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  1. When I was at the game on Tuesday they played that Killers song over a really cool video they had put together of old and new clips of the Hurricanes. Is there anywhere or anyway I can see that online?
  2. Yeah I just got a twitter update saying that. Has Yelle really been doing that bad?
  3. I wasn't even sure who it was.
  4. Gotta say the wild. They are my favorite team from the west, and I doubt I'll make it out to Minnesota anytime soon to see them. Although I guess I would have to watch them lose if we played them here.
  5. He just seemed like he would want a ton more money then we were wiling to give him. I think 3.4 million is plenty, and I'm surprised we gave Jussi that much as well. With all this big spending it will be interesting to see what comes from the Ruutu deal, and what we have left over to pick up some D.
  6. I was worried about this one, but I'm glad to have him back! Now lets just hope we hear something from Ruutu today.
  7. I also did this, and I stopped wearing my 2009 playoff shirt on game days.
  8. Anyone know where I can find the Carolina Hurricanes song by Aerial Down for download? or just to listen.
  9. no matter what happens we always seem to find ourselves on the wrong side of that line.
  10. you gotta love Ruutu thanks for the sig!
  11. Could someone please make me a Ruutu sig. Thanks
  12. I have to say that i was blown away by what this team did this year I could not be more proud of them after playing through the injures. I can not wait for next year I plan to be at the first game!!!! GO CANES!!!!
  13. Kardon47 but i just got the three red rings :angry: ill play anyone in NHL08(got it cause Staal was on the front) or NHL 2K8
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