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  1. im not hating on her or picking on her. i just do not like how she sings it. she just takes to long to get it done. yes i too find this guy annoying and irritating. i thought all mascots/cheerleaders/crowd preppers were annoying and irritating. if they are not on the ice scoring goals and making plays then i have no use for them. i will once this country does something that makes me proud.
  2. she over sings the anthem way way way to much. get someone that sings it, and gets it over with quicker so we can get to the game already.
  3. this entire post was meant as a meaningless observation and somewhat of a joke, that would explain the smiley faces.
  4. Would you wear the jersey still if the player got traded? yes i would. i have a bertuzzi jersey when he was on the canucks that i wear proudly. i also have an ulf samuelsson jersey when he won the cup in 1991 with the pens, and i wear that jersey religiously.
  5. what a bunch of bull. the only downside for the hurricanes is staying healthy, we all know that. washington barely squeeked into the playoffs last year only to be beaten to by an underpreforming flyers team. this year washington doesnt have a good goalie to carry them as far. on top of that, they have a very weak defense. green? is that the best they can do? florida is just an abysmal pit of bad hockey. maybe bringing in stiller and mccabe might help but i doubt it will. atlanta. not enough scoring, (they cant rely on ilya to score all their goals) beyond him they have nothing. also they have no defence. getting schneider will help, but he is getting old. to me tampa really depends on melrose. on paper the lighting are not all that bad, we will just have to see if melrose can pull them together. letting boyle go will hurt them on the powerplay and they lose a great break out passer.
  6. seeing a blank jersey is a small pet peeve of mine. commit to a player, it will not kill you. (just a side note, saving for an authentic 3rd jersey with brindy on it.)
  7. wait a sec. i thought a happy ending was an egg roll. have i been misinformed?
  8. damn dropping like flies and the season has not even started. i think that all the rounds of golf the hurricanes have played in april these past couple years has made them soft. (please note the sarcasm in that)
  9. the one named RedWhiteScrimmage0117
  10. im in one of those pictures. awsome!
  11. people that take young children into R rated movies, and because its a loud violent movie the child begins to cry or make noise. the fact that i cant afford a dodge viper, ferrari f430, audi r8, lamborghini gallardo, saleen s7, or an aston martin dbs people that cant socialize without having to drink some sort of alcohol smoking in a restaurant high cost of food at the rbc center for such mediocre quality girls that expect guys to spend alot of money on them when dating the fact that our language is getting abbreviated so much. (what ever happened to proper english?) people that disagree with you just to start an argument
  12. How about parking about a mile away and just riding your bike in, bet there would all of a sudden be an absence of racks if it became a trend. that isnt a bad idea petey. would deffinatly cut the cost of parking. would also make the bbq sandwich a little more worth it too
  13. i was looking on the wilds message board and this was mentioned only briefly. they do not think anything of this rumor as noted by one poster "Carolina's offer is too little. Pittsburgh's offer is too much. Both are just hockey fanboy trade proposals" they are also saying pitts deal is "Jordan Staal and Whitney in a Gaborik deal" so who really knows other then the gm's for each team involved. my opinion is that giving up j willy, kabs, and mcbain plus a first rounder is way way to freaking much for a one year rent a player, gut feeling is that if this were to happen gabby would hit the free agent field after his current contract is up. i also think that he would not entertain a contract extention offer either just so he can make the mega bucks he is looking for next year. dont forget he locked out a few years back when he was a restricted free agent because he did not like the offer the wild made him then. so to me he is a gold digger, an often injured semi-productive gold digger. chech this out too http://community.foxsports.com/blogs/Spect...Some_NHL_Rumors
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