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  1. Well I new that, I just thought that there was some other reason why else they would be cheering him. I was glad to see that support for him know matter how bad we've been doing and the caniacs were glad to have him back.
  2. A lot of our problems with teams beating us is turn overs. I think our guys are keeping their heads down at the puck when they can't see the guy in front of them. They need not to worry about how much the puck is on the blade and just worry about passing it and then that guy can take it from there. More attacking, shooting, and finishing the checks. I also hate the games when we out shoot the other team but still loose it. Just like the last game. God I hate those.
  3. I'm glad Borer and Conboy are coming up. They are really good players. Better than Malichar and I don't think he was all that great anyways.
  4. I was thinking we could have had a trade be better for this team than firing our coach. Specially what's worse is that they bring back freaking Maurice. They should have made some changes up in the front office to. Maybe JR would be better in Toronto after all lol.
  5. Ruutu, Pitkanen, and Bayda has been some of our best players of late. I think if Williams wasn't out as much as he has been the moral of the guys would have been better to score more goals because these two 3 game loosing streaks really did hurt us and I think if Williams was in for those games then we would have a better chance scoring more goals and at least getting a point in like a OT lost or a shoot out lost heck maybe even wins. I think when he comes back everybody will be playing better.
  6. My concern is points and GF. We can't be loosing these close games like this as we have been lately. Like 3-1 3-2 then we finally won one yesterday. We also suck at holding the lead. We just need to be better when taking the lead then hold back some try and figure out their way of attack but not by to much. Then go in for attack and shoot at their net. We need to be better more on GF than GA.
  7. Try hockey webcast just search it on google and should be the first link up there.
  8. I like to see Casey Borer back in the line up. He was awesome to see play last year.
  9. Now lets get 241 wins for him today! Congrats to Lavi and GO CANES!!!!
  10. You guys are for getting that we called up Michael Ryan who is replacing Brandon Sutter on injured reserved. Where would he go on our 4 lines? Or would he be more for the PP wouldn't he?
  11. One good thing he'll definitely be ready for the play off push and that will be the most important time to have him back for our team this year. Even though it's always good to have a player like him on our team to bad he's out but recovering good.
  12. Well he did get that made up for tonight with a assist what do you think about that now?
  13. http://www.hockeywebcasts.com/ tonight's game is going to be on there.
  14. I hope Sutter and Pitkanen can come back tonight give us our offensive and defensive game back.
  15. This is why I like Pitkanen. He attacks and makes plays to the net and if he can't pass it to a offensive player to score he'll shoot it him self. I notice we can't play with the lead since Pitkanen's been out I've notice that lately like Toronto for example.
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