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  1. Past Pundit's Powers of Pursuing Positive Pre-Season Perspective have Proven Preposterous. Grading is useless - period! It gives cause for great discussion in the pre-season (as evidenced by this thread) but in the long run, has no impact on the outcome. Many paper tigers have won that elusive Pre-Season Cup. My perennial favourites are the New York Rangers and The Buffalo Sabres. Do we name the Rangers best seller The Worst Team Money Can Buy -or How To Turn A Great Player Mediocre In One Short Season. (I hope they have not rubbed their filthy pixie dust on Mr. Cullen!!). Let's look at Buffalo - their fans honestly believe they have never lost a game - ever. How was that World Wrestling Entertainment referee slipped into the game before each loss? Rated numero uno last year - Pre-Season Cup Winner! (OOO AAA Sabres on the Golf Course!) Remember this if nothing else this pre-season - Reporters don't let truth and common-sense get in the way of a good story. Just trying to insert some levity - please don't try to follow my train of thought too closely. My air conditioner broke this morning and I am killing time so as not to focus too much on the fact that gallons of life-fluids are pouring out of my body!!!
  2. Maybe the Tragically Hip can pen a new tune for Jim Pappin's ring. They don't have to change the music just the lyrics! Fitting in the part about the ring magically crossing the entire state of Florida - that may pose a problem. "bill barilko disappeared that summer, he was on a fishing trip the last goal he ever scored, won the leafs the cup they didn't win another until 1962, the year he was discovered" Fifty Mission Cap, Fully Completely, Tragically Hip, 1993
  3. More power to him! I honestly hope it does well. Gretzky had (has) a line of clothing back in the Great White North. His is (was) aimed at Golfer Dad not Active Boy and Party Girl. We could use the publicity from this guy to inspire new fans and bump up the base. Up north he is a rock star. Guys want to be him - chicks want to be with him. Even my mother knows too much about him! Perhaps increased visibilty in the US would lead to more games on the tube? But like Alexander Keith's Beer and Caramilk Bars - this line is only available in Canada... pity!
  4. We did not make the playoffs last year and made no significant changes to the line-up. How can we expect anything better than a 'C'? In order to attain the higher rankings the 'Canes need to put together at least 2 consecutive stellar seasons. If nothing else I would hope a mediocre grade would inspire the troops to achieve the levels that we all know they are capable of.
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