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  1. That guy has no class....who is he to call his Boston team a "Disappointment." He probably never played competitive sports, and is only good at writing which does no more than put salt on a wound. I hope I never see any of our sports writers calling our teams "Disappointments." I'm so excited that the Canes won, but we could have been on the losing end too. I would have been disappointed if our team lost, but I would never call our team a "Disappointment."
  2. I was shopping in the Apex Super Target, when I saw this familiarly tall fellow, and after thinking about it... it was Michael Leighton, shopping with his wife and daughter. I found it funny how he could walk through a very busy Target (about 7pm) in the evening, and nobody notice him. Saw Johnny Forslund walk into the Apex Harris Teeter with his daughter, just after his birthday. Said exchanged hellos and that was about it.
  3. Another note from TimeWarner's email newsletter: On November 20, 2008, MOJO will no longer exist as a network. MGM HD will replace MOJO on our HD Tier on Channel 291. MGM HD features more than 4,000 films in spectacular HD from MGM studio's library. Time Warner Cable is pleased to provide compelling HD programming with more coming soon, including: Planet Green HD CNN HD Team HD Game HD Versus HD I know they were going to launch Fox Sports Carolinas in HD, as noted in my earlier reply, but this doesn't letter doesn't imply that FS Carolinas will be launched by then either. Will update as I receive more info. Versus shares its HD feed with Golf Channel, so it appears that the 2 may separate out. Team HD and Game HD are the sports packages (NHL center ice, MLB extra innings, & NBA)
  4. He was signed to a 2-way deal. So they could have just sent him down. His playing time had diminished, with the emergence of Helminen and now Pat Dwyer. Perhaps JR felt that LaCouture would be better off being picked up by someone else, rather than playing in our system, which by my assumption, was that he wasn't playing as well as once thought.
  5. I currently subscribe to TimeWarner's newsletter, and noticed that the Center Ice Package and FSS Carolinas is going to be in HD. I know MOJO sometimes shows the games in HD, but I wonder if this changes availability of HD games now, since FS Carolinas will have its own dedicated channel. Plus if a game is not being broadcast locally (e.g. Montreal tonight) perhaps we can get the other feed in HD... Unfortunately, no timetable was stated in when these are going to happen. The newsletter stated the following below: Time Warner Cable Launching over 20 New HD Channels Time Warner Cable is pleased to announce the upcoming addition of the following channels: Additional HD Channels Coming Soon!
  6. I could care less about VS... I love our guys John and Tripper! John is by far the best play-by-play guy, and I really like Tripp's color commentary, and corny food references!!!!
  7. As I was looking at NHLnumbers.com, I noticed the UFAs and noticed Jeff Finger. Has anyone got any other info on this guy? I noticed that he played with Albany/Lowell the past couple of years, and has decent point production for a D-Man. His salary was 475K for 07/08. This looks the 'sleeper' that JR always seems to have a knack for finding.
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