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  1. Regardless- be LOUD!! I thought gm 3 was "wine&cheesey" at some points.
  2. I appreciate your service and everyone else, including my family members, who have served and are serving in our military forces. I support and always will support our TROOPS- regardless of how they are used by our government: appropriate or not (and that's another issue) Very ironic...the rights faught for are exactly the things you are intolerant about. Ever heard of Fascism? I serve my country by being a classroom teacher- trying to teach American values and responsibilities to our youth. I suppose you think because I shout "RED" I am less of a citizen than you??? ok Sen. McCarthy!!!
  3. Thanks Caps fan!!! Same back at ya (My family came up to the Verizon Oct 07-08 season and had just as great of an experience) I was very impressed with the "unity" in your fan base. You guys really motivated our crowd. The Caniacs can (especially weekday games) be a "wine & cheese" crowd in the regular season (excepet the crazies in 338 & 328). You Caps were loud. Horn guy very good! Made the Caniacs work to drown you'll out. good luck; hope we don't have to face up in the playoffs.
  4. Oh- FLA: Wash 2x, Phi 2x(1st on a back-back w/Slugs), Dal, Columbus, Pitt, and us (tough)
  5. We must take care of our own business. We have the Caps 2x, NJ 3x, and the rest battling with us or below; 8-4 is reasonable. Looking at the others' schedules: Pitts has 2 more back-backs, 1 starting tonight (Boston tomorrow); pretty easy except NJ, Phi& Calg, and us. Habs on 4/11 may be big. Habs: Fairly tough- NJ, Rangers 2x, Tor 2x, Chi,1 back-back in April (Rangers on back end), end w/ Bos & Pit Rangers- Back-back w/ Phi starting today, Phi 2more x, Habs 2x, Bos, NJ, us Sabres (toast!)- 4 more back-backs (#3 Wash-NJ, followed by Det......#4 us on the back end), Phi, Tor 2x, end w/ Boston I feel confident (more so than last year)
  6. Let's hope he gets more than 4-5 min tonight. If so, which center loses time?
  7. I was hoping for 2-3 pts. from this trip: PHX win and an OT in one of the others. My expectations were exceeded. The Brindy break is what the team needed, along with solid netminding. Cannot wait for next week, after Jussi has more of a feel of the fellas.
  8. Not sure I like this, dumbfounded like most. I am thinking the 4 scenarios posted earlier may be on the money. Yes, there may be better choices than Mo out there, but if Francis MAY be headed that way, it makes sense. Also, sometimes the familiar seems the "safer" than the unknown. JR knows we get a class act, a coach who is a straight shooter, been to the Finals (with a much inferior team than 06). Not ready to dump my seats... because I realise the game I love is also a business and the "world doesn't revolve around" me or any other fan or STH (sorry, that doesn't give us an ownership stake.) chill folks- it may work out A few years ago, an evil female Canes fan was griping about Wesley on here. Said how horrible a move it was to get him (one of JR's first moves) trading a 1st round pick for such an average defenseman. Wes turned out to play pretty good that yr on the Cup run, and was one of most consistent the past 2 before retiring. That 1st round pick we gave Boston.......Samsonov. Just an example: Funny how things go. GO CANES!
  9. Gleason is a super tough kid, and it was probably "his call" to try it out again, however breifly it was. There are several tests, but like this thread, its just "guess work" until he has an MRI and it it read by the doctor.
  10. I raised this issue when Williams was hurt.... someone has to look at our training program!!!!!!!!!! As Legend said, a balance is needed. Strength training is necessary to be competitive in most sports today. There are specific lifts and programs for specific sports- heck there are manufacturers making machines just for specific lifts......But there has to be flexibility going hand-in-hand. anybody know a good Yoga instructor???!!!!!! Great for JR- sounds like he's on a mission. Certainly ties in with his earlier comments about Training camps being 'too long'. Kinda hate it for Pete; seems to be an old school guy..."no pain no gain" belief there are no limits to the human body.
  11. Incredible! Poor guy..... I can't help but wonder... Freisen is supposed to be one of the best- but we have been riddled with injuries, consistently, for many years. If i remember correctly, we lost quite a few man-games during the 02 run and steadily since..... Is there a flexibility program??????????????????
  12. Which season giveaway hat are you talking about?? 03 was a tan hat, regular logo, 2002 Eastern Conf champs on the side... 04 was the tan draft hat w/ flag logo 07 was a Red one, last yr was Black w/ the "X" (both Big Melon- fat head hats!) I have all of them, with the 03 hat signed by Cam, Staal, & Ladd.....
  13. But if Hedican & wesley retire, that's around 4 mil to use...
  14. Does anyone know specifics, on contracts expiring for UFAs/RFAs JR has to deal with? I know Samsonov is a UFA & "Top Priority" Aucoin a UFA? Bayda? I think Rutuu is a RFA,... Hedican & Wesley UFAs (most want to retire) any others?
  15. so much for all the conspiracy theorists! Please -Go Florida!!! Crush the Craps!
  16. Now we sit and wring our hands. I am so disappointed. Cam was pitiful. He made 1 (ONE) really great save. Our D men (while doing well to limit to 17 shots) looked lost at times tying to get it out. PP sucked- sometime took over 1 min to get it in the zone under control!!! Staal again played his butt off. Serge looked better, where was LaRose... Rutuu & Walker on the PP??and not the Aucoin-Bayda-Walks line that has been dominant 5 on 5?? Model- I am sad to say I agree with your first post in the thread. After that, you infer amount of posts means something....only typo-diarrehea(sp)- you get the picture!
  17. Outstanding break down- you should be on ESPN (if they ever talked about hockey)! You are the man Golfpro(next to Aucoin, of course) We'll miss ya Friday night
  18. Nice job CC! I really liked "little crapper"- excellent nickname. The guys bounced back and performed well under pressure. Wardo-swallowed almost everything; almost got to their 1st post-to-post. Great Trick for Rosie- he works so hard, deserves it. Staal and Rutuu were outstanding. Cullen gave a boost, and Whitney was better tonight. Glad to See Samsonov back on the board. it wasn't real physical. So tomorrow- Go TB (put Ramo back in, please)
  19. They took cheap extra shots after almost every whistle. I thought they were scum with Hartley, I guess they are with whom ever is behind the bench. The officals were drunk! We get laid upon- a roughing penalty....We get ridden to the ice- nothing. Yes- Good job Wallin & Nice uppercut Brooks! The Trashers got some early calls, but ended up imploding. I feel sorry for Recci.
  20. they are correct about the officiating last night-incompetent at times. I feel sorry for Recci
  21. unfortunately, the "wavers" were some Caniacs near 336- we tried to discourage them, but to no avail. After each serious attempt- a Slug goal..... that's for hockey games already in the bag
  22. It was posted before you started this thread! Are the rules you're referring to the ones you make up as you go along? Please expalin.... you edited...... Great job RBC staff on the smoking deck after the 1st*sarcasm* We should feel safe in their own arena not bashing, no profanity-don't get it
  23. anyone see the incident on the smoking deck after the 1st period? my post earlier was edited by "the thought police"!
  24. What a game. We came out and played a perfect 1st- pressure from all lines. Cam was sharp. Buff breaks thru in the second, we answer quickly, Serg batting in a rebound- then Miller goes into "the Zone". we give up a crucial one at the end of the 2nd-momentum shifts. They tie mid way thru the 3rd- and Miller steals the point. Canes pressure back- forced some penalties, but the PP looked aweful. 4-3 in OT and Scotty finally tips one past Miller's incredible performance.
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