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  1. "Carolina's goaltending? Sure, Cam Ward is good, but he was barely needed in the last two games. The Canes could have summoned Arturs Irbe from a Latvian beer league to handle the tepid Boston attack." This was in the Boston Globe this morning....Did this guy watch the same games as I did? I realize that Cam didn't face quite as many shots as in other games, but I think I have seen some pretty amazing saves by Wardo........
  2. 1. Your bosses allow you to wear your Hurricanes jersey down the surgical hallway the morning after winning the Stanley Cup. 2. Your co-workers and doctors come to your surgical room to give their sympathy when Brind'amour gets hurt. 3. Your cat's name is Jesse because he is the enforcer among the dogs. 4. Your husband takes you to a jewelry store to pick out possible Christmas presents and you look at him and say....."Can't we just give each other Hurricanes tickets?" 5. Your cell phone is red and black with a Hurricanes screen saver and plays Rock You Like a Hurricane for its ring tone. 6. When you play the "what if" game of winning the lottery......the number 1 item you would buy first is......4 ice season tickets to the Hurricanes game.....and the whole family agrees. 7. You go sit in the car during your niece's rehearsal dinner and WEDDING reception to listen to the playoff games. 8. During Sunday school, your kids tell their teacher that their mom is in love with Rod Brind'amour.
  3. Sorry about this being off topic, but has anyone noticed that Kristi is going to be on Dancing With The Stars? I wonder if this is going to put a kink in his play when he returns if he's able to play. Just a thought.
  4. Hey Rod- I'm a surgical nurse and one of your biggest fans. I work with an Orthopedic surgeon at an outpatient surgery center in Wilmington, NC. I help do ACL reconstructions every day and most times 2-5 times a day. I don't have a worry that you'll recover and do it exceptionally well. If you need a private duty nurse (which the doc I work with asked if I was going to be for you) just give a yell. Take care.
  5. What's funny about this whole thread is that I'm sure Rod has a no trade clause. I mean, his kids live in Raleigh and apparently his ex and kids have no intentions on moving. Rod has been the one stable force for this whole team year after year, but heaven forbid you have a slump........bring out the whips and let's beat him till he begs for mercy. Staal is a wonderful excellent player.......when he chooses to show up for the game. I do recall Staal having to be sent down for a "conditioning" stent....in other words "get your mind back on the game and what we pay you to do". I recall it was Brind'Amour who called the meeting before game 7 and motivated everyone to play a little harder. He might not be the flashiest guy and he may not score every game or every other game, but he is the one with the legendary work ethic...not just touted by the Cane faithful, but by almost every sports reporter you hear. So let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet. Sorry, old saying by my great-grandmother. There is something wrong with this team, but I don't think it starts or ends with Rod Brind'amour.
  6. Okay, forget that I would trade in my husband for Rod Brind'amour. My husband has obviously nothing to worry about. We all have to remember how much time these guys are playing. They are definitely taking up the slack when our guys have been hurt in the middle of the game and now with the youngsters being brought up. The "elder" statesmen (and I say that with deep respect) are the ones that are having to switch into overdrive. So, if you have a slight nagging injury (one that really doesn't keep you from playing) and then you add the extra playing time then add in all the email coaching on these boards (that I'm sure some of the players take a gander at) and then all the psychological babbling of reporters and the Starbucks cashier as to why the Canes are playing bad hockey.....then you might pass the puck to the wrong player. Oh....and given the frequent line changes......you might not recongnize the face you are suppose to be passing to. Plus, I'm sure or at least I hope that each and every player is or should be taking all these losses to heart. You have to start taking losses personally after a while and I know it has to be a huge stressor. Okay, enough of me being Dr. Phil. Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I have this feeling that Rod is hurt. Not sure what's going on, but since I am totally a Brind'amour fan....I can always pick him out of a group just by the way he skates. Last night I couldn't. He's skating very unlike himself. Not the low to the ice hustle. Just thinking he might have a lower body injury going on. I also think that this team is like a car with the tires unbalanced. It's just going to take some adjustments to hopefully getting it running smoothly again. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
  8. Can anyone tell me why we are always dumping the puck in the opponents end and then the opponent always comes up with it? Please help me understand this........Why do we keep doing this with always the same bad result????? I love the Canes and I really really hope they make a turn for the better, but when this football-raised never seen hockey until 2002 Mississippi girl can see that the dump and give isn't working.....then it needs to stop.
  9. OHHHHHHHHHHHH My Goodness. Where do I start? I love love love watching the Canes on FSN since I live 3 hours away and can't make every game. BUT......I get so upset listening to Tripp that my husband has had to send me out of the room. We now mute the TV most of the game. I even sent an email to Tripp last year asking him if he was auditioning as the other teams broadcaster. He absolutely drives me crazy how he is sooooooooooo quick to talk down the Canes, but in the same breath he is gushing his praises for the other team. I just don't get it. It's almost like he has the love/hate relationship with the team/players. There are even times when it seems John Forslund is tired of his rantings. Who is Tripp suppose to be broadcasting for anyway??????????????
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