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  1. yah i agree. hes working his buns off out there. Ruutu.. ftw!
  2. Im having mixed feelings... like oh no.. really? Were revisiting the past? And also.. well something new to THIS team.. and something new to Maurice. Lets see what can happen.. We need some wins badly though.. lets do it!
  3. Was also the first time theyve done it.. maybe it will be louder monday night.. i want it to shake the marrow out of my bones
  4. Yea.. i was in 319, and it sounded miserable quiet.
  5. At tonights game.. they were promoting upcoming events at the RBC Center.. like the Walking Dinosaurs.. or whatever it is.. the Canes players did their impersonation of a dinosaur i guess (couldnt really hear the announcer, was quiet) and.. i laughed so hard.. Cam sounded like a persian kitten.. lmao.
  6. Sadly it wasnt that loud.. i was like.. thats it? lmao. But lets get Big Mike on it.. he will blow the roof off... (wow that was the worst pun ever)
  7. I think the Canes will roll and take them out
  8. LOL that is my ringtone that I made on the website!!!!!! LMAO. thats so funny.
  9. Everyone here has always seen the optimistic side of me.. I will never show my pessimistic side. You have seen me lose my cool.. but only a little bit. If we lose tonight.. you will probably see the side of me that has been escorted out of the RBC Center.. more than once, LOL. That was only for cussing and yelling ((mainly at Brierre and Heatly)) lol. Imagine that. But, I agree.. we dont do it the easy way, we are a dramatic team, tighten your skates, reinforce ur cruddy new sticks, hit hard and shoot often. Show the NHL we are the boys of the South, we are no joke, and show the Lightning what a real storm is all about. Let go canes.
  10. i was going by what i heard on nhl radio.. and youre still here??
  11. actually it was 12 for the canes.. and 7 for the craps.. 19 total..
  12. of course some people are gonna be biased towards THEIR OWN TEAM....good grief
  13. bleh bleh bleh... go wipe ovechkins rear end.. im sure he cant do that alone either
  14. and for the admins.. those are not cuss words.. they are the word cr@p not what you think it may be.
  15. this is the biggest load of @#$% i have ever seen. im so disappointed in this game. not by the canes, but by the poor sportsman ship, the poor ref job that has been displayed. and screw u ovechkin for trying to get the fans louder for putting ur hands in the air. ur a piece of @#$% with a bad attitude and dont deserve to be in the nhl. if you cant win without the ref's help.. screw you. oh yea.. we have a good young player on our name too. his name is STAAL look it up you arrogant *edit*.
  16. so sorry it took me forever.. but ME LOVE U LONG TIME!
  17. thats how many seats are in there. dont forget the RBC floor plans change from event to event. NC State basketball holds more because of smaller court.. and the student sections. Also, i KNOW ive seen more than 18,500 there.. they sell standing room only tickets after sitting seats are gone.. ive been a victim, lol.
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