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  1. For value right now cards dont have anyvalue unless you get the memorobilia cards.........just go for a base set and try to collect inserts, memorobilia,etc.
  2. Well #1 listen to Hopper he's correct. Then try the website www.Sportscollectors.net they show you some good people to send to. The only thing is you hav to set up an account but its free. I know John LeClair signs extremely well along with Brindy and MR.Rutherford. IF you are intrested in retired guys (easier to get through the mail) you should buy an address list. I would try www.sportsaddresslists.com. I would also try just searching other sites that are autograph related like a message board or blog. Once you get the hang of it it's really exciting
  3. Those cup tickets are awesome
  4. [ok thnx im tryin to get this topic off the ground
  5. if you're goin just for autographs don't waste your time......but if youre a true caniac I understand. Cus if you go to practices you can get as many things signed as the players will sign. But at the carnival they only sign one item per person
  6. if you guys want to know the autographs were okay it was fun gettin battaglia and ward and bates' lil bro
  7. staal is a big fan of nickelback also seems like all the canadians
  8. our yanks need a bullpen overall. GO YANKS!
  9. try craigs list cus you can't start something on ebay for $55 people
  10. thnx jwillie im not a spammer its www.sportlots.com and they only thing negative is setting up an account and the fact you can't see the cards you have to know what youre looking for. Another site i've heard about is www.naxcom.com but ive heard some bad things about it. Also there is sportszone in cary on ryan rd that store is ok but the prices are a little high
  11. #1 Dont wear it #2 Dont wash it #3 Put it in a jersey case with UV protected glass.
  12. try spotlots.com most cards you can manage to get around .20 a piece and you et your cards in exactly one week.
  13. Can we download those and print them so we can get them signed??????If not is anyone willing to post pictures of which people could print. Im not selling them I just want them for personal collecting. THANKS
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