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  1. Ummm..? So are you a Buffalo fan or a hurricanes fan because i'm not planing on the canes "dominating us" next game or the one after that.
  2. I really want to go... I'm going to try my best. I can tell this is going to be one of the best All-Star games just by looking at the ballots of who to vote for. Pretty much all my favorite players from around the league is on there.
  3. Eastern: BUFFALO Western: Anaheim *** Oh and anyone who beats Ottawa. Hey dboon3930, I love your avatar. Miller is the man and i'm glad to see that i'm not the only fan that remembers Matt Man.
  4. WOW....I feel so loved by all you guys! I love how you say that we have rude fans when i witnessed a canes fan throwing beer on a sabres fan and a grown man screaming at a little boy(sabres fan) telling him to shut up after we scored the last time we played at the RBC Center???? But anyways... Hands down... 1. Ottawa 2. Dallas 3. Hurrishames ooh sorry i meant Hurricanes( but honestly, I really only have a hatred for them when Buffalo plays them other than that they're ok in my book)
  5. I passed Cam Ward and beat him to the finish line but I don't think he was putting in as much effort, and I probobly wouldn't had noticed him if it weren't for his really cool shoes.
  6. Is this all you guys do here twist words to make them sound completely opposite of what they are??? I mean come on do you honestly think diving is a good thing? I was trying to say maybe while they were talking about giving him that kind of money they didn't look past it but pushed it to the side rather than saying "No way are we going to sign derek roy he's a diver"
  7. I dont's see why not? One guy like Peca who isn't all he's cracked up to be anymore especially since he hasn't played since i don't know november will make that much of a difference. Teh only thing I think will really effect us is the loss of all those goals by chris and danny. I mean we have an awesome goalie, great backup goalie(well better than the last)and an amazingly fast young team and the leadership of Lindy and even numminen. Now I know someone will say that there are plenty of teams in the nhl just like us. But the only thing that makes them like us is that they are 20 men in matching uniforms wearing ice skates. And that is reason enough because there is no I in team and that's exactly what we are about team and I'm not just talking about the players it's the whole city of buffalo and all the fans that go with it, and we truely believe !
  8. Why would him being our future captain someday be a bad thing???5, 4, 3, 2, 1...(sorry had to refrain myself) For what he produces is assists and goals and looking past his little diving habits i think it was a good move! In the long run it will turn out to be a good thing ...I can feel it.
  9. yeah That sucks jordan's only 18!!!
  10. Not so sure about this one guys. You may think I'm being biased but I disagree. Just because we lost a few key players doesn't mean we will be any worse. We still have a great goaltender in Miller, great offensive players and a pretty strong defence the only thing we really need to work on is our PP!!!!! But you know what I'm goona like sitting row 2 section 113 this year @ the RBC center and watching some of the best sabres action on oct 24. Good lick to you canes !!!
  11. Hey where in wake forest do you live? And what do you mean by tough times financially , nothing rings a bell about companies pulling out !
  12. UMMM i believe those are The Buffalo Jills(football) in sabres jerseys thank you! seens how I was just on the sabres message boards and there was no talk of a "dance team". I pray to the hockey gods that the sabres never aquire something even similar to the "storm squad"! Wow, you seriously had reach pretty far back to pull this thread up. Thats a lot of work just to throw an insult out to the Storm Squad. If you had taken as much time to read through this thread as you did to find it, you'd have read that other Sabre fan members of our board already enlightened us to your cheerleaders in Buffalo. Not exactly a quality first post on the board, please don't ressurect anymore old or retired threads. Welcome to the board. I'm sorry... I didn't mean it to be mean like that ! And I'm not really new I had a different name but I forgot what it was I haven't been on in so long. And in a way you just kind of insulted me by saying it's bad for anyone to be cheering for the city of Buffalo!
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