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  1. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic. Rhode Island is neither a road, nor an Island. Discuss. Seriously though, lots to discuss during the break. All of your questions are good ones. I do think we will try to win now barring a collapse in February, for the reasons you list. But that just means we don't likely rent out anyone like Edmumdson or Haula, not that we trade our picks for help. But that's now and that's my opinion. It does seem that rumors have us searching for D help. I'm not sure that outside if Dougy this committee has nailed the D help management. We have Slavin, Pesce, and Edmundson is underrated IMO. He's plus 5 and on pace for almost the exact stat line as Gardiner who is -19. Fleury has been very solid. I may be missing something, but IMO the only move that makes sense is if Gardiner goes OUT and a guy replaces him that can stick for a while and bring more offense than him. If Gardiner were playing the way he was supposed to, then Slavin,Pesce, Edumdson, Gardiner, Fleury and TVR would be more than good enough. Gardiner is the whole thing. If he stays bad the only move is to replace him. But to bring in another guy without replacing him won't likely be worth the cost.
  2. And don't look now, but February has a brutal 4 game road trip to StLouis, Arizona, Vegas, and Dallas. This team is going to have to really bring it after the break. The good news is that they've done it before!
  3. Part 2: But as much as I had hoped for Stone Hands to soften those hands, they will not. He will never be a high end 2C. And good teams tend to have high end 2C's. At his best Staal put up average 2C offense, but made up for it with the D and possession and heavy play. If he can get back to that, and if Wallmark continues his progression, then we might be OK down the middle next year with Aho-Staal-Wallmark. But if Staal stays on this year's pace and Wallmark falls back a bit, we'd be offensively weak in both slots. IMO Necas is a natural for center. However, Necas was moved to wing in Charlotte, (so didn't get a ton of recent center play there), and has been almost exclusively a winger here and Brindy is very stingy about who gets to play center. But Necas can range the ice like a lesser version of Conner McDavid. Still, most likely not next year. Suzuki has the chops IMO, but no way next year. He will need to show his D chops and come through Charlotte most likely. Apparently Geelkie is starting to get back on track, but next year? Maybe with a huge push in the back end of the schedule and a strong camp. Anyways, I agree, unless things get down right hostile, I don't see us trading Haula at the deadline. (Though if he got hot and fetched another first rounder? Imagine having 3 first rounders (and two seconds) in this upcoming deep draft. Talk about stocking already deep cupboards). But no, I agree, Haula plays it out here, and baring a sudden improvement in production and some sort of meeting of the minds and a deep playoff run, he's probably a walk away at the end of the year guy. In the end I think we'll have enough options to figure it out. (Bring up Goat, and push Necas to center, or Kuok or Geekie, etc). If nothing else the committee seems to be able to find guys.
  4. Well since we've got so much time between games, might as well discuss GM type moves. This team has so much going for it, and as the young stars mature it's just going to get better. But every team has some issues. One of those issues is center after this season. Rod is very stingy about who gets to be a center, and clear about what he wants in a center (as evidenced by Stone Hands continuing to be listed as our 1C all the time, and Rod's continuing effusive love for him as a top center). Given this, Haula really should be pretty happy he's even playing center. First, was he talking about being held out? Did he want to get back but we kept him out? Or, is he complaining about his role and linemates? It was such a brief mention, but he did say "not getting along with his coach...gotta think he's out of another team". What do we not know about Haula? It he a bit of a malcontent? I hadn't known that about him if true. But Brind'Amour at the moment is beyond being a coach. He has the committee's (owner's) ear. He is in a position of great strength for a coach. If Haula is having issue with Brind'Amour? For outcome of said issue: See Jeffery Skinner. See also Michael Ferland. It really stinks though because when Haula is on, he is what we need. A guy who can handle the center position, go to the net (which guys don't tend to do), and post very high 2C numbers. When Haula is on his game Aho-Haula-Staal is actually very strong down the middle with Haula possibly the strongest by slot. But with Haula being a UFA, this revelation of discontent bodes poorly for continuation of this relationship. Generally for a pending UFA to get signed by his team you need three obvious things: 1. The team has to want him. 2. He has to want to be there. 3. They need to find a number. I'm guessing that all 3 are in question. 1. The team would not want him if he can't get along with a player's coach and nearly GM Brind'Amour. 2. He won't want to be here if he doesn't like how he's being handled, or doesn't like the coach. (Or IF and again I have no idea on this, IF he's a malcontent to begin with). 3. The player will want to be overpaid to skip UFA, especially if there are other issues. The team will never overpay a guy with a questionable knee. These things can be worked out, and I'm basing my stuff on about 30 seconds of a podcast out of Minnesota, but if true, the odds of Haula being the answer next year, are, at least at the moment, approaching Ferlandian proportions. IMO.
  5. I think Gritty must have done it. I mean just look at him. Those crazed eyes? It's a wonder this hasn't happened sooner. That thing is a lunatic! It was just a matter of time.
  6. Thanks Iron Lion. Always appreciate the take about the Checkers from eyeballs that are actually seeing it! Keep it coming!
  7. I will say this though. Guys heading into their UFA year really need to stop complaining and start producing. Given his knee, the near entire year missed last year, and the games missed this year, if he doesn't start putting up points again, he's going to be very disappointed in UFA. If one projects out his productivity in the 14 games he's been back from missing games, that projects to a full season of 17 goals, 47 points, which is really a high end 3C. And he's pointless in the last 5.
  8. Didn't he get a game with Aho on his wing? Wonder if that had anything to do with it. Before he went out he was very productive, now that he's back, not so much. So he's complaining about his usage? It doesn't really make sense though. Not that he might not want to be a 1C, but that he is one. A good 1C puts up 85 points and 34 goals. An average 1C puts up 27 goals and 70 points, and a low end 1C puts up 23 goals and 60 points. Haula has hit the goals, but not the points. The one year he put in 29 goals he had 26 assists for 55 points. That was his only year doing that. So he's going to bump Aho who has 24 goals and 42 points, at the All Star break? I mean Aho is just a bit behind Haula's best year's totals, with 32 games left to play. It's makes no sense. Now if he's buying the Hurricanes social media or whomever decides which lines to list in which order? OK. That is nuts. Haula is the 2C. Stone hands is the 3C. No matter what order they write the lines down. I guess it does lessen the likelihood that we sign him to an extension. I had really wanted to. I really like the guy, and would love to have him as the 2C until Necas is ready, but looks less likely at this point if that is to be believed.
  9. I guess I have to see the deal to get it. I guess Edmundson and TVR are going out next year and we could trade Gardiner at some point. I would not trade a first rounder for a rental. Dumb. Just Dumb. First, a rental is to get in and go deep in the playoffs one time for a team that is on the verge except for one position. But even if we get in, we'd have to possibly beat Washington, Pittsburgh and Tampa or Boston perhaps, just to get to the finals. That assumes that this added player would get that done. We are a cup contender, but a lower rung contender that is still very young in our quest. We have two firsts and two seconds next year. Those are suddenly gold when the draft comes up, but now, no big deal to trade them for a partial year of a guy? No. So, GM remkin would have to add a guy that we intend to keep. I can see doing this only if that guy is very good and pretty young on the curve. He would have to provide some offense too since we are mainly doing this to replace Dougy. But looking long term, who is on the block if we keep Fleury and Bean coming in? I guess TVR and Edmundson as UFA's, but man Edmundson brings some thump back there and I'd like to keep him. Gardiner would be the eventual guy to try to trade next year. For the future we have Dougie, Slavin and Pesce as a triplet that almost has to stay at this point. IMO Bean and Fleury both stay. That means essentially Edmundson goes, and Gardiner gets traded, and the guy we add is the #4 D man. Is that worth a first rounder? I guess it depends on the guy, and his deal. This year we need to probably roll the dice on Gardiner since he has offense in his history. But next year, he could be moved if the new guy is all that. I just have trouble seeing it play out unless the new guy is 1. Very good overall (ie not a -40 type). 2. Brings offense. 3. Is signed for a few years. 4. Ideally has some physical since long term he probably replaces Edmundson. I don't know, there's other deals that maybe move out a Bean or Fleury, but to me that's probably selling those guys low.
  10. Well, went and read Sarah Civ's latest and she included this from Cory Pronman: (he wrote it 6 days ago): “Bean has been a top player for Charlotte this season and has followed up a great rookie pro season with an AHL All-Star appearance as a sophomore. Bean has shown he can handle an expanded role this season, taking on tougher defensive minutes and still improving in that aspect of the game. His main assets are still with the puck, though. He’s a mobile puck-mover with excellent vision. He makes the offense go, from his exits to the way he runs the power play. Bean is getting close to being NHL ready.” Sure sounds like a potential Jake Garninder replacement to me. But still maybe not this year. I don't know.
  11. Bean is an excellent point. As we keep buffing up our already deep D with UFA's (CDH, Gardiner), it has really kept our best yutes on the farm or press box. I guess it's a good problem to have, but as Fleury has shown, to become a good NHL D man, you need to play in NHL games. I'd defer to our Charlotte members, but Bean has been written about glowingly by Jayson Shaya, and was the first player chosen from the Checkers for the AHL All Star game this year (later joined by Ned). Last season he scored at a .63 ppg clip, and 13 goals. This year he's at .79 ppg and a 15 goal pace. He's the #3 D man in points in the AHL and #4 D man in goals. So he is bringing the offense. Last year he was +17 near tops on the team, this year he's -5 near the bottom BUT the median guy is -1, so that's probably in the range of useless as the stat typically is. Also this year's team has struggled more until recently. Need eyeballs to tell how his D game has been. But the stats are there. I'm forever biased by how hapless he looked in the NHL a couple of years ago, which is not fair. I suspect he's a lot better now. Love to hear from those who have watched him this year. Who knows if Gardiner continues to struggle, but my own take is that Bean's year is probably next year when TVR moves on, and maybe someone "cough" Gardiner, "cough" maybe gets moved. It does seem like it's about time to get a look at him though.
  12. Things are so fluid in the NHL coaching world. When it was realized that Big Buff was done, and then the injuries that hit Winnipeg, most analysts thought Winnipeg was done out of the gate. Then, when they actually outperformed those expectations Mo was lauded. But...now...not so fast. The Jets are going to have a very very tough time winning tonight. If they don't win tonight they'll have gone 3-7-1 in their last 11 including losing 4 in a row heading into the break. Not great timing for Mo.
  13. Does raise the question of how closely GM's watch guys on other team's periphery. I would think that would be where the best pick ups would be. To that end, have other teams noticed how well Fleury has played? Has his trade value risen? Personally, I feel pretty strongly that Fleury's best value is with us. If there has been anything good about our slow play of Fleury into the lineup, it would be that it should lower his next contract's value. I've mentioned it before, but it will be relevant moving forward. Teams need good D men on good contracts. There is a cap and one of the ways to get high skilled guys for the top of the lineup is to have very competent guys paid reasonably at the bottom. The Fluery slow play also probably lowers his trade value. He's below the radar. Even if we wanted to eventually trade Fleury it'd be better after he became an NHL regular. Personally, I'd lock up Fleury on a longish term deal if the numbers were right. He'd probably take it to get regular ice time to establish himself for his deal after this one, and we'd get a competent D man. But maybe a lot more: Fleury still could have more upside than we've seen. He still has only 117 NHL games, only 1.4 full seasons, and a lot of that broken up with lots of down time in between. It usually takes closer to 200 NHL games for a D man to really get it. If we lock up Fleury on say a 5 year deal with a lowish salary and full trade rights, we could end up with a very good NHL D man who is also relatively cheap. Great for the team, but also a very tradable piece if it came to that.
  14. So Chicago has gotten itself to within 2 points (bean adjusted) of the playoff cut line, and our goalies have picked it up big time. The idea of going after Lehner has faded into the background for now as both sides have substantially less interest in a trade, especially Chicago. Unless Chicago fades and one of our goalies falters before the deadline, that window is closed. Personally, I'd have some interest in Lehner in free agency still though.
  15. The best year in a long time for this squad has ironically been one of the worst years to scoreboard watch. Pittsburgh beats everybody no matter what, oh, except Philly one of about 3 teams I'd actually like to see them beat. Oh and trying to catch the NYI...of course they win. That was just one night. No, that's almost every night. . So tonight the beaten down Jets get to play back to back in Columbus who is very nicely rested, but not too rested. I guess you never know, but odds are Columbus jumps us right before the break. The sixth place team's points in each division: Atlantic: 51 points Central: 51 points Pacific: 46 points Metro: 60 points Once again... OK got that out of my system. But my forehead hurts for some reason.
  16. And on top of that, already with the suit on, and with the tuke to match the suit.
  17. Man is TT good. Watching that replay, he is absolutely passing that "shot" to Williams, as in right on his stick. Then he snipes the other goal to the top corner.
  18. The Metro really "p"'s me off. But if this team keeps playing like this. Who cares? Just bring more of this.
  19. Justin Williams: This is a special place to play hockey. Very Special. Thank you. Class act.
  20. OK, I might be getting a bit bad with the vision, but seems there are 4 Canes out there
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