). 20-21: Need to bump Skinner IF he is producing. Need to pay Aho. Skinner: $7.5 million (net 1.75 million over current) Aho: $6-7 million (net $6.0 million) This adds $8 million. Assuming no cap bump and Oshie, we'd still have everyone signed for a few more years and $5 million in cap space. But it is hard to imaging 3 full years and no bump in the cap. 21-22: Semin's $2.5 million finally comes off. But everyone pretty locked down here, and this is too far out to predict where the cap will be, but it will be raised by quite a bit probably.
  5. I do get what you're saying Kjun, but Francis needs to at least come up with something on both fronts. We simply cannot let the Cam and Eddie show be the plan. Unacceptable. But just adding goaltending, does not get us there, at least not with enough buffer. For one thing even the new guy can struggle, and for another thing, we were blessed on the injury front this year with skaters. Just adding goaltending, if it is say mid range starter numbers, gets us to the cut line, but goaltending, scoring addition, and team improvement gets us over it. As to the open goalie competition, that makes me very nervous (unless it is Lack vs. New Guy). For one thing, it means that we did not bring in the clear #1 guy, since Cam and Lack have both struggled to put up decent back up numbers. For another thing, if it is Cam, he has a way of getting that slot every time, and performing like a top NHL goalie, one time, about 8 years ago. As to Eddie, the only time he got a run of starts was in March: Over 8 games he saved .921, and went 5-1. That said, his last 3 starts in April were so-so. Even with that great March, I'm not feeling the Peters-Lack thing, so he probably is eating tacos elsewhere.
  6. The good news about the crapshoot and the development process is that a guy can just start putting it together almost out of nowhere, and we do have some guys with potential percolating. The bad news about the crapshoot is that you can also come up empty, as several teams have. Given how deep our prospect pool is, and even post trades how many picks we have, hopefully we throw a couple of darts this year too.
  7. We really do have a lot of interesting forward prospects. See some discussion of this in the In the System area, but one of the more interesting things to me is the progress of some late round guys. We only have one first rounder in the system with Gauthier, who I still think is going to be special, but many of our assembled picks and traded for prospects are making noise in various places. So here's a list of non first round forwards and what they are doing: Kuokkanen: Showed serious skills last year in camp and Traverse City. Went back and played well in Juniors. Made the Finnish World Junior Team on the low age range. Didn't have a great showing, but the team struggled and he got 4th line minutes. Very good in Juniors Playoffs, now getting a taste in Charlotte. Here's what Vellucci our Director of Hockey Operations said about him just the other day: "He was on fire and had a great playoff series. … He played really well. He's a smart guy. His hockey sense is off the charts. I don't want to put any pressure on him, but he has a little bit of Sebastian Aho tendencies. They're both from Finland, they both have very good hockey sense, are good skaters and have a great shot." Roy: Huge center, has put up mega numbers in Juniors two straight years. Made Canadian World Junior Team and played very well. Is still killing it in CHL playoffs. This guy was, like Saarela, once considered an uber prospect. He fell off, but seems back on track. He could be the steal of that entire draft still. Here's a link that talks in detail about guys in the CHL playoffs: https://www.nhl.com/hurricanes/news/in-the-system-hurricanes-prospects-shine-in-chl-playoffs/c-288991694 Saarela: This guy was an uber prospect when he was just starting out, but fell back due to injuries and maybe other things. But he's shown periods of really high potential. He is fast, and has an NHL shot. He has adjusted immediately to smaller ice in Charlotte with 6 goals and 10 points in 9 games. Zykov: We got to see just a speck of him, but he is also a guy with skill, and who goes to the net. LA is pretty good at second round picks and grabbed him. He's another guy who had "first round" potential who has had injuries and slower to find his game, but he has potential. David Cotton. 6th rounder. 2015. 6'3" is reportedly killing it at BC. Tony MacDonald is very excited about him. Warren Foegle. 3rd rounder 2014. Lots of shifty skill. Having a really good CHL playoffs. Looked good in camp and Traverse City. Spencer Smallman. 5th round 2015. MacDonald also very positive about him. High hockey IQ. Leader. Grit. And putting up points in the Q. Compared to Scott Walker. Matt Filipe. 3rd rounder last year. 6'2". Playing D1 hockey at Northeastern, and doing well. Good skater, protects puck, tenacious, goes to the net, PLAYS A HEAVY GAME, likes the physical challenge. 19 points in 35 games. Not too bad for a Freshma Lucas Wallmark: 4th round 2014. Great year in Charlotte. Tons of points, mostly goals, massively plus player in first year, and now killing it in the playoffs. Had a couple of very good games up here and Peters liked him a lot. I think he's our 4th line center next year. Steve Lorentz. Leading his team and most of Junior hockey playoffs with 20 points in 8 games. Team Captain. Name keeps popping up. Just signed pro contract. 6th rounder. And then there's my favorite: our first rounder, Gauthier. We may not have a bunch of first rounders there, (we've picked 3 straight D men in the first round), and our best young prospect already put up 24 goals and 49 points in the NHL, but there are interesting guys there.
  8. Just read a piece on Wallmark, who is scoring at a high clip in these first few playoff games. Think he has a good shot at that 4C slot next year in Raleigh. Also, Kuokkanen now playing with Checks and Saarela. Zykov playing very well too. Thanks to Coastal on the stream info.
  9. Gotta move Wallmark up. I edited and moved him to 8. If this list was biased to NHL ready, he'd be right near the top. He is currently tied for league lead in playoff scoring and lead the league in rookie scoring. He just keeps scoring. He was an emergency call up at the end of this season, and got sent back down but with lots of praise from Peters. He then got called right back up and more praise. I'm guessing he will start the year in Raleigh, probably taking McClement's 4th line center spot. He has 27 goals in 70 games including playoffs (32 goal pace projected over 82). I just haven't seen enough of him to have an opinion on how high his ceiling is, but his 2nd on team (to Fleury) plus/minus, at least suggests that he is defensively responsible enough to hold down that 4th line center position with more scoring upside than McClement.
  10. Yeah, may have been buried in a couple of long posts, but this guy has just exploded in Junior Hockey playoffs with 20 points in 8 games leading his team to two sweeps. It's below most people's radars (as witnessed by the low numbers reading this thread) but the Canes have a LOT of interesting low round picks making waves in various places: D1 College, Junior Hockey, AHL even. The cupboard is full of interesting things.
  11. One last thing. This is NOT the year to lose Stempniak to the expansion draft. I hate to see a PDG or McGinn go. And this may end up being a long term mistake, but next years team needs Stempniak before one of our yutes is ready in two years. Stempniak is a 40 point guy and a veteran. Neither PDG nor McGinn has proven they can score at that rate. Also, we are flush with prospects for the future. We need to make it next year. This top 9 gets it done: Jeff Skinner, Jordan Staal, Sebastian Aho, Elias Lindholm, Teuvo Teravanien, Lee Stempniak, Victor Rask, TJ Oshie, *****. ***** could be PDG, McGinn, Zykov, Guathier, Roy, Ryan, another prospect or another pick up. Seriously, that is a lot of firepower, speed and skill. For the record, it would be better to pick up a true 1C, but there are none in UFA, and if we can get a guy like Oshie and keep all of our powder dry it would offset that need somewhat.
  12. The more I think about it, the more it makes all the sense in the world to go after TJ Oshie. Here is a guy who is actually hitting his peak. He has elite talent, and has produced at a very consistent pace for 7 years really, but has shown no fall off recently, in fact, just put up a career high 33 goals. He has averaged 26 goals in the last 4 years, with the lowest year being 19 goals. He has averaged 56 points over 4 years, but really if you discount an injury year, and the shortened lockout year, this guy will give you 50-60 points and at least 20 goals like clockwork. Just write those points in and hope for more. And while I know not all agree, I am giddy with the fact that he is a career plus 115. Yes the Caps are a very plus team, but Oshie is historically at the top of the team also. If last year's team had TJ Oshie, and a solid #1 NHL goalie, we could still be playing now. But then next year this underlying team should be better than last year. Again, if we won the Oshie sweepstakes, it would get us that top forward without having to trade a Faulk or a Hanfin or even a Fleury or Bean or prospects. Thus Francis could move on to the goalie issue with all of his players, prospects and extra draft picks in hand. With the expansions situation, he might be able to fix the goalie and still have lots of assets for a move up the draft board. My fantasy: sign Oshie, use the expansion draft to pick off a nice NHL goalie for a decent cost, use a bunch of picks to move up the draft board and get a really nice forward. If he did those three things, we'd have a playoff team, and more exciting prospects that Leo DiCaprio has at a Hollywood party.
  13. It's funny how fiscally responsible with PKs money we are and how Francis has convinced us that adding a serious UFA is bad for the team (note, Francis said it didn't make sense LAST year, not that it never makes sense). After JR, and the Semin debacle, we seem to be swinging back to "all big contracts are always bad". UFA's allow teams to close needs that come up without giving up players or prospects. Just money. The owner's money. And just about every decent team has at least one significant UFA signing. Some more. One of the problems this team has faced over pretty much every year since 2007 is that we are at least one, if not two UFA's short of other teams, who get to upgrade needs with a "get one good player" card. Teams get talent without giving up by drafting and UFA. We've never gotten bad enough to get that super elite top 2 type draft pick, and we fail at getting that significant UFA. After lots of small ball guys, JR at took a big chance on Semin: Such skill, such advanced stats, such a huge whiff. So, we have have a very bad taste. That and the Eric/Cam contracts have left us all a bit gun shy. And yes, the league does have plenty of over 30 UFAs that haven't been worth their salaries. But not all of them. and most still help their team, even if they are overpaid. There are notable success stories too. In fact the last time we signed a couple of really good UFA's were a couple guys named Ray Whitney and Cory Stillman. That worked out pretty well. I think the Blackhawks have gotten their money's worth out of Marion Hossa, etc. The fact is that UFA's allow an instant injection of proven NHL ability, in this case scoring. It would be nice if PDG or McGinn started looking like 55-60 point guys, or maybe Guathier et all, but the right UFA is a guy who DOES look like that. The NHL is a phenomenally brutal league to score points at a consistently high level in. If a player has done that, they are already, right now, immediately, what you hope your #5 draft pick will do by, say his 5th season. The fact that they only cost money is also perfect for us because our draft and develop assets are still a year or two away from showing what they really are and having full trade value, and we have the lowest payroll in the league and the most cap space, by a lot. Francis has held onto prospects like they're his own kids. Well a UFA lets us keep them all, and all of our picks and all of our players. Let me address two negatives that are invariably thrown up in argument to this. 1. You can't build a team through just UFA's. 2. Bad contracts kill teams. These are examples of too much of a thing. A pinch of salt adds tremendous flavor, a cup of salt makes a thing inedible. This team is so far at the other end of the spectrum on both issues. 1. We are nearly all draft and develop with just one top 9 UFA and none on D or goal. If we signed TJ Oshie, he would be the second significant (assuming we keep Stempniak) UFA on the team. Hardly building a team though UFA. Bad contracts are in issue, but that risk is not currently an issue, really at all. We have only two largish, longish term contracts; Jordan and Justin and frankly their $6 million/year is not back breaking. Further, Bickell's $4.5 million comes off the books next year. If we paid Oshie $6 million/year, next year Oshie minus Bickell would be $1.5 million lousy dollars to get a top notch forward in here. What about year 6 of Oshie, when he is only a 35 point guy and 36 years old. Are you serious? After what we've been through in the last 6 years, we're worried about 6 years from now? Heck, at least that implies there is still a team here. Yes. This is the year to seriously overpay the right guy. I could definitely see that guy being TJ Oshie.
  14. I'd be more concerned about the term than the money. Oshie is 30. 7 years is too long. But in general the nice thing about a UFA is you don't have to give anyone up to get them. I'd probably do it for 5 years, especially if he has no or a limited NTC. Even if we get 4 really good years, we can handle that last year, plus, we've got picks and prospects and ways to fix things down the road.
  15. That is pretty cool Min. Darling looks pretty dang good based on those numbers too. And Lack looks better than Ward.