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  1. Thanks...it's on right now, but changes every minute or so...I can't find their # to call....keeping fingers crossed that it's going to work!
  2. You have a frustrating topic there. I agree your money is as good as anyones. Just know some oganizations get your STH money, then don't hold the special events and in fact lean towards providing extra opportuinities for the non STH as a way to pull them in. Rave away to clear your head...then write the letter.
  3. My prayers are with Eric, his family and the team. Props to the fans for the ovation.
  4. Marketing people spin. It's interesting to see how this is being viewed by people outside of Charlotte. Given a choice I'd rather be at a Canes game, but for now I live here so I get my live hockey fix with the Checkers. They are trying to market themselves better. When I first moved here I literally would be getting off the ice and the team was getting on it for practice. I had no clue who they were, other skaters had said they were a pick up league. Clearly they don't have the following that comes with being a major franchise. So I keep checking jobs in the Raleigh area......anyone got any inside tracks??
  5. They are people, and sometimes we see different sides. I certainly have showed a nice side at times, then others have seen me when I'm preoccupied and ignoring people around me. I have witnessed some hockey players cut up with STH's then as soon as they move away rip the STH to shreds and ridicule them. Does it taint my opinion of them personally, yes, do I still root for them as a player and team, yes.
  6. Clearly since the Canes have only been around for 10 years I grew up on another team. I root for the Canes and will continue to do so even when I leave NC because they've earned my respect. That being said I love hockey and when the Canes play my hometown, I cheer for the Canes, but love to see a good game period. During the SC finals I chose a team to back...does that mean I'm not a Canes fan and a turncoat because I support the sport?
  7. Good vibrations heading North I'm hoping they "show" up and play the way I know they can, it will be a great game if they do considering the opposition.
  8. Welcome Whitedragon~ Cool picture. I moved here from Hurricane Alley (FL) two years ago and am loving the live hockey action. I am a season ticket holder for the Charlotte Checkers and have enjoyed the spirit of the Ice Pilots. Let us know when you plan on coming to town, it's always great to meet up with fellow fans.
  9. Missing opening night-SUCKS Center Ice online-SUCKS Listening to the game in a language I don't understand-SUCKS Hearing the roar of the Caniac Nation-PRICELESS-YOU GUYS ROCK!
  10. Here's to a speedy recovery for JG, doesn't sound good but maybe this is somethign that can be cleared up in a matter of days.
  11. Cole...but hey as long as a Cane scores it's ok with me
  12. Gotta be Ward-I'm impressed with how hard he worked in the off season and hope it pays off this season.
  13. my .02 Should've been Cole, but that's okay he still tops in my book whatever his sweater has on it. I can't help but wonder if Staal is in there because in 2-3 years where will the others be? How many of them will still be here. Not dinging anyone because I love having a seasoned team with a lot of heart, but injuries happen etc. Maybe like others have pointed out this is a way to light a fire under Staal and get him prepared.
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