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  1. STH have to purchase 2 preseason games. Sometimes, they give an additional game for free. However, I believe that as a STH, you can exchange the preseason games for one of the exchange dates. --Mike
  2. Just a guess, without looking at the numbers... Are the % of team face-offs based on the total # of face-offs in games in which they played? So, since Brindy was out many games, those don't count against him. Like I said...just a guess.
  3. Yeah, me too. I would have like to say....even in the heaviest rain, I'd probably still walk the 2 blocks rather than pay $X (where X>4) to park 1 block closer. Another question: how many times have you tried to get a handicapped space but were unable to find one? And then, in the list of options about where you park, I didn't see anything that said... "Not on our land" But then, they probably don't want to put thoughts in our heads.
  4. http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app?service...p;bcid=rad5FBB6
  5. So, regarding the bad call on the Hedberg cover-up...any idea what could possibly be the reason the refs allowed it? My only thought was that the defense passed a puck that was outside the crease back to the goalie to cover it up. I'm not agreeing with the call, but that was the only thing that seemed plausible to me.
  6. I'm watching on SopCast just fine.
  7. My guess is that since it is apparently based in Europe somewhere...it IS Sunday there already (or close to it). It has the right game: Florida vs Carolina
  8. I have several comments: I'm a STH in the upper deck. Occasionally, I take a friend who is in a wheel chair. The problem I have is that there does not seem to be a good way to get handicap seating for him ahead of time unless I buy extra tickets to the game. I can exchange the tickets that night, but if I don't get there early enough (be waiting at the door when it opens), I'm not getting a wheel chair seat. It took several tries for the ticket rep to finally get me a seat. I would like to see a policy that allows STH to have 2-3 advance handicap exchanges for a game in advance. I know, not a common situation....but the night it happened I was faced with leaving before the game started because I couldn't get the exchange done...something I tried to do a week in advance. I like to watch the hockey game...but I miss things. So, when the other team scores, I get to see Steve Martin stomping on his luggage (Planes Trains and Automobiles) instead of the goal by the other team. A few more replays would be nice. ...of good plays and bad. Some things just seem dumb to do... for instance, the NHL Shootout during 1st intermission. I can't see the puck on the jumbotron. It's not that exciting to me. Rather than have the announcer mention why the stoppage in play, why not use the jumbotron side panels to briefly flash what happened. Even including penalties. THey used to do that. I have enjoyed the experience at the RBC Center. I feel safe. It is family friendly. The people there have been approachable and helpful.
  9. I was amazed at the first 3 goals...some of the best plays I've seen all year. The first two, if memory serves me correctly, were passes forward into/through traffic with a quick shot. I was used to winning the face-off, pass the puck around the perimeter, and then getting a slap shot off. Not tonight. Tonight, we win the puck, pass toward the goal and shoot. Very exciting hockey. That excitement was gone after the 1st period. Playing with a 3 goal lead against a team that was pretty pathetic made it more difficult to get the crowd into it. Once Staal got his second goal, the race was on to see if he could get the 2nd hat trick of the night. Couple of bad defensive passes that could have easily turned into Capital goals. Couple of plays that could have made the score 7-0 instead of 5-0.
  10. Actually, I didn't even find the ceremony before the game that cute at all. The video history was fine, but so hard to hear. When they actually dropped the banner, it seemed like an afterthought. "Oh yeah, here's a banner." If they're going to do something like that, at least allow Rutherford or someone to make a few comments, thanking the fans, etc. But, at least it went fast, unlike Francis' banner going to the top...taking like 10 minutes a year or two ago.
  11. We did acknowledge during the game with PA announcement and jumbotron focusing on Hamrlick. My concerns with the game last night: - ice evidently causing missed passes, slipping skates, etc - mis-communication...several times Canes players ran into each other, etc, knocking each other down - not clearing the puck. D-men on several occasions held onto puck a bit too long, and instead of being able to clear the puck easily, waited too long and then were forced to eat the puck However, those things are easily solved. --Mike
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