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  1. That just means we have to win it for Svech. I hate this so much, but I have to check out for good and watch this on DVR later. GO CANES!!!!!
  2. I cannot believe I have to work this evening. I'll be DVRing this and off the boards because there's a chance I can get through my shift without finding out the result. Of course I'll probably be up all night, but hey, this is what it's all about.
  3. If Martinook is a game time decision, then that would rule Ferland out for me, especially if Svech is going to try to go. Can only have so many guys fighting to stay out there. I fully expect no Ferland, yes Martinook, maybe Svech.
  4. Thanks Xray. I will say that with so many opinions on XM NHL, I do find myself occasionally thinking, "well this guy's a idiot". But it's pretty good most of the time. I did hear one of their commentators mention that Oshie really hadn't done much in this series so his loss was not as big of a deal. Not sure I agree, but at least it's a different point of view. Now I don't listen to every minute so someone may have made the point, but I haven't heard anyone mention our loss of Svech, Ferland, (and for over a game Martinook) to off-set that. How do you not even mention that. Yes, Oshie is the historically more dominant player, but anyone watching this series saw Svech coming on like stormfront. He was in their heads, creating chances and scored two goals that I don't think Ovi would have scored. Svech: 2 goals, 3 points: 3 games. Oshie: 1 goal, 2 points: 4 games. And that doesn't even count Ferland or Martinook. Oh well, whatever. Just win. BTW I really think Martinook's value is key. Not just his play (which is always the right way), but this guy is one of the key heart and soul guys that fire the boys up. I think that he was a solid part of why this team stood back up and won game 6. But few pundits bother to go that deep into our team and just focus on the "star player".
  5. I know people have been posting about this elsewhere, but this is the player movement thread and I can't be searching everywhere for it. Ferland. I don't know what Tripp was talking about when he said he wouldn't put Ferland back in even if he could go, but I do think that Ferland's days in Raleigh are pretty much over. It's too bad because he is the type of player we want, and he is yet another piece of that trade that is seemingly frittered away (Fox talk has died down, and we might at least get something for him in a trade, and luckily for the most part Hamilton has delivered). But it just does not seem meant to be. The injury ended up being the deal killer probably. But there were problems either way. If he had not been injured, and kept his pace up on the top line, he'd be priced out of us keeping him, probably by a lot. But the injury took him out, and when he was back he could not find his way onto that top line, and he could not produce offense on the third line. From his point of view, it had to stink watching your once sky-high value first drop, then probably drop a lot while you play with guys who don't create offense. From our point of view, we could have gotten a draft pick for him, but we kept him and didn't get good value on that decision so far. He did hit, he did fight, he was worth having, but he did not produce with no goals since returning from his injury. Injuries are tough. We have no idea how limiting it might be. No idea. We like to spout off about he should be playing, he's saving himself, but we have no idea. If he wanted to be traded at the deadline and/or has let his demotion off the top line get in his head, then that is an issue. I can see it, but it will get in the way in that he probably doesn't feel the love to stay here. But signing a pending UFA requires interest from both sides, and then agreement of value on both sides. That just seems so unlikely now. I'd still want the guy, but almost certainly not for what he thinks (and he might be right) he'll get. I really don't blame him for trying to get max value. Most likely he's in the mindset that he'd stay here, but it only makes sense to skip the UFA market if you feel you're getting a great deal to stay. I can't imagine that's what we're offering. And we probably see that he's injury prone, but also, he is a very very good complementary player in the NHL. He can produce points and round out a top line, but he does not create much on his own. So you really can't pay him like a guy who does. I think Ferland is a guy we should try to keep. I don't know what sort of off ice issues might be there, but mainly if the guy doesn't want to be here, he'll be gone anyway. So, assuming he wants to stay, this is a guy who can put up 50 points and 20 goals while wrecking balling the other team. He, along with Martinook, Foegele, and somewhat Nino, and McGinn all bring grit with some offense that nicely balances this team's high end skill out. But only at value. With Foegele showing now, and Nino on board, even though I like Ferland, we don't need him as much either. The price we'd pay to keep him is dropping faster than his probable UFA value, and even more from what he probably thinks he's worth. At this point (things could change if we move on and Ferland steps up), it's hard to imagine Ferland here next year.
  6. So with the 2-3 format, they have 3 home games to win 2. Really think they should do 7 games, but get this one!
  7. Welp. There's always next year's contest.
  8. I listen NHL on XM a lot. I can stream it too, which lets me listen to on demand shows and skip through the commercials. They are covering 31 teams though, so while the Canes do get some mentions, it's mostly for getting a feel for the whole league and the game. The show comes out of Toronto, but a couple of hosts go out of their way to say that they are not Leafs fans. Still, there is a natural Canadian bias though I don't find it overbearing. There is also a bias to large markets, which really does make sense for a national program. But really the bias is mostly about the teams that have had recent and even better, sustained success, and the teams with superstar players. That's who fans want to hear about. I will say the Boomer has been on our bandwagon for a long time, and the vast majority of the guys on there are on our side with this whole bunch of jerks thing, and that we are the sentimental favorites (or were until Columbus dispatched Tampa). Of course we want to be the actual favorites, but that will take not only success, but sustained success on the ice. So for now I'm happy with sentimental favorite. I think it's Sundays, they have prospect radio. Most of the time this is pretty dry stuff. But there are two exceptions. Just before the draft, and if they have someone on talking about Cane's prospects, especially that last one. That's where having access to on demand helps because it's hard to tune in at the exact right time for that.
  9. I will say that Kevin Weeks and his partner on NHL Network picked the Canes, though the host picked the Caps. But really, I don't blame them for picking the Caps. What I love is that their picks will make as much difference as the weatherman makes on the weather. Also, the preponderance of experts picked: Tampa, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Calgary, and Winnipeg. They pretty much always pick the favorite as a group. TBH though, picking Washington is not really some huge dis on us. They are the SC champs. They are at home. We've yet to beat them in Washington this year despite 5 tries, and one got out of control. Vegas has them at around -150. So they are definitely the favorite. But here's the thing. The prediction models predict a score of 3.0 to 2.6. That's less than 1/2 of a goal. That's anyone's game. So really all we can do is believe. And J Willy has the magic. 7-1 in game 7's with 14 points and 7 goals? Both records. Even if he doesn't score, they might put all of their attention on him. Ovi rising up to the occcasion? Probably. J Willy rising to the occasion. Oh yes. And not to underestimate the fact that this team has surprised so many times this year. I frankly didn't think they'd get to game 7. Now that they're here? Might as well win.
  10. remkin

    2019 Playoffs

    I can tell you that my gut feeling was always that Ovi suckered him into the fight. Svech has free will, and should not IMO have taken the bait, but his fellow Russian hockey hero asked him to fight, and it was just too hard to say no. When Ovi said Svech asked for the fight it never really made sense to me. The kid hadn't fought all year, we were winning, and it just did not make sense to me.
  11. GAME SEVEN VS 7:30 PM, Washington, Capital One Arena This is it. This is the moment. Leave it all out there. Earn it! VS Mr. Ovechkin does finally have a cup. But then, Mr Game 7 has THREE. While I am so proud of this team no matter what happens here, I can't lie, yes.. Who'd have given us a chance? Not the Media pundits. This year, even our biggest supporter in the national press, Boomer Gordon threw in the towel, saying he just couldn't do it anymore. And really, at the end of December? Who could blame them? December 29th, we lost 2-0 to the New Jersey Devils. We were around 8 points back. It was one more game to the dreaded January 1 cut-off where 10 points back seals the playoffs out. Our playoff chances were something like 3% on Sportsclubstats. It was not great. It was about time to dust off the list of prospects for the upcoming draft. AGAIN. Really? Again? Weeeeeeeell! Maybe not so fast. This bunch of jerks went on to win 5 straight after that, and then finished 31-12-2 for the rest of the year. Despite that run it took every one of those wins, as our competition for that last playoff spot just would not lose. If someone had said on December 29 that we'd need to go 31-12-2? No way. But this group actually did that. And made the playoffs!!! And our prize? We get the Stanley Cup Champs who had beaten us all 4 times this year. "Those Canes are a nice story. With the celebrations and all. Plucky team. I like them to put up a nice battle, but of course the Champs will win the series, in the end easily." Said the Pundits. (Who are all a bit embarrassed about their other playoff proclamations right about now). And indeed we did put up a nice fight before bowing out in those first two games. "Well they gave a good effort, but they're done now". Pundits. WEEEELLLL. Maybe not so fast. This team simply will not go quietly. In fact, they really don't seem to want to go at all. We all know what wonders they have brought us in this series at PNC: Undefeated there in fact. Those of us lucky enough, after sooo very very long, fortunate enough to be back in that building in all of it's playoff glory were brilliantly reminded of what we used to know. No matter what, we have that, and our bond with this team feels deeper than any year since 2006, and that is cemented in before this game. But.....Maybe not so fast. Maybe this team isn't satisfied just yet. They've done it over and over for 51 games now. Why stop now? Why not just go ahead and win this? Why not let Ovi finish his meltdown? Why not have Mrazek stand on his head? Why not, well, just win? No one can predict this game (especially the Pundits), but I think this team will come out and leave it all out there. And when we do that? We are pretty hard to beat. GO CANES!!!!!!!!! PS: Many on this board have stayed with this team and this board over a very very long period of frustration and less than great hockey. There have understandably been battles on these boards as on the ice boards. But now, with this moment finally here, we are all together, all in on supporting this bunch of jerks. This is what we all want to see. Even the crustiest among us want this team to win. And this team has rewarded us many times over. Cheers to the new members injecting new life in here, and especially cheers to the long suffering long timers. Win or lose, this has been the best year to be a Canes fan in a long long time, and am enjoying the heck of sharing it with you all.
  12. So. Pretty good game. I was lucky to be able to bring my 84 year old father to his first playoff game. He'd been to several regular season games over the year. Had no idea that he could swing a towel like that. Just another great Canes memory. What another night in that building. I've been missing playoff hockey for soooooo long and whatever happens tomorrow this bunch of jerks gave me 3 straight playoff games each as awesome as the last, and all wins vs. the SC Champs. Woooo. Just Woooo. Took a while to read through this thread, but what a great way to re-live that game. As to the national media, ask them about Tampa, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Winnepeg, and Calgary. They always talk about how awesome it is that hockey has so much parity and that all the teams in the playoffs are good, but then feel the need to explain away losses by the favorites. Still, the cup champs and long time dominant team will get the bias from the media. Whatever, we've ridden that skepticism to the ECF, SCF, and Stanley cup so far. But seriously, our loss of Martinook, Ferland and Svech >> than Oshie. It is pretty amazing how few pundits point that out while whining about no Oshie. How insanely ironic would it be if Svech came back and got the game winner? I'll take any win, but that would be pretty amazing. I get the temptation to go to McE, given the stats, but really, that has zero chance of happening IMO. McE hasn't played in forever, but what's more, it would throw the entire team off. There is no doubt that no matter what happens tomorrow, this has been a special team and a special year. And this team will be better for pushing Washington to game 7. If they'd have gotten in and gone down in 4? Not sure that would have helped much. But this? No doubt a big step forward. Might as well win it though. I need more playoff hockey.
  13. remkin

    2019 Playoffs

    No. I guess that's what he was saying. Seems more and more like that's what happened.
  14. Definition of Concussion: Concussion is a trauma-induced change in mental status, with confusion and amnesia, and with or without a brief loss ofconsciousness. Even just being confused or seeing stars can be a concussion if you can't remember the event. But Svech was out cold. twitching on the ice. That is actually a higher grade concussion. Plus the team has said he had a concussion.
  15. This issue is admittedly confusing because there are two protocols. First one is during the game. WAS there a concussion. Second one is after the concussion has been established and is about return to play. There is no question that Svech had a concussion.
  16. Is this an actual NHL rule though? It's not listed in the rules I quoted. Might have been changed. Could be a team rule. Is standard for most sports. Just not sure it's an NHL rule.
  17. Thanks Caniac 1-1, that's my read too. I posted some detail on this in the other thread. Ultimately it's up to the player and the team doctor. I'm not a neurocognitive expert, but in my experience, most of that testing is about recalling things, manual dexterity, etc. I would think a headache alone would not fail someone. The stepwise return I mention is standard for many athletic organizations, but is only a guideline in the NHL. That said, "complete recovery of concussion-related symptoms" WOULD include headache. So, technically, if Svech woke up today with no headache and skated hard with no headache, the team doctor COULD clear him (doesn't mean he will). But also there are other "concussion related symptoms" he could be having that he didn't tell us about too. Unless Svech is willfully messing with Washington and lying about his headache, I have to think he's out.
  18. I'm pretty sure that was medically cleared of need for further medical treatment for the injury. ie. he did not need to be admitted or have neurosurgery. But medically cleared to play is different. The concussion protocol for return to play requires a separate clearance from a doctor to play and he has not had that yet. He's been cleared to enter the stepwise process to return to skating, etc, but not to play. At least that we know of.
  19. Man I hope I'm wrong. I'd take either of Martinook, or Ferland. Svech? If I'm wrong about him and he plays? Oh please don't get hit again. I don't think he plays. I think the talk of him maybe playing is subterfuge. I'll be ok being wrong though.
  20. I completely agree that we are missing the physical presence of Nook and Ferland. and Nook is a heart and soul leader too and we could have used some of that Saturday. I don't think any of them go, but definitely not Svech. I don't see how you go from my head still hurts yesterday to playing today. If I see him out there at game time I'd be stunned and scared for him. If Nook could go it would be great. I agree that we need to bring up guys who can hit. In theory a 30 goal AHL scorer could work, but not if he's only going to play a few minutes with bangers on his line and has never played an NHL game before. Bishop is the right guy. He's looked decent offensively, will hit, has grit, and has NHL games. The first goal, or two. That does seem to make a big difference. That, and me waiving my towel screaming like crazy, and to a lesser extent the other 18,000 screaming fans.
  21. First, excellent GDT starter, thanks Surf! And OBXer last game. Lets force me to find another GDT starter this year, ideally many more! Bishop is the guy many of us would have called up to start. My question though is that we assumed he was hurt. Has he been hurt? Has he had any game action since that injury? When healthy Bishop brings grit, but also the potential for offense. And, unlike Saarela, he has NHL experience. He's the right guy, I just hope he's not in his first game after injury. I agree with Sportsfan that we need our vets to step up. It's a fairly annoying cliche, but we need our best players to be our best players, even if they're trying to shut them down. I'd be very surprised if any of our three forwards out play tonight. So, was the Washington debacle about too many new guys, or just a team let down? I hope it was a let down, because we fans can pick them back up. Another cliche, but this one is the crux of it: We need to get to our game. We can't be tentative. We can't just dump and chase and defend. We need to go for it. Whatever happens go for it!
  22. It does point out that this matters to players. When we want to draw a big name UFA for instance, OR trade for a guy with a NTC, or to keep a guy facing UFA. To me this is a sign of how good things could be if we keep building. As the building fills, and the team wins, it will be easier to add this or that piece and keep guys here. Yes, the team needs to be built mainly through the draft, but adding pieces has been a challenging area.
  23. remkin


    From the Canes' website: A critical factor in why the Hurricanes were never able to establish their game was a trio of injuries to top-nine forwards, none of which is expected to play in Game 6..... Andrei Svechnikov spent a lot of time on the ice Sunday - not that that's anything new - but remained in a yellow, no-contact sweater and a full-face cage. "My head still hurts," Svechnikov said on Sunday. "It depends how I'm going to feel tomorrow." "We'll see," Brind'Amour said of Svechnikov's status for Game 6. "I would say highly doubtful." Sounds like we will be without all three again tomorrow ☹️ If Svech's head is still hurting today, despite no contact I don't see any way possible to play tomorrow. I was wondering if we go 7D since they sent Saarela back, but then again, they could recall a different forward too.
  24. I fixed it! But he doesn't seem to be at his peak.
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