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  1. haha i went to the game with my friend whos a sabres fan and i made a "Im With Stupid" sign with the arrow pointing at her and when we got on the jumboton with it all the canes fans cheered lol it was funny cause she had no idea what was going on
  2. haha thats great ! the game after christmas last season i sat in the section next to the section Chad's dad was and he kept laughing at my Rosey Rocks sign it was pretty funny
  3. Canes: 4 Leafs: 2 (Canes goals by: Laddy, Staaly, LaRose , and Cole)
  4. lol im gonna have to go with icefrog and say LaRose! .. or maybe staaly
  5. dont know if this was said yet but Commie's playing (if this was said already sorry )
  6. gonna go with: Canes 4 (Cole, Staal, LaRose, and Walker) Pens 2 (J.Staal, and Crosby) Lets Go Canes !
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