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  1. For anyone who wants to go today, the online time was incorrect. I called security this morning and they told me it was at 12 instead of 11.
  2. Anyone planning on going to the last Canes practice of the regular season tomorrow? It happens to be that tomorrow is the first day in a long time in which I am able to attend, but could it end up being closed? I know they are going to have to hop a jet to NJ for Saturday's afternoon game, so do you think Mo would give them the day off, or do you think that he'll make them practice, esp. after tonight's absolutely tragic outcome? I sure hope it wont be cancelled!
  3. They fixed it! The Gleason interview remains, but the birthday suit has been left out of view. Sorry folks, shows over!
  4. I'm not opposed to it, I was just shocked that the film editors didn't catch it before I did!
  5. Call me a renegade, but... Laviolette out, Rowe in. Sometimes the problem is not on the bench, but behind it.
  6. Thanks so much for replying - I'll keep all of it in mind for next season, but hopefully NC State (Sorry PAck Fans!) will be done very soon. And it is a very good thing to call before!! I was bummed, my group even had the perfect t-shirts made up for the occassion. Just as well, I didn't quite feel up to battling all that football traffic! I'll just have to plan for another weekend, I suppose. Thanks again!
  7. So just to get this straight, Center Ice will or will not grant me access to tomorrow's game?
  8. I absolutley LOVE those segments! Especially because I can't always hear what they are saying when I'm at the game. It also makes it personal between the players and their fans. I'd love to see Rod participate in those, so I guess we'll keep our fingers crossed for next year? Anyway, someone mentioned the old Chase McCoy skit....have a link?
  9. Ugh...I just wish the boys would want this as much as their fans do. I'm calling it a night, and if we come back and win this thing, I'd cut my losses and catch it on Sports Center. Good night, and Good Luck. Go Canes.
  10. >>Why, because the defense gives up breakaways? No, because our starting goalie should have the hand-eye to not let guys walk right in on him. Not two seconds after my post did the Sens get yet another easy goal.
  11. They definitely need to work on the PP and PK. Until they're bloody? Maybe, or at least until they can conquer either with their eyes closed. And I could support changing up the coaching staff. Laviolette's ok, he's just not doing it for me (and his team) like he has in seasons past. He isn't taking full advantage of the options he has in his team. Mix it up, explore your options and take a couple chances. Even something as little as motivating his team a bit could do some good. There's a reason why coaches like Lindy Ruff are talked about - they know how to take the skill on the team and make it work to win games. Simple as that.
  12. I've got to give it up to our guys, especially Walker and Hedican. Knees are especially fragile. I tore my medial meniscus in my right knee pretty badly last August, and - for someone who works out daily - I'm still feeling the hurt. Granted I required surgery and these guys didn't, I'm just glad to see them back. And speaking of knee surgery, glad to hear JWill is making good progress :]
  13. Wow. Well, from what I have read through, this topic has become a bit of a push/pull discussion. The fact is, the 'C' on his jersey is here (for now) and this isn't the forum to discuss his worthiness of such title. As far as his play goes, it's obvious he's not producing like he was last season, or even as he was at the season's beginning for that matter. I'm not seeing the same intensity, quickness, and pure skill that I have seen him display in the past. Look's like he needs a little bit of motivation, and I'll just keep hoping he finds it...fast. Now that we've fallen out of the SE Division lead, let's support our team - and that includes our Captain.
  14. What a waste! Did anyone else arrive at today's pregame skate (as scheduled for 9 am) to find that the pregame skate had JUST ENDED? This was not the news I wanted to hear after an hour and a half drive through the miserable rain. The excuse the security guard gave was that Coach bumped it up a bit earlier, allowing more time for the players to get ready for their flight. This is completely understandable, however, I wish there was some way I would have known. Also, the same security guard said they would be having practice tomorrow, but online it says closed to the public. Guess this security guard wasn't in-the-know, or is the online schedule a little bit screwy as of right now? I'd appreciate the straight scoop.
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