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  1. A story in the N&O about Necas. Yes, obviously, I'm very excited to see him in action, and the article is mostly flattering, but here's a weird quote: Asked Monday if he liked what he has seen out of Necas in the first four days of training camp, Brind’Amour said, “No.” Brind’Amour didn’t elaborate and then said more good things than bad about Necas. Read more here: https://www.newsobserver.com/article235139747.html#storylink=cpy (need subscription). I still think that Brind'Amour was talking directly about Necas when he groused that he'd rather have guys training in the offseason than winning their Calder Cup. I wonder if some of it is sort of based on that. I continue to maintain that Necas' speed and offense creating will be hard to ignore, and if we don't get a guy like Kase on a Faulk trade, I still bet on him making it. The article mentions that Necas has added 20 lbs from his first arrival here, and that has to help.
  2. Hard to believe but there is actually a hockey game tomorrow! OK, preseason, but there is a game.
  3. I don't want to get onto the pessimism side of the fence, but here is that side: I think that Kase was the peak of what we could have gotten for Faulk. It would seem that Faulk wouldn't sign with Anaheim, and that killed the deal, though this is just speculation. Continuing with that speculation, since Anaheim was on the NTC, I'm guessing Faulk asked for the moon and Anaheim didn't bite. One of the Cane's guiding principles has always been wanting players that "want to be here". I have to think most teams think that way. Of course it is overstated to a degree, especially with trades, but still, being on a guy's NTC list isn't the best introduction. Anyways, it's just been so hard to trade Faulk, that the idea of getting a guy like Kase just seemed too good to be true. Maybe it was. Next option: middling prospects, al al the DeHaan for the two Fors and if that doesn't work....Pu. Overall, the committee really has rocked. But when it comes to converting all of these "riches" on D to something else, we've been fairly inefficient. Just once, I'd like to lose one of these guys on D and get something of value back. OK. Just have to occasionally throw a little cold water out there. It will all work out fine.
  4. I like seeing the board give Fleury some love. Not that he's shown great things, but that it is so well known that most NHL D men take a long time to find their best NHL game. The guys with offensive flash have a huge advantage in that regard since that is easy to see, and offsets the D issues. But if you don't bring a ton of offense, it takes a while to establish your D cred for most players. It's easy to focus on the few guys who seem to make the transition smoothly, but most NHL D men take around 4 full NHL seasons to "get it" fully at this level, according to, well, NHL defensemen who have talked about it. We tossed a lot of this at Hanifin too when he had few games under his belt. But then one wonders if Hanifin might not have benefited from at least a year in Charlotte. But he didn't and it showed for at least 2 seasons, if not more. McKeown has put up extremely solid shutdown numbers in Charlotte, and sure seems like a great 3rd pair option too. McKeown and to a lesser extent Fleury have been the biggest casualties of the Canes building such a deep D. But in a strange, long term cap management kind of way, the team could actually suffer from having too many veteran D men because it is inhibiting us from developing these guys from the system. I'm not really complaining, but we've continued over the years to sign guys or trade for them to bolster the D, to the point that we're not only blocking guys, but we're practically giving them away (see DeHaan) to make room for more (see Gardiner). It has produced what appears to be a pretty amazing D, so I'm not complaining about that part. But we have really yet to do the vaunted flipping of D for O, or even G. I've long maintained that the one good thing to come out of this "slow-play" of Fleury would be to sign him to a longish deal on the cheap. He's an RFA next year. If we can see steady, solid play, especially if he brings an edge, from him, we should consider a pre RFA deal for him IMO. Teams need to have guys on team friendly deal in the cap era. Meanwhile, down in Charlotte, Jake Bean and Chase Priskie along with McKeown, and Jesper Sellgren.
  5. Man, NTC's have hurt this team over the years. Thanks for passing them out to anyone who asked JR. If we can do a three way trade to get around the NMC, that would be interesting. If it allowed us to get Kase despite the NTC, that would be great. But I'm thinking that ship might be steaming off onto the horizon. It is amazing how hard it has been to trade Faulk.
  6. Yeah Brind'Amour seemed surprised to hear that. He said, "He (Fleury) said that? He needs to add that element to his game, and the sooner he figures that out, the best for all of us.". Fleury is a pretty big kid. With DeHaan and especially Ferland out, there is a clear role for physicality from a guy like Fleury for sure. And with about 20 guys knocking on the door for that last D spot, I would think the motivation in this contract year would be pretty pretty high for Fleury to find an edge.
  7. I was going to post something about which guys are likely to take a jump up vs fall back, but really I can only project a couple of guys to possibly fall back (maybe Turbo on total points, and Nino, maybe Hamilton in goals, but that's just because they did so well last year). So then I wanted to focus on guys who should jump up this year. But on that note, I've mentioned the obvious Svech and slightly less obvious Foegele, both of whom came on late and in the playoffs, which are great signs, more than once, and I've been pretty high on Necas. So that's all out there. I've discussed my excitement for somewhat lower key but nice potential bumps up from Dzingel and Haula. Covered already. The potential synergy to bump the PP from Haula, Dzingle and finally a PP QB in Gardiner? Check. Discussed. But one under the radar guy who could put up much better numbers this year? Jordan Staal. Brind'Amour will tell anyone who listens that Jordan is the ultimate undervalued guy. He's even called him the best player on the team. And everyone on this board knows of the guy's character, and puck possession, faceoff prowess, and two way game, a lot of underrated type things. Take out his first shortened season here, and over 6 seasons on a stubtantially minus team, he has managed to be an even player, despite checking the top centers in the league. Really though it's just a matter of staying healthy. Jordan scores .21 to .24 goals/game like clockwork, basically double his replacement if he's out. I think Jordan will be the de facto 3C. The media talk like he's the 2C and poor Haula relegated to 3C. But my opinion is that Haula will end up drawing the more skilled offensive wingers. Haula, in his last full season, scored .38 goals/game just missing 30 goals. Jordan has never done that. But outside of bragging rights for which line you center, it actually makes me feel better about Staal in the 3C role. The top tier point production for a 3C is 15 goals and 40 points. Staal beats that in an average year. Oh, and does all of the other stuff. So it gets back to depth. And we have it.
  8. Here's some random stats from last year in the form of a self quiz: What was the Cane's team rank in the NHL for the following categories? 1. Shots for vs. Shots against differential. 2. Hits/game. 3. Takeaway vs Giveaways. 4. Goals Allowed 5. Goals For 6. PP goals 7. Which D man was #2 in ice time per game? (Slavin was #1). 8. Which forward was #2 in ice time per game? (Aho was #1). Answers: 1. Canes were #1 in the league in shots differential. 2. Canes were #7 in the league in hits/game. 3. Canes were #4 in the league in takeaways/giveaways 4. Canes were #7 in the league in goals allowed 5. Canes were #16 in goals for 6. Canes were #19 in PP goals for. 7. Justin Faulk was the second most used D man per game. (Some of this is PP time, but still, he got a lot of ice time). 8. Nino Niederreiter was #2 after Aho in ice time per game. Those stats 1-6 included a very sup-playoff first three months of the season averaged in. Especially our goals for shot up in the back half of the season. But looking at those numbers, this team excelled in a lot of areas, even with the "bad" part of the season folded in. If we get our PP and total goals where they seem to be headed, and even stay close to the other stuff, this becomes an elite team.
  9. I made some similar predictions on here somewhere, but not sure where. But overall I think your predictions are very reasonable for each guy, but as a group a couple of guys usually fall off their highs. That said, if everyone up there hits those numbers we'd be near the very top of the league with more than 286 goals because a few guys will come up and pot a few, typically around 8-10 goals. We'd hit around 294, which would be second only to Tampa. That is not impossible, but would require everything to come together. You have Aho, TT, and Pesce on new career bests, but not crazy. IMO Staal, Dzingle and Haula will outperform your numbers. Imagine if we added Kase? But I've gone on in several places about our incredible depth with our skaters, at least, (but possibly in goal too). It really is something I've not seen here since the cup team. Even last year did not start with as much depth as we can roll out there this year. So predictions. I predicted we will score more goals than last year. But I'll go on to say we will score more goals than 2/3 of the league, or say around 260 goals and comfortably break 3 goals/game average. I would not be at all surprised if we came close to your 286, but again, it would all have to really come together.
  10. It will be interesting to follow the Leafs. They've gone "all in" on being top heavy at forward. Four guys, all forwards take up 52% of their entire cap if I'm doing the math right. Add in Rielly and Ceci and Anderson and that's 67% of their cap to 7 guys leaving 32.5% of their cap for around 15 other guys. Next year their entire D not named Rielly are either UFA or RFA's. What is interesting to me is that to the extent that a winning team can, we've taken the opposite approach. IMO winning teams in the NHL must have stars, but we've checked that box Aho, TT, Svech, Slavin, and more. But we're going with skill depth. Seriously, even without J Williams or Kase, we can go all the way to #9 at forward with potential 50 point or 20 goal guys, and still have to put two 15 goal guys on the 4th line for crying out loud (McGinn/Martinook). We have just as much depth on D. It can be really hard to visualize how much depth we actually have. There are some pundits who do see it, but many who just don't because they just see the big names and big markets, and gloss over us. And we picked up guys who are sneaky good, but not massive names, and coming off of some deceptively down times (Dzingle bad fit in Columbus, Haula prolonged time out with injury). IMO we also have a couple of guys who will step their games up this year, which is even harder for people to see who don't follow us regularly (Foegele, and Svech, but also possibly Necas, and I'd say Staal too). The Canes vs Toronto is an interesting theoretical match up. We are both (sort of) cap teams, but with very different approaches. Our top 3 make $20M/year, their top 3 make $33.5M/year. We also have a deep system and 2 firsts (including theirs) and 2 seconds, to their 1 second rounder next year. They have the big names and glitz, but I really really like our projection forward much better than theirs.
  11. I don't think we are better without Faulk. If it was just a Faulk for Pu situation, then don't do it, IMO. But, there is the return, and the fact that we are not keep to overpay guys with a year left, and we are just so deep at D. Kase, if we ended up getting him, has pretty high upside and is on a cheap deal. And while we are better with Justin Faulk than TVR, in the cap era it is just really not a good plan to have a $6 million/year bottom pair D man. I think it's the entire thing together that screams trade, especially after we signed Gardiner.
  12. No. I was just engaging CFF who seemed to be speculating that. This is pure speculation land, and out there a bit.
  13. So Brind'Amour said no decisions on Captains during or at least until near the end of camp. I guess that just means there's no obvious choice in his mind at this point? I guess in some ways it would be easier if Faulk is gone before they do it too. So this remains an open question. 35 votes is pretty good for us, but we'll keep it open for now. Interesting clear break in the "will be" and "should be". Clear win for Staal in the 'will' be, and close win for Slavin in "should be", with three at the top being Slavin-Martinook-Staal in the should category. I am going with the Staal contingency in the "will" group. Brind'Amour just has so much good to say about Staal on and off the ice, that it's just hard to see it going elsewhere unless he doesn't want it. But that assumes that he wasn't an abject failure as co captain in the room. I'd go Slavin as the next one if Staal either doesn't want it or is just seen as not good in that role. I just think it's too soon for Aho, but that has been the trend in the NHL. But the should is so tough, not being in the room. I'd go Staal again I think, but Slavin right there too. I love Marty, but he seems to be more of a keep the guys loose supportive guy and hate to take him out of that role. Also, the trend in the NHL is for the Captain to be a major producer on the ice too. Lastly, really no love for Aho in either part of the poll. I suspect most would see him as the eventual Captain, but not yet. I would add that if I were handicapping this, the fact that no captain is named going into camp would raise Aho's chances. He seems like a guy who might need to show leadership in William's absence, and the guys show that they are responding to him before he gets it.
  14. I agree, I just added that part. He actually just said we're not focusing on that now, and will do it later.
  15. I thought we were saying he wouldn't be ready to start the season anyways? And that was a part of the trade rationale? I think we upgraded to Gardiner, so in the end the return is the only question mark, and heck, one of the two Fors.. might make good, but I guess in theory he would have been ready. Though not now as it turns out.
  16. Just from my end, I agree. I don't think it's a factor right now. If it goes on and gets all the way past camp and into the season, and it's still an open shopping, then it could become a full on distraction. Not in camp though, IMO.
  17. Interesting thought that Williams may not have wanted to be Captain. I don't think that's it, but it's always interesting to take a new look at things. I think he may not have wanted to come in and be named Captain walking into the new room in year one, but he sure seemed to own it last year. That said, he was weighed down at the end of the year, and maybe being Captain was an extra burden. If he were to want to come back but not as Captain, one good way to do it would be to do what he is doing, let someone else get it, then come back as one of the guys. I'm not buying it, but it would be a way to get a little more time off, then come back in a less demanding role. Brind'Amour played it both ways in his interview just recently. The team is moving on, but the door is open, basically.
  18. No decisions on Captains until towards the end of camp or after. Thought that was a bit interesting.
  19. Can we read into this? Wonder why we might suddenly have a spot for another D man?
  20. The committee has been very anti Francisian in that it acts. So I fully expect this Faulk thing to get done if any teams he can't block come knocking, or if Anaheim ponies up the deal. Interesting analogy about the carrot though, since this team is definitely the rabbit not the turtle. I think the team comes out strong. But my eyes are focused between the pipes. If Mrazek and to a lesser extent Reimer are strong? Fast start. I would point out that the first half of the year is the harder schedule. the first month is full of playoff teams a West coast trip and a long layoff. November is balanced, and December is mostly on the road. So if this team is above the cutline by the traditional American Thanksgiving, the schedule lays out well after that. I think we will be.
  21. I agree with bepolar about the Faulk vs Skinner thing. I do think that there have been issues and Faulk has been on the trading block more days than any Hurricane I can remember, but last year was Faulk showing the brass that while he'll never be a Pesce shut down guy, he can clean up his D enough to be worth keeping. I guess one could argue that Skinner did it in a contract year in Buffalo and might have here, but IMO Skinner's lack of compete was much more evident than Faulk's two years ago. Skinner's effort was so bad at times that a casual fan could see it on TV. If this were the Canes of old, we'd probably throw a lot of money and a full NTC at Faulk right now. But this is a team with insane depth at defense and the committee has decided we are not going to pay a lot for this muffler, and this muffler wants to be paid a lot. So now, with the depth ready, and an undeniable top 4 guy slated to be bottom pair, and interest in Faulk picking up, it's the time to strike. This is not a pure dump like Skinner was, which is why they will not take Pu for Faulk. I have to think that negotiating an extension could take a few days, and entry into the market of other teams would just complicate things, so I'm guessing those things are delaying this. A couple of days ago they had Islanders Captain Anders Lee on. He said that he really didn't think that the RFA things affect the locker room, but a guy being there who wants to be traded, (or is a dead man walking IMO), is a distraction. IMO, as long as we're in camp and a lot of the guys there aren't making the team anyways, it's not a huge deal. On the other hand, one has to think that both Justin and his new team would want him to get as much of camp with them as possible. I know we've been down this road with Faulk before, but this one really feels like it almost has to happen, and the sooner the better.
  22. Considering he was on such a stacked team, that's pretty high praise.
  23. A few quotes I pulled from my nhl trade rumors: Pierre LeBrun: There are teams that are showing interest in Faulk that do not require him to waive his no-trade clause. Source confirm that the proposed trade offer between the Ducks and Hurricanes would involve Ondrej Kase going to the Hurricanes. Chris Johnston said on Sportsnet 960 on Tuesday that Justin Faulk will likely be traded even if he doesn’t waive it for Anaheim. There are other teams that are interested. When I look at the backlog of lower priced D men that also need to show something at the NHL level, combined with the unlikeliness of us signing Faulk to an extension, the open shopping we keep doing of him, and the apparent interest from teams, including ones he can't block, it just seems like something has to happen on this.
  24. Supposedly now that the Faulk news is out, other teams are making inquiries about him. Could put pressure on Anaheim to get their offer in Faulk's wheelhouse, or another deal could happen.
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